Commercial Garage Door Repairs

With high-performance commercial garage doors, you can keep your operations running smoothly. A system that opens and closes your overhead doors reliably improves energy efficiency and keeps unwanted visitors out. 

Over time, your garage doors may show wear and tear or damage. Hiring professionals to provide proper repairs can enhance safety, increase speed and save money on your utility bills. 

Whether you suspect your system may have an issue or you’d like routine maintenance, count on Quality Overhead Door for commercial garage door services. Get the answers and solutions you need today. 

Signs You Need Commercial Garage Door Repairs 

Are your commercial garage doors not working as they should? Addressing potential issues can prevent the need for more extensive damage and related expenses later on. Here are some signs your system may need repairs: 

  • Excessive noise: Are your commercial overhead doors making any grinding, rattling or squeaking sounds? Unusual noises often indicate issues with the door’s mechanisms. Our experts can provide the repairs needed to ensure your door works with smooth, quiet operations. 
  • Slow or difficult operation: Is your overhead door difficult to open and close? Problems may affect the door’s balance, tracks or springs. We use a precise, careful approach to fix or replace the parts as needed and restore your system’s performance. 
  • Visible wear and tear on parts: Have you noticed any signs of damage? Issues such as bent tracks, cracked panels and frayed cables can affect your overhead door’s functionality and pose safety risks. Our experts provide the repairs you need to enhance your investment’s performance and longevity. 
  • The garage door is off its tracks: Are your doors off the tracks? Improper alignment or track integrity prevents the door from functioning correctly and can lead to an operation shutdown. We realign your tracks as efficiently as possible to prevent downtime. 
  • Poor insulation or low energy efficiency: Have you noticed a rise in energy bills? Drafts can make your HVAC systems work overtime to maintain consistent temperatures at your business. Our team improves your insulation so you can reduce energy costs and contribute toward a more sustainable operation. 

Our Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

If you’re having trouble with your commercial overhead doors, Quality Overhead Door is here to help. Our technicians can provide the repairs you need through various services, including: 

Spring Repairs

Springs operate under considerable pressure. If your spring shows signs of wear and tear or damage, our experts can fix your springs or buy replacement parts from top brands in the industry. 

Opener Repairs

Openers eliminate the need to open your overhead door manually. Has your opener stopped working? We can provide repairs to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

Door Realignment

Improperly aligned garage doors may look crooked. The misalignment can strain your system and cause the operations to stop working altogether. Our team uses the proper safety measures to correct the alignment.

Off-Track and Roller Repairs

Off-track doors pose several risks, including employee injuries or property damage. We use professional techniques to restore your safety and peace of mind. 

Broken Cable Repairs

Garage systems put pressure on the cables, which work with the springs to lift a door. Are your cables worn out or broken? Our technicians work quickly to diagnose the issue and remedy the situation.

Panel Repairs

Panels may become damaged from impact or outdoor elements. We have experience fixing panels made of any material, including vinyl or wood. We ensure your garage door looks its best and works correctly. 

Weatherstripping Repairs

Weatherstripping seals the sides and bottom of your garage door. If your seal cracks or wears down, moisture and pests may enter your facility. Our team fixes the gaps to enhance your security and energy efficiency.

Get Your Repairs From Quality Overhead Door 

Do you need repairs for your commercial garage doors? Hiring professionals to provide your services can save you time and money in the long run. At Quality Overhead Door, our professionals have the specialty knowledge and training to complete the job properly. 

Our technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality results possible. We conduct a detailed inspection of your garage doors and systems. After identifying issues and determining the cause, we discuss your options and move forward to provide the services you need. 

With over 40 years of service, you can trust our company to deliver trustworthy and reliable results. Check out our client reviews to see what locals say about our quality of work and speed. 

To get started, contact our team or schedule a service today.

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