What to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

What to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Although it seems like a simple purchase, buying a new garage door is one of the larger, more important home improvement purchases you’ll make as a homeowner. Your garage door is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home and is part of your home’s curb appealsafety and security, so you’ll want to be certain you are making the best choice. If you’re unsure about what you need to look for or what questions to ask when looking for a new garage door, then here are some things to consider along with a few tips for buying a new garage door.

A New Garage Door Is A Big Purchase

Before digging into the different options and tips for buying a new garage door, it’s important to keep in mind that a new garage door is a fairly large purchase for your home. Whether you’re replacing an old, broken garage door or purchasing a new one for your newly constructed home or business, you want a new garage door to be the perfect combination of style and function. This makes the buying process all the more serious.  

According to Angie’s List, you’re likely to spend $600-$3700 on a new garage door for your home. A new garage door could last decades or the lifetime of the house when you have one installed and maintained correctly by trusted professionals. When you think about the amount of opening and closing or overall usage of your garage door,  you’ll quickly understand the need for a safe, durable and quality garage door. This makes it all the more important to work with a professional when buying a new garage door. 

You’ll also want to consider a garage door that best suits your style and matches your home’s architecture. A new garage door does more than open, close and protect your garage’s entryway. It’s also a big part of your home’s curb appeal. In most homes, the garage door is prominently displayed and visible to those passing by on the street or sidewalk. So, it makes sense to want your garage door to look stylish and match your home’s overall design and color scheme. 

Types of Garage Doors to Consider 

Types of Garage Doors to Consider 

Garage doors are made from several different types of materials. It’s important to keep in mind that certain materials work better in some climates than others. Garage doors are typically made from the following types of materials: 

  • Wood 
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood Composite
  • Glass

Each type of garage door material comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. You’ll want to take into account your lifestyle, the size of your garage, your budget and the design of your home when choosing a material for your new garage door. 

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is a very stylish option for your new garage door. Wooden garage doors enhance your curb appeal as they look beautiful, luxurious and rustic. Wooden doors are heavy and durable as well. Wooden garage doors also offer homeowners a range of style options. They can be finished in various shades and hues to match or complement your home’s color scheme. 

However, wooden garage doors are very heavy and require a lot of labor to install. This makes them one of the more expensive options for your new garage door. You’ll also want to consider the time and maintenance to keep them looking new, especially if you live in a humid or precipitous climate. Since wooden doors are subject to bowing or warping, then you’ll want to have maintenance conducted regularly to ensure your garage door is functioning properly. You’ll also want to refinish your wooden garage door every few years to keep it looking its best and newest. 

Just like any other type of exterior wooden structure such as a deck or porch, your wooden garage door needs to be refinished every few years due to fading from the sun and other weather elements. This will keep your wooden garage door looking new and your curb appeal fresh.   

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors can be installed with glass features that provide extra natural lighting.

Aluminum garage doors offer a clean, shiny look that matches well with a modern or contemporary design. Aluminum garage doors can be installed with glass features that provide extra natural lighting or without glass to ensure added privacy. One of the biggest advantages of aluminum garage doors is they are rust and corrosion-resistant. This makes them a great choice in harsher, colder climates such as the midwest.

Aluminum garage doors aren’t always the best option if you have an active lifestyle, though. Since aluminum is a softer metal, it dents more easily than other types of garage doors. If you have kids playing in the driveway near your garage door or live in an area prone to hail and wind storms, then you may want to consider the effects it will have on your aluminum garage door.     

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors offer homeowners a great combination of affordability and style. Steel is obviously a durable option for your new garage door. Many times, steel doors can be painted or coated to match your home’s design and color scheme. This makes steel garage doors an attractive option for many homeowners. You can also choose between insulated and non-insulated steel garage doors to match the climate in which you live and your lifestyle preferences. 

Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood composite doors achieve the look of real wood by layering wood composite over steel.

Wood composite garage doors offer you the look of wood without the work and maintenance associated with a wooden garage door. Wood composite doors achieve the look of real wood by layering wood composite over steel. Wood composite doors are able to have extra insulation added to them to match your region’s climate. Additional insulation will also help with your wood composite door’s durability and increase its lifespan. 

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are unique in that they offer natural light to enter your garage and enhance that space’s versatility. Glass garage doors are a great option for homeowners looking to transform their garage space into a workshop, family recreation space or another type of multi-use room. If you live in a colder, harsher climate, then you can add extra insulation to your glass garage doors. 

If you’re considering glass for your new garage door material, then there are several options you can choose from including clear glass, mirrored glass, frosted or acrylic glass and tinted glass. When considering glass, consulting with your garage door installation professional can help you decide which is the best choice for your home.   

Garage Door Styles to Consider

Garage Door Styles to Consider

Once you’ve decided which material you’d like to use for your new garage door, it’s time to consider the style you would like. Deciding which style garage door is best for your home means evaluating factors such as your budget, your home’s design and your personal preferences. Many times, a garage door’s style will tie together your home’s color scheme and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Style is one of the most important things to consider when you choose a new garage door. Let’s take a look at a few different styles of garage doors to pair with your chosen materials including:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Carriage House

Traditional Style Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors are easily recognizable and feature symmetrical raised rectangles and a monochromatic color scheme. Traditional style garage doors are available in a wide range of colors and panel sizes. You also have the option to add glass window panels to a traditional garage door. This makes traditional garage doors a customizable and versatile option for homeowners. The simple design of traditional garage doors makes them a great fit for a range of different homes. 

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Contemporary style garage doors are another versatile option as they can be made of a range of different materials including aluminum, steel and glass to name a few. These doors are a great choice if you’re looking for a garage door to match a modern home design. Contemporary style garage doors feature a sleek and modern design that fits well with modern homes. 

Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are designed specifically to resemble barn doors and open from side-to-side.

Carriage house garage doors are a great option for wood doors and feature a classic, rustic look. These doors get their name from old garages that housed carriages and horses. They resemble barn doors and come in a range of colors and designs. Carriage house garage doors match well with farmhouses and rustic wooden home designs. Some carriage house garage doors are designed specifically to resemble barn doors and open from side-to-side as opposed to up and down like traditional or contemporary garage doors. Carriage house garage doors can be made with wood, steel and wood composite materials to achieve a rustic, classic design. 

These are only a few of the different types of garage doors you can choose from. There are other types of styles you can use for your new garage door. It is best to consult with a trusted professional installer before making your final decision. 

Tips for Buying a Garage Door

When thinking about a new garage door for your home, there are other considerations you should make besides styles and materials. It is important to account for things such as climate, budget and additional needs when installing your new garage door. Here are some additional questions to ask yourself when choosing a garage door.

Garage Door Insulation     

Depending on the climate in which you live, you’ll want to consider upgrading your new garage door’s insulation. Garage doors come with an insulation rating called an R-value. A new garage door’s R-value dictates its level of insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the garage door’s insulation rating. If you live in a cold climate with harsh weather, then you’ll want to consider a new garage door with a higher R-value. 

You’ll also want to consider upgrading your new garage door’s insulation to help you save on energy costs such as heating and cooling your home. It’s important to remember that your garage door is just that, a door. Like other doors to your home, your garage door works to keep extreme temperatures out of your home and reduce utility expenses. The garage door is likely going to be the largest door you have installed in your home, so choosing the right type of insulation is key. This is also an important tip to consider when buying a commercial garage door. 

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

When you're considering a new garage door, it's also a best practice to upgrade your automatic garage door opener at the same time.

When you’re considering a new garage door, it’s also a best practice to upgrade your automatic garage door opener at the same time. If you’re installing a heavier door than your old one, then you’ll need a more powerful garage door opener to account for the extra weight. You’ll also want to upgrade your old chain-driven garage door opener to a new belt-driven opener if you haven’t already. Belt-driven garage door openers are a more efficient and updated option for homeowners and business owners alike. 

If you upgrade your garage door opener, then you’ll also want to update your remotes. Today, you can find new technology complete with smartphone applications to control your garage door. You’ll also want to consider upgrading to remotes that use rolling code technology. Rolling code technology changes the codes to your remotes every time someone uses them to open your garage door. This is an enhanced safety and security feature that older models simply don’t use.   


Buying a new garage door is a big purchase for your home or business. A new garage door could last decades or the life of your house. Making a large purchase such as a new garage door requires carefully considering your budget and doing your best to stay within that amount. Budgeting is about more than coming up with an arbitrary amount you’re willing to spend on a new door. Conduct your research and consult with professional installers before settling on the amount you’re willing to spend on your new garage door.  

Get More Than One Estimate

One of the best tips for buying a new garage door for a business or residence is seeking out more than one estimate. You’re likely going to spend several thousand dollars on a new garage door, so it makes sense to consult with more than one professional installation company to ensure you’re receiving the best garage door that fits your budget and the best service. Many professional installers offer free estimates and quotes for your new garage door. This certainly makes getting more than one quote easier for homeowners such as yourself. 

If you are receiving more than one estimate, then it’s best to have quotes for the same type of door made from the same type of material. This will ensure you’re receiving quotes for your new door that can be compared to quotes from other installers. Be certain you’re receiving detailed quotes from each of the professionals you’re consulting with on your new garage door by reading over your estimates and double-checking the types of door and the materials they are made from. 

Consider Sound Levels

The last thing you want is a noisy garage door that wakes the baby or kids up every time it opens and closes.

A noisy garage door can be a nuisance and annoyance to other members of your household or customers at your business. The last thing you want is a noisy garage door that wakes the baby or kids up every time it opens and closes. You can opt for thicker, more powerful springs to help combat this. Consider upgrading your springs when installing a new garage door to help combat noise and squeaking. 

Another way to quiet your garage door is to purchase nylon rollers for your door. Nylon rollers will make a huge difference in the sound and levels of noise produced by your garage door as it opens and closes. Adding nylon rollers is a fairly inexpensive option for quieting your garage door. You’ll also want to upgrade your automatic garage door opener to a belt-driven option. As discussed above, the newer belt-driven garage door openers are not only a more efficient option, they are also quiet. Belt-driven garage door openers don’t use metal on metal chains to open your garage door, making them much quieter than their chain-driven counterparts.  

Always Consult With a Professional Installer

Installing a new garage door is definitely not a do-it-yourself project, so you’ll always want to consult with a professional installation company or contractor when considering a new door. While some installers offer a variety of doors from several types of garage door manufacturers, others only specialize and deal in certain brands. Be sure to ask about the types of brands an installation company or contractor offers and works with before scheduling your estimate or consultation appointment.

When you’re comparing contractors and estimates, always be sure to ask for warranty information. There are two areas you’ll want to gather information for when it comes to warranties. Warranties for the actual door itself and warranties on the parts and installation. Warranties are most often time-sensitive, meaning that they have expirations and are only good for a certain amount of time after the door is installed. You’ll want to be sure you have all the warranty information you need before choosing to go with one contractor over another. Inquiring about warranties is one of the best questions to ask when buying a garage door.  

Other benefits to hiring a professional installer or contractor to install your new garage door include the assurance of knowing the job is done right the first time. Professionals understand things like how to measure for your garage door replacement, saving you time and money while avoiding any issues during installation.  

Considerations When Buying a Commercial Garage Door

One of the biggest considerations to make when purchasing a new garage door for your business is safety and security.

Buying a commercial garage door requires you to address a few different considerations than you would for a residential garage door. Depending on your industry and business, your commercial garage doors often have to be larger than residential garage doors. This is so you can safely pass through the garage doors with larger vehicles such as trucks and other types of equipment.  

Many times, you’ll also need multiple doors installed at your place of business to accommodate fleets comprised of multiple vehicles or pieces of equipment. Some professional installation companies and contractors offer bulk discounts, so you’ll want to ask about this if your business has a need for multiple doors at once. 

One of the biggest considerations to make when purchasing a new garage door for your business is safety and security. Keeping your business safe and secure are two of the most important aspects of a commercial garage door. Different models come equipped standard with certain safety and security features such as a keypad entry system and motion sensors. 

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