Tips to Make Your Garage Door More Secure

Tips to Make Your Garage Door More Secure

While most homeowners mainly use garage doors as a convenient entrance to their homes, these fixtures also provide significant home security. With aging door systems and vulnerable access points, your home’s garage door could be an easy entry point for potential home invaders. About 10 percent of home burglaries occur through the garage door. While this statistic is intimidating, you can reduce your chances with proper garage door security efforts.

How to Make Your Garage Door Secure and Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Like many local Ohio homeowners, you’ve likely never considered how secure your garage door is and whether a burglar could expose those weak entry points. With quality garage door improvements and security upgrades, you can easily improve the condition of your door and prevent forced entry. Stop garage door break-ins with these nine simple tips.

1. Install a Home Security System

A modern security system is a great way to not only monitor the rest of your home, but also your garage door. With the latest home security systems, you can easily monitor every entry point of your home from the convenience of your smartphone. Dependable security systems along with an advanced garage door opener model that links to your system provide unmatched peace of mind.

2. Secure Garage Windows

While natural lighting from garage windows is beneficial, it’s also an easy access point into your home — intruders can view your stored belongings from this opening and use it to enter your garage. Add blinds or curtains to cover the window and always make sure the lock is engaged. For any windows incorporated into your garage door’s design, incorporate decorative tinting or opaque treatments to hide your garage’s contents.

3. Mount Motion Detector Lights

Many homes already have a set of motion detector lights installed above the garage door and around other doorways to detect nearby movement — make sure these lights work properly and upgrade them as needed for better dependability and efficiency. To improve your lighting efforts, also place a set of motion detector lights inside of your garage door. These will not only make your garage safer, but it can also distract burglars and attract additional attention.

4. Upgrade Your Garage Door

Do you remember the last time you updated your garage door? If not, then you’re likely due for an upgrade. Thin steel overhead doors are standard options for many homes, but with today’s manufacturing improvements and access to the finest construction materials available, you can greatly improve the quality of your garage door. A modern garage door crafted from high-quality wood or steel is much more difficult to open, more durable and won’t wear as rapidly, reducing repairs and maximizing its available lifespan.

5. Install an Improved Garage Door Lift Mechanism

Early forms of garage door lift mechanisms added convenience to door operations, but the opener remote frequencies could be easily copied to other remote devices. With advancing technology, garage door opener manufacturers have developed rolling code technology that creates a new code every time the opener is used. Look into updating your garage door opener or installing a better garage door lift mechanism to prevent the opener code from being duplicated.

6. Secure Emergency Release Cord

Every garage door opener is equipped with an emergency release cord that allows you to detach your door from the opener and manually open the door in cases of emergency or power outages. With older garage door models, the dangling emergency release cord can be released from the outside by inserting a wire hook through a space in the garage door. Newer models have placed the cord at an angle that’s nearly impossible to interfere with from the outside of the garage. If you don’t want to upgrade your garage door opener, you can secure your emergency release cord with a zip cord.

7. Engage Manual Door Lock

Whenever you’re away from home or not using your garage door, keep the door locked using the manual lock, often located on the inside center of the door. By keeping the door securely locked, you can prevent the door from being forced open and have added peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

8. Avoid Keeping the Remote in Your Car

If you regularly park your car outside or accidentally forget to keep your car locked, then you may be at risk of having your garage door remote stolen. Even if you order a replacement remote from the manufacturer, the old remote could still activate the opener, leaving your home vulnerable. Keep your garage door remote handy and prevent having it stolen by using a keychain opener remote.

9. Keep Door Regularly Maintained

Routine garage door maintenance helps ensure the quality of your garage door hardware, reduces repair costs and extends the lifespan of your garage door. Annual maintenance typically identifies poor garage door parts like rusting bolts and hinges that can be easily manipulated by an intruder to physically break in.

With regular maintenance by a garage door professional, you can also get tips on how to improve the quality of your garage door and implement the latest garage door security features like security timer-to-close features. Garage door timers allow you to program your garage door to close after an elapsed amount of time — if you forget to close your garage door before leaving home, the timer will close the door so it’s not open all day.

Contact Quality Overhead Door to Help Secure Your Garage Door

Call the experienced professionals at Quality Overhead Door when you need reliable and trusted garage door services or need assistance securing your garage door. We happily provide garage door installation and repair services for homeowners throughout the Toledo, OH, area and its surrounding communities. For more than 35 years, our team of friendly, trained experts has been dedicated to offering personalized garage door solutions and quality products that improve the quality of your home’s security and performance.

Schedule garage door services today by completing our online contact form or call 419-578-8700 to learn more about our garage door security offerings.

How to Clean Your Garage Door

When is the last time you cleaned your garage door?

If you’re like most homeowners, then cleaning your garage door probably hasn’t made it very high on your list of priorities. We get it. There’s a lot going on. On average, Americans are working longer hours than ever before. Finding the time to maintain your home just doesn’t seem to come as easily as it used to — but why is cleaning your garage door important to do?


Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door adds convenience to your home life, acts as a storage space and keeps your car safe from weather. But the garage door also poses a potential danger. Thousands of people are injured every year from garage doors. It’s important to know what risks they pose and how to avoid potential injuries.

Follow our garage door safety tips below to keep yourself, your family and your pets safe at home.


Garage Doors and Pet Safety

garage door pet safety

Your garage door is a very useful thing to have at home. When it begins pouring rain on your way home from the grocery store, you can get your groceries inside without getting wet. When you forget your house key, you can still get inside.

We love our pets, and we want them to stay safe at all times. Garage doors, however, can pose a risk to pets, and pets, in turn, can pose a risk to garage doors.

Garage doors cause thousands of injuries to people every year and your pets are not immune to this potential danger. However, there are many things you can do to teach yourself and your household about pet safety while they are around garage doors.


How to Keep Children Safe Around Garage Doors

how to keep children safe around garage doors

If you’re a parent, a grandparent or someone else who often has young people at your home, child safety is no doubt a priority in your life. You should know that garage doors, while wildly convenient, are also home appliances that are under massive amounts of tension. This tension helps garage doors operate properly, but it can also pose a threat to children if your garage door isn’t correctly maintained or fully working.


Insulation and Wood Garage Doors

For over thirty years, Quality Overhead Door has been servicing and installing garage doors in Ohio and Michigan. During that time, one of the most popular topics we’re regularly asked about is wood garage doors with insulation. Since the beauty of insulated wooden garage doors adds significant curb appeal to just about any property, homeowners are often curious about their pros and cons versus other garage door materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass and faux wood.

To answer some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions, we’ve put together the following information regarding insulated wood garage doors. What’s important to remember, however, is that whether you’re looking for new garage doors for the house of your dreams or replacing the garage doors on a home you’re looking to sell, your taste, budget and design requirements should always inform your final decision.


7 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

need new garage door

When it comes to home improvement, most homeowners are looking for something they can fix or change that will give them a large and immediate return on investment. If you’re one of those homeowners, then a garage door replacement is one answer that will fit the bill. Your garage door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. You also probably use it several times every single day, which means it needs to be working properly. This makes your garage door a great choice for your next renovation project.

Shop Garage Doors

How Do I Know I Need a New Garage Door?

Several factors can indicate it’s time to change it up with your garage door. Making the right decision depends on what you value most in your home and lifestyle, but some of the most important garage door attributes you should keep an eye on are:

  1. Speed: No garage door will fly open or closed the second you hit a button because they’re large components that could hurt someone with too much speed. However, you should notice a response right away without any hesitation. If your garage door starts opening and closing much slower than it did when you first got it or the reaction is extremely delayed, it might mean you need a replacement.
  2. Noise level: Sometimes increased noise can just mean a certain component needs a repair or replacement. However, noise shouldn’t be ignored. It’s more than just an inconvenience. Since properly functioning garage doors typically run smoothly without a lot of noise, sudden sounds in the form of grinding, crunching, grating, squeaking or banging can be a warning sign that it’s time for a replacement.
  3. Safety and security: Garage doors are heavy enough to cause injury or even death if they slam shut unexpectedly. If you notice your door won’t close the whole way or that an automatic door doesn’t reverse when something triggers the sensor, it’s dangerous. Not only can these issues hurt your family, pets and neighbors, but they can also damage your house and expose your home to anyone trying to break in.
  4. Appearance: The attractiveness of your garage door enormously affects the property value and curb appeal of your home. You may find yourself unhappy with the antiquated look of a door that used to be so sleek. After so many years, any style becomes old. Updating the look of your garage door to a modern design that matches the rest of your home and increases its exterior beauty is well worth the investment.
  5. Technology: If you see neighbors and friends with garage doors that seem to have a lot of cool new features and capabilities, you might enjoy the benefits that come with newer models and the latest technology.
  6. Functionality: Certain wear and tear on your garage door occurs naturally over time. Dents build up through the years from many factors like nearby activities and inclement weather. Springs usually only last for 10,000 cycles. Many of these issues can be repaired with little hassle. If your garage door breaks down a lot, however, and you find yourself constantly worrying about whether the door will function, it’s probably time to consider a replacement unit.
  7. Price: Several qualities about your garage door can cost you a lot of money up front or in the long run. If you suddenly start noticing your heating bills have skyrocketed, there might be issues with the insulation or weather stripping on your door. If you find yourself constantly shelling out money to fix breakdowns, it might be time for a full replacement. Your maintenance costs should never be an ongoing burden.

When Do I Need a New Garage Door?

If you notice any one of the qualities mentioned above becoming a problem with your garage door, don’t ignore it or make assumptions. Call a knowledgeable professional who can come in and inspect every component on the door. If you decide the right course of action is to replace your entire unit, Quality Overhead Door is the right company for your replacement in the Southwest Michigan or Northwest Ohio regions. We use our own experienced and well-trained professionals instead of sub-contractors as part of our dedication to top-notch customer service.

Request Quote On a New Garage Door

At Quality Overhead Door, we do it all: awnings, security doors, fireplaces and, most importantly, garage doors and openers. As proud authorized dealers for LiftMaster, Wayne Dalton, Clopay® and CHI, we sell and service a huge variety of products. And it doesn’t stop there. We can service all makes and models, including commercial products. Take advantage of our free estimates on any garage door or opener installations so you know you’re getting what you need from a quality provider within your budget.

Do I Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

annual garage door maintenance

Homeowners typically have their heating systems, cars and many other household items inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Why not the garage door? It can be easy to forget that your garage door is the largest moving object in most homes and has many expensive moving parts that need proper maintenance. Most people open and close their garage door hundreds of times every single month, which leads to the natural wear and tear associated with heavy use.

While it can be easy to forget about your door, life would be extremely inconvenient without it. That’s why annual garage door maintenance services are beneficial to any homeowner with a garage.


Common Garage Door Problems in the Winter

common garage door problems winter

Winters in the Northwest Ohio or Southwest Michigan regions can be harsh and it’s easy to forget the effect they can have on your garage doors. As one of the most-used pieces of large moving equipment in your home, it can be a huge inconvenience if something goes wrong with your door. You could have trouble getting your vehicle out of the house or might even get stuck outside in the cold.

There are a few common garage door problems in the winter that you should stay on the lookout for so you can get ahead of them and keep your door running smoothly.


How Does Winter Affect Your Garage Door?

winter affects garage doors

Your garage door is one of the largest and most expensive pieces of mechanical equipment in your home. And if you’re like most people, you probably open and close it several times throughout each day. Winter is easily the harshest season for your door and a number of problems can arise if you aren’t careful. It would be a pain to have to deal with a broken garage door during any season, but to be stuck outside in the cold because something went wrong would definitely be the worst.

The good news is, you can avoid this situation by knowing about the following cold weather possibilities.



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