Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors

Your home’s curb appeal is something to be treasured. As you complement your home’s structure with the perfect garage door, an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t always guarantee the beauty you want.

To help you find the customized solution for your home, Quality Overhead Door specializes in custom and semi-custom garage doors in Toledo and throughout northwest Ohio and southwest Michigan. These doors give you a unique appearance that perfectly complements the rest of your home and provides an immediate sense of attractiveness when visitors arrive.

Quality Overhead Door has served the Toledo community since 1982. We know that different homeowners have different visions for their garage doors, which is why we carry a large selection to ensure you can find the style you want. We also make exploring the possibilities easy by providing free installation estimates.

When you choose Quality Overhead Door, we’ll send an experienced technician to perform your garage door installation. Our team includes friendly, helpful service representatives who can provide expert assistance at any stage of the process. Finding a low bid is easy. But getting a quality, durable custom garage door and exceptional service is more challenging. Trust the name with a history in Toledo and a legacy of service excellence by choosing Quality Overhead Door.

Design Your Perfect Garage Door

Types of Custom Garage Doors We Offer

Whatever elements you’re looking for in your garage door, we can help you find the balance between them all. The RESERVE® WOOD collection from Clopay® carries a variety of customization options, which can be divided into two types — semi-custom and custom. The option you select depends on what level of customization you desire.


Clopay’s RESERVE® WOOD collection includes the SEMI-CUSTOM series. This series gives you your choice of door design, window and top section, material, factory staining and decorative hardware. This option is great if there are some specific features you want a certain way, but you also want to take advantage of the styles and designs already available. You can simply select the preexisting design and make the specific modifications you want.

When you have a vision for what your home’s exterior should look like, the RESERVE® collection CUSTOM series allows you to see that dream become a reality.


Clopay also offers a fully customized option with the RESERVE® WOOD collection CUSTOM series. Each door features handcrafted four- or five-layer construction, paint or stain-grade wood, and energy-efficient insulation. You’ll also get unlimited options on design and wood species. When you have a vision for what your home’s exterior should look like, the RESERVE® collection CUSTOM series allows you to see that dream become a reality.

Custom Garage Door Materials


Whether you go with a custom or semi-custom door, you have several options to choose from. We offer doors in many different materials, from glass to steel. Here’s a brief overview of each one:


If you want an authentic wooden garage door for your home, we have you covered. Our Clopay custom wood doors give you the ability to customize the basic design of the door, the windows, paint or stain, hardware, and energy-efficient insulation. You also have a full pick of the wood types used for the door.

Faux-Wood Composite

Wood is a beautiful material to use for a door, but it does come with special care instructions. If you want the look of a wooden door with greater resistance to the elements, consider doors made from a faux-wood composite. These roll-up doors come with many of the same customization options as a wood door, such as coloring and windows.


Steel doors give you an especially strong option for your garage. They’re designed to withstand rusting, cracking and warping and are available in one to three layers. Customization options include the ability to sandwich insulation between two steel layers for added energy efficiency.

Glass and Aluminum

If you’re especially fond of windows on your garage door, you might want to consider a predominantly glass door. We can make this possible by interlocking glass panes with an aluminum frame for a garage door that lets in plenty of natural light. With custom options, you can customize the size and distribution of the glass panes across the door.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

While you have the option of purchasing a stock garage door of your choice, certain benefits come with getting a custom one. The higher the degree of customization you select, the more control and opportunities you have with the various elements of the door. You can channel these elements when creating your desired style of door. The following are some specific advantages you can look forward to when you choose a custom garage door:

1. Complementing Your Home’s Exterior

At Quality Overhead Door, we offer a variety of stock door options that are designed with aesthetic appeal in mind. But even good-looking garage doors may not complement the unique look of your home. Finding a stock door that complements your house may involve compromising in certain areas to get what you want in others.

Custom doors provide a valuable alternative to craft the right fit for your home. Whether you’re searching for the perfect carriage house garage door to complement your Victorian home’s historical air or a modern door style painted in colors as unique as your home’s exterior, customized options ensure your home will stand out for all the right reasons.

2. Complementing Your Garage’s Unique Build

Not all garages are built alike. Different garage structures require different door fixtures, so you have to make sure you get one that will work for your home. While you can typically find something from stock options that will work for your home, custom garage doors enable you to design a door that will fit your garage entrance exactly how you want.

3. Finding Perfect Windows

Sometimes, the windows in a garage door tie its entire look together. Choosing a custom door gives you the opportunity to select your own window inserts, picking the ones that will best complement the rest of the door and fit aesthetically with the design of your home.

4. Choosing From Plenty of Colors and Finishes

If your main concerns revolve around a door’s material, you’ll find plenty of stock options within your desired category. However, you may want to customize your door’s colors and finishes to round out the design. Selecting a custom door lets you have full control over the door’s paint or finish color.

5. Customizing Your Hardware Selection

Whether you want the look of a traditional or modern door, another feature you may want on your door is decorative hardware. The main example of this is handles for opening the door manually, whether for functional or aesthetic purposes. Custom doors allow you to select whether you want any hardware, and if you do, what type.

Toledo's Source for Custom Garage Doors. When you want to beautify your home and design the best garage door, choose Quality Overhead Door. 

Toledo’s Source for Custom Garage Doors

Since 1982, Quality Overhead Door has served Toledo and surrounding communities with a commitment to quality, durable garage doors and exceptional customer service. When you work with our team, you’ll only work with our employees — we don’t use contractors. You can also depend on responsiveness, reliability and follow-through.

As a family-owned business, we are proud of our roots in northwest Ohio, and we place an emphasis on developing long-term relationships. When you want to beautify your home and design the best garage door, choose Quality Overhead Door. To get started, just get in touch with us today and request an estimate!

Contact us to learn more about your residential garage door options in and around Toledo.

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