How to Choose a Garage Door Color

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

A house building or remodeling is only complete when you’ve decided what color to paint your garage. Choosing a garage door paint color matters as much as the rest of your home’s exterior. Your garage door takes up a significant amount of the home’s front space. It’s important to know which colors work for the front of your house.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

When deciding how to choose the right color garage door, there are many factors to keep in mind, such as:

  • Your house’s main color and pre-existing accent colors.
  • The materials that compose a garage door.
  • Where you live.

1. What Colors Am I Already Working With?

Your garage door’s color should complement your home’s exterior. White is a universal favorite that rarely, if ever, takes away from a home’s appearance. However, a stark white may not be the best option for every home.

The color you select depends on how much you want your garage door to stand out. If you want your garage door to make your house look bigger, pick the same color as the rest of the house. If you want your garage door to stand out, select a contrasting color to the rest of your house. For example, if your home is light blue, you can paint your garage door dark blue.

When choosing your garage door color, think about the theme of your exterior design aesthetic. Each of the following colors invokes certain feelings and thoughts about your house:

  • Red: Out of all the colors available, red is the color that will attract the most attention. You can make a red garage door the focal point of your home’s exterior.
  • Orange: When mixed with a softening color like yellow or brown, dark orange can bring your home a warm appearance. The color orange brings up images of crisp fall leaves and sitting by the fire.
  • Yellow: This color is also bold, but is more subtle than red. You can paint your garage door yellow to invoke happy feelings of warm sunshine.
  • Green: Representative of nature, green will enhance the natural beauty around your neighborhood. A dark green garage door stands out but isn’t distracting.
  • Blue: A relaxing color, blue can enhance your home’s curb appeal while keeping its subtlety. Dark blue paired with a white house will give your home a historic look.
  • Purple: You can use purple to complement a neutral-colored home. The color purple makes a bold statement. Be prepared to share your personality through this choice of garage door color.
  • Black: Black is bold, but it’s also sophisticated. You can use the color black to stand out against a light-colored house.
  • Gray: Gray is a calm yet neutral color. You can paint your garage door gray to complement the bright color of your house.
  • Brown: A warm color like brown is bold like black but is less intense. Natural wood garage doors have that same warm appearance as brown paint.

Stone and brick houses look best when the garage door and trim are two separate colors. Since brick and stone come in different, blended colors, you can choose from a wide selection of colors to enhance the beauty of your house. You could also design your historic home with colors like brown, dark blue and white.

2. What Is My Garage Door’s Material?

What Is My Garage Door's Material?: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl

The color of your garage door should enhance the appearance of your garage door’s material:

  • Wood: Wooden garage doors already have natural colors that you might not want to cover with paint. Instead, you can use a translucent or semi-transparent finish on your wooden door. A high-quality finish can enhance the appearance of your garage door. If you want a painted wooden door, you could opt for a wood composite door. A wood composite garage door is also easier to paint.
  • Steel: Use latex paint to add a new color to your steel garage door. Make sure you paint when the weather is sunny and dry. Excessive moisture could cause the paint to chip and crack over time. Standard steel doors come in a variety of colors from your door’s manufacturer.
  • Aluminum: When painting an aluminum door, you should prepare the metal with an oil-based primer. Like steel, you can only paint aluminum doors during clear weather and warm temperatures. Aluminum garage doors are available in several standard colors.
  • Vinyl: To paint a vinyl garage door, you need paint that will adhere to the door’s material. You may need to apply several coats of paint for the color to stick. You can also buy a vinyl garage door in any of the colors your door manufacturer provides.

3. How Is My Home Positioned and What Is My Neighborhood’s Aesthetic?

How Is My Home Positioned and What Is My Neighborhood's Aesthetic?

Consider a home’s neighborhood and position when choosing a paint color for your garage door. A home can stick out with bold colors. Think about whether you want your garage door to stand out or if you want your door to complement the rest of your home. You also want a garage door that complements the rest of the houses on your block while still showing your unique design style.

Assess your home’s climate before choosing garage door paint colors. Light colors, such as pastels, can get washed out by extreme sunlight. It’s best to choose a balance between light and dark tones if you live in a coastal area. Prolonged sun exposure can make a garage door hot, especially in warmer climates. Your garage door color can either absorb or deflect sunlight. The right garage door color can help regulate the temperature of the garage.

Choose Clopay® Color Blast® for Garage Door Color Ideas

Use Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system when choosing the right garage door color. With this system, you can paint your garage door any of the paint colors Sherwin-Williams® offers. Their two-part polyurethane-based paint will perform better on Clopay’s residential garage doors. Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system creates a more durable, professional-looking garage door.

Turn to Clopay’s garage door colors to find out which colors and finishes are best for your garage. Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system works with vinyl, steel and aluminum garage doors. Talk to your local garage door supplier to find out how to include Color Blast® on your garage door.

Quality Overhead Door Will Help You With Choosing Your Garage Door Color

As a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer in Ohio and Michigan, we know about choosing paint color for garage doors. We’ve been providing service to the Toledo area since 1982. To find a door that complements your home’s exterior, browse through our selection of residential garage doors. If you’re searching for the right color or finish, contact us for more information. You can also call us at 419-578-8700.

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