Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance in Ohio and Southeast Michigan

Garage doors can transform the look of your home and improve your property’s security. But it doesn’t end at installation. To make sure your doors look great year after year, some maintenance is needed. Quality Overhead Door can help you set up a maintenance schedule so you can enjoy your garage door worry-free.

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    Common Garage Door Maintenance Questions

    The technicians at Quality Overhead Door regularly get questions about maintenance and garage door care. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand why maintenance may be right for your property.

    1. Do I Need Garage Door Maintenance?

    If you have a garage door, you need maintenance. You probably use your garage entrance every day. If you’re like some homeowners, you use your garage doors more than your front door! The components are quite heavy and put pressure on cables and other parts of the door, which means over time springs and other parts of your garage door can wear down.

    Left untreated, wear and tear on your garage door can lead to a snapped spring, a garage door off its tracks or another emergency requiring lost time at work and added costs. Regular maintenance ensures your garage door is working its best, and regular check-ups can address and fix any problems before they become major headaches.

    2. Do I Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

    Annual maintenance helps address the wear and tear which can happen on your garage doors over an entire year. During this period, you may open and close your garage door over 1,000 times, so it’s worthwhile getting your doors checked.

    In addition, garage door maintenance in Ohio and southeast Michigan is important because, over the course of a year, your garage door materials will be exposed to the elements and you will want to make sure the weatherstripping and other elements are still holding up.

    3. How Often Do I Need Garage Door Maintenance?

    How often you need maintenance depends on a number of factors, including the type of garage door you have, the materials involved, how often you use your garage and other factors. Annual garage door maintenance in southeast Michigan and Ohio is recommended at the very least, due to the seasons.

    4. What Is Covered in an Annual Tune-Up?

    Quality Overhead Door can work with you to address your specific concerns. But in general, your annual tune-up will include a look at safety and performance. Our technicians will make sure cables, weatherstripping, openers, springs and other parts are functional and that your garage doors are performing well overall.

    If any parts are starting to wear down, our technicians can recommend when these parts should be replaced. Your tune-up includes a comprehensive review of your door system by an experienced technician who knows how to look for problems before they become a serious issue.

    Looking For Garage Door Maintenance?

    Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

    Regular maintenance helps you with:

    • Safety: Garage doors are heavy. When a spring snaps, garage doors go off the tracks, the sensors are not aligned or another issue happens, the door can slam down on a person or car. Regular maintenance by a professional reduces your risk of injury by catching problems before they become emergencies.
    • Security: Your garage door is the entrance to your home. A professional technician can evaluate security during a review to ensure no one can gain access to your home through the garage. By checking openers, locks and overall integrity, a technician helps you keep your property secure.
    • Pest Prevention: When weatherstripping wears away or holes form in your doors, insects, rodents and other pests can gain access to your garage. Hiding in remote corners, they can create nests that go undisturbed for some time and can even gain access to your home. During regular maintenance, a technician can check for gaps to ensure your home’s integrity is preserved.
    • Expensive repair costs: By the time your garage door starts making a strange noise, sags or shows other obvious signs of problems, there may already be damage to the springs or other parts of the system. Repairing the components after they have been under added pressure for weeks or months is more expensive, especially if you need emergency repairs. Replacing parts when they are worn but not completely broken helps you potentially extend the life of your garage doors.
    • Comfort: If your door opener breaks and you need to open the garage door manually, or if your door gets stuck open or closed and you need to take a taxi or park on the street, you don’t get to enjoy the convenience of having a garage door in the first place.
    • Gas costs: If your garage door is not responsive or you have to hop out of your car to open it manually, you’re wasting money on gas. With regular maintenance, you enjoy better performance year-round so you save time and gas money.
    • Energy costs: The weatherstripping and integrity of your garage door help you keep hot and cold air from entering your home, which keeps energy costs reasonable. Regular maintenance helps you address any cracks or crevices before they cost you.
    • Liability concerns: If someone is injured on your property by a faulty garage door, you face the possibility of a premises liability claim. Being able to show you have a regular maintenance schedule can help you defend yourself against claims.
    • Curb appeal: Dings, chips, scratches and other marks may seem like surface-level concerns, but they can also impact garage door performance. Regular maintenance can help keep your garage door looking its best.
    • Moisture and temperature control: If you keep tools or anything of value in your garage, you don’t want moisture or the elements getting in to cause damage. Regular maintenance helps keep your garage sealed and everything in it safer.

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    Garage Door Maintenance in Toledo and Beyond

    If you live anywhere in Toledo or the nearby Ohio or Michigan communities, you can contact the trusted technicians at Quality Overhead Door for garage door maintenance, service, installation and more. We have served homeowners in the area for over 40 years, and our experienced technicians have worked with most brands of equipment. To set up a maintenance schedule, contact us or call us today at 419-578-8700.

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