Overhead vs. Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Overhead vs. Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

If you haven’t shopped for a new garage door opener in a while, you may find your replacement options are much more complex than you remember. While a garage door opener is primarily responsible for effectively raising and lowering your garage door as commanded, many modern options are available in several drive dupes, featuring advanced capabilities. When choosing a new garage door for your Toledo, OH, home, it’s best to consider your short and long-term needs, finding a model that exceeds your overall performance expectations.

Overhead Opener Drive Types

Overhead garage door openers have traditionally been the most common, popular option for homeowners. This type of garage door drive has a ceiling-mounted system with a rail track and lift you maneuver using a chain, belt or screw-drive mechanism. Each overhead opener drive type features similar functionality but features different benefits.

When checking out your overhead garage door opener options, you’ll find the three most common types including:

  • Chain: The most common type of overhead opener found in homes, chain operators use ropes of chain to glide along the track and lift and lower the door. Chain drives are the most cost-effective garage door opener option and are popular because of their durable, dependable design. While chain drives are strong and effective openers for up to 10 years, they are often much louder than alternative options and require additional maintenance.
  • Belt: Using a reinforced belt to open and close the door, belt drives are becoming increasingly popular because of its quiet and reliable operations. Belt drives are often crafted from steel-enforced rubber, polyurethane or fiberglass.
  • Screw-drive: Screw-drive openers use a completely different approach to operating the garage door — instead of pulling the door up, a screw-drive uses a threaded metal rod to lift the door by gliding it along the track. Screw drives are incredibly reliable and can endure heavy duty wear, but they require regular lubrication to guarantee lasting performance.

Wall-Mounted Opener Drive Types

As their name suggests, wall-mounted garage door openers are installed on the left or right side of the garage door. Wall-mounted garage doors are ideally utilized in garages with minimal overhead space, cathedral and sloped ceilings or limited depth. Instead of using a rail track, wall-mounted garage door openers are connected to the door’s torsion bar to operate the door. These systems can be used for any type of garage door, including vertical, standard and high lift doors.

Jackshaft garage door openers are the most common type of wall-mounted operators. Traditionally used for commercial applications, jackshaft openers have gained popularity for residential applications because of its exceptional security, smooth operations and long-term dependability. Jackshaft openers are best used in garages with little available space, although it’s important to note these models are more expensive than overhead alternatives.

Pros of Overhead Openers

When exploring your garage door opener replacement options, you may be overwhelmed by the number of available options, but you can always trust the dependable performance of overhead garage door openers. With overhead openers you can expect:

  • Cost-effective solutions: Compared to jackshaft wall mounted openers, chain, belt and screw-drive opener options are much more cost-effective to install, repair and maintain.
  • Quieter operations: While belt drive openers are considered the quietest overhead garage door opener options, with the latest mechanical improvements, chain and screw-drive machines are much quieter now than they were in the past. Many modern chain and screw-drive machines have a DC motor for quieter operations and minimal disruption.
  • Reliable performance: Overhead garage door openers have the necessary capabilities to lift and lower even the heaviest garage doors, whereas many jackshaft openers have a weight limit. With overhead belt, chain and screw-drive openers, you’ll also have access to the latest improvements to streamline performance, including rolling door codes, MyQ, battery backup and timer-to close.

Pros of Wall-Mounted Openers

Even though you’ve likely only ever used overhead garage door openers for your home, you should consider a wall-mounted jackshaft operator if you’re looking for smooth and efficient long-term garage door functionality. Jackshaft openers offer a wide range of unmatched advantages, including:

  • Space-saving designs: Overhead garage doors require a significant amount of ceiling space — at least 48 inches — and many homes can’t accommodate these size requirements. Jackshaft openers installed to the side of your garage door also allow you to utilize all available overhead space for storing large items like canoes or bicycles.
  • Improved security: Garage doors have an emergency release cord you can pull to detach the door from the opener, so homeowners can manually lift the door during emergency situations. While this tool is convenient, it is possible to trigger it from the outside, allowing burglars into your home. Wall mounted garage door openers don’t have these cords and can’t be manipulated by potential burglars.
  • Better safety: With the latest jackshaft residential garage door openers, homeowners have added peace of mind that they have access to the latest safety features including reversal systems and sensors. Many jackshaft openers can also be upgraded to have a 200-watt light for improved garage safety.

Which Type of Opener Is Right for You?

While checking out your variety of garage door opener replacement options, you’ll come across several different options with a range of benefits and drawbacks — so which one should you choose? The answer to this largely depends on your unique situation, but you should consider your personal budget, maintenance expectations, available garage space, size of the garage door and the key features that you value the most. Every household has specific needs and garage door performance expectations, but you’re sure to find opener solutions that meet your exact specifications.

For the Best Garage Door Opener Products, Contact Quality Overhead Door

When you need personalized, reliable garage door opener solutions and attentive care throughout the Toledo, OH, area, call the experts at Quality Overhead Door. With products and services from Quality Overhead Door, you’re assured knowledgable services and top-rated overhead and wall mounted opener products from leading manufacturers like LiftMaster.

Learn more about our selection of garage door openers for Toledo homes by filling out our online contact form or calling us today at 419-578-8700.

What Is Garage Door R-Value?

When exploring your wide variety of garage door replacement options, you’ll come across several items to consider, including design styles, materials and also R-Value. But what exactly is an R-value, and is this feature something that could actually benefit your home and daily lifestyle?

If you avoid going out to your garage due to extreme temperature fluctuations, then you may benefit from upgrading to an insulated garage door with a high R-value. R-value helps determine the effectiveness of added garage door insulation, giving your home improved overall energy efficiency and performance.

What Contributes to R-Value?

If you’re checking out a new garage door product and see a statistic for R-value, then that door option features improved insulation qualities. R-value helps measure thermal efficiencies and the resistance to heat transference. Products with higher R-values have greater insulation properties, reducing the transmission of hot or cool air.

R-value is most commonly calculated by measuring the thickness of the insulator — typically polystyrene or polyurethane — and its physical qualities. These values typically range from zero up to about 20. Garage doors and other products with higher R-values have better insulation results.

Importance of Higher R-Values

With so many different types of garage doors available today, why should homeowners upgrade their doors with added insulation with significant R-values? Garage doors are a significant investment and the main value of adding quality insulation is improving your home’s energy efficiency. Added garage door insulation and higher R-values are particularly useful for:

  • Attached garages: Garage doors with an R-value of at least 10 can help reduce unwanted air transference that makes your garage either incredibly hot or cool during certain seasons.
  • Lowering energy costs: When you have poor quality garage doors or those with an R-value of 11 or lower, you can be losing a lot of your heating and cooling efforts through your garage door. By selecting an exceptional garage door product with a high R-value, you can improve your energy efficiency, significantly lowering your annual utility expenses.
  • Improving indoor garage quality: Whether you use your garage as vehicle and excess storage space or have converted this area into useable living space, an insulated garage door can greatly improve the comfort of your garage. If you need a sustainable garage door with steady temperatures to preserve the quality of your car and stored items like vehicle fluids and paints, then select a style with an R-value of 10 or more. For converted spaces like home gyms or office, consider a garage door with at least an R-value of 16.

Garage Doors With High R-Values

At Quality Overhead Door, we understand the importance of comfort and efficiency within your local Toledo, OH, home — that’s why we stock and install the highest quality garage doors from Clopay, the leading manufacturer of residential garage doors.

Several of our stylish Clopay garage doors feature improved insulation and R-values with Intellicore upgrades, a polyurethane foam injected into the layers of the garage door during manufacturing. With this exceptional attention to detail and superior craftsmanship techniques, our Clopay doors feature exceptional energy efficiency, quieter operations and more durable, long-term performance.

Several of our popular Clopay doors with high R-values include:

  • Canyon Ridge: Canyon Ridge is available in three attractive designs to meet your exact personal preferences. Whether you prefer classic aesthetics or bold contemporary styles, the Canyon Ridge doors can be customized according to your exact specifications. Crafted from quality steel and insulation, choose from R-values reaching up to 20.4 for exceptional results.
  • Coachman: These carriage house garage doors have a four-layer construction with insulation placed between two steel layers and finished with an attractive composite wood overlay. All our Coachman base designs can be customized with a variety of color, glass and hardware options to enhance the existing character of your home.
  • Gallery: Clopay’s Gallery garage doors can be manufactured with or without insulation — R-values ranging between 6.3 to 18.4. The steel overlay of these garage doors offers dependable security and home protection for many years with minimal maintenance. Choose from up to 12 attractive factory-finish paint colors and several glass design varieties.
  • Modern Steel: Clopay’s sleek Modern Steel doors give homeowners the best blend of modern appeal and quality performance. Select from a wide range of color, finish and window design options and customize your insulation options to suit your specific household’s needs. Modern Steel garage doors are available in several insulation thickness options.

Improve Your Homes Efficiency With Garage Doors From Quality Overhead Door

For more than three decades, Quality Overhead Doors has been serving homeowners throughout the Toledo, OH, area with high-quality, efficient garage door products. We’ve always been dedicated to offering exceptional customer experiences, working closely with all our customers to understand their specific daily needs and long-term performance expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our insulated garage door options and determine which garage door R-value is most appropriate for your home — call us at 419-578-8700 to speak to a team member or complete our online contact form.

What Is a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

When it’s time to replace your garage door, not only will you be responsible for selecting a new door with superior upgrades and modern finishes, but you’ll need to optimize the performance of your new door with an updated garage door opener. With the latest industry advancements, there’s a wide variety of new opener models available in several styles — homeowners should understand all the different types and how each can benefit your home and long-term functionality expectations.

Over the past few years, jackshaft openers have increased in popularity for many homeowners. Traditionally common in commercial settings, jackshaft openers feature improved performance and streamlined features for exceptional residential use.

How Does a Jackshaft Opener Work?

Wall-mounted garage door openers, often referred to as a jackshaft opener, are a unique machine style that is mounted to either the left or right side of the garage door opener versus overhead with a track and rail system. Jackshaft openers are connected to the garage door’s torsion bar to raise and lower the door. This system is suitable for any type of garage door including full vertical lift, standard lift and high lift doors. With its superior design, jackshaft openers are also incredibly quiet and suitable for garages situated near a living space.

Residential jackshaft opener models can work on large garage doors that reach up to 14-feet high and has similar operational capacities to trolley operators, including installation processes, lifespan, heavy-duty performance capacity and warranties. While jackshaft openers typically cost a bit more to install than alternative belt or chain overhead opener models, the jackshaft opener’s range of benefits makes up for the initial upfront costs.

Pros of a Jackshaft Opener

While wall mount jackshaft opener models may seem unusual and intimidating compared to standard overhead options, many homeowners should consider upgrading to this type of machine due to its unmatched advantages. If you’re unsure whether a jackshaft opener could benefit your home, consider the following advantages:

  • Improved storage space: Due to being installed on the side of your garage door versus overhead, homeowners can have more available garage ceiling space that is often used for storing large or awkwardly shaped items like bicycles, canoes and other large items. Rail systems used by chain and belt drive openers restrict the amount of available ceiling space, while jackshaft openers create much-needed area. This design can also be used for high lift garage doors and eliminate the need for installing a false panel.
  • Variable installation options: Garages with either incredibly high or low ceilings can benefit from having a garage door opener installed on the side of the door. Trolley garage door openers with rails need at least 48 inches of overhead clearance above the garage doors, which many homes can’t accommodate. In these specific cases, jackshaft openers provide an efficient and dependable opener alternative.
  • Better safety features: With modern jackshaft openers, you can have peace of mind that your home has access to the latest safety improvements including safety reversal systems and sensors. Many jackshaft opener models can also be upgraded to include a 200-watt light for added safety and convenience.
  • Greater security improvements: Dated garage door openers use a single opener frequency code to open and close the garage door — this one code can easily be copied to another remote and used as a way to enter your home. The latest garage door opener models — including jackshaft models — feature rolling door codes that have unique door codes every time the door is opened to prevent copying.
  • Updated convenience capabilities: The latest garage door opener models not only have the best safety and security features, but they also come with several connectivity updates, including Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone control. LiftMaster jackshaft openers have MyQ — a free app for your Apple or Android device — which allows homeowners to receive real-time alerts, control their garage door from anywhere and synchronize the door with other home security devices.

When to Choose a Jackshaft Opener

Since jackshaft openers have traditionally been designed for commercial use, why are more homeowners choosing to upgrade to this model? Jackshaft garage door openers offer homeowners more flexible and dependable garage door openers. You can use them for any type of garage door operation, but they’re also ideally suited for the following situations:

  • High garage ceilings: Standard single or double car garage doors are approximately eight feet high, but newer homes may have ceilings reaching up to 12 feet. That available space is often needed for storing large items, and the rail system used by belt or chain drive openers may limit your available overhead space — with a jackshaft opener you can utilize all available space.
  • Sloped ceilings: If your home has a sloped garage ceiling, it will be extremely difficult to try installing an overhead garage door opener. With a jackshaft style, you can easily have smooth operations without the installation headache.
  • Limited garage depth: For an overhead door opener, there must be at least 48 inches of available clearance. Often, a boiler, plumbing or other fixture can limit the amount of garage door depth available, making a wall mount jackshaft opener the most suitable option.

Upgrade to a New Jackshaft Opener — Check Out Garage Door Openers From Quality Overhead Door

When you’re ready to improve the functionality and convenience of your home, work with the local experts at Quality Overhead Door to find a new LiftMaster jackshaft opener. We happily provide product guidance and garage door opener installation services for homeowners throughout the Toledo, OH, area. To learn more about our jackshaft opener options, visit our local showroom, call us today at 419-578-8700 or complete our online contact form.

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

With advanced and evolving technology, so many aspects of your home are more streamlined, secure and accessible than ever, from your doorbell and thermostats to your indoor lights — now with the latest smart garage door opener models, you can also easily monitor and control your garage door from anywhere in the world from your smartphone.

Smart garage door openers can do so much more than simply raise and lower your garage door using a remote like many dated models. While standard opener machines offer reliable operations, smart garage door openers expose you to unmatched benefits that will increase home security and simplify your life.

Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers are the most advanced opener machines available and by connecting your opener to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, you can easily monitor your door activity and control your door from your phone or computer. With the latest Wi-Fi garage door openers, you can also experience the following benefits:

  • Accessible monitoring: Using your smartphone, you can easily monitor the operations of your garage door — check whether you accidentally left the door open when leaving for work in the morning, let a dog walker into your home while you’re on vacation and receive real-time alerts any time your door is opened or closed.
  • Improved safety and security: Easily monitor the activity of up to two garage doors and improve your home’s security with rolling door codes, battery backup, scheduled light operations and additional standard security features. With a MyQ smart opener, the opener will beep and the lights will blink while the door is completing a cycle.
  • Scheduled opening and closing capabilities: By using a smart garage door opener, you have the flexibility to control your garage door opener’s movements from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to let a house sitter inside while you’re away or give other guests access to your home, you can easily schedule times for your garage door to open and close. With scheduled closing, you will improve your home’s security efforts and have added peace of mind wherever you go.
  • Simple setup: While smart garage door openers seem complicated, they’re actually incredibly easy to set up — follow basic instructions to wirelessly connect the opener to your home’s internet connection, then download the MyQ app to your Apple or Android device. Once your smart devices have been connected to your Wi-Fi garage door opener, you can enjoy no subscription or service fees.
  • Seamless integration: With MyQ, you can not only easily monitor your garage door from your phone, but also integrate this program with your other home security systems. Link your smart garage door opener operations to your Nest, Wink, XFINITY Home and Apple HomeKit devices using the app.

Can Smartphones Now Be Used as a Garage Door Opener?

Keeping track of a clunky garage door opener remote can be challenging for many. Now that you’ve upgraded to a smart garage door opener can you replace your old remote with your iPhone or Android device?

While Wi-Fi openers can help homeowners easily monitor and open or close your garage door from anywhere, it’s best to avoid using your phone as a replacement for the opener remote. The MyQ app wasn’t designed for daily garage door raising and lowering, and the process wouldn’t be as simple or streamlined as merely using the garage door opener that came with the door or your vehicle.

Enjoy Unmatched Convenience and Security With the Latest Smart Openers From Quality Overhead Door

If you’re looking to improve your daily life and upgrade your dated, inefficient garage door opener system, then check out the selection of LiftMaster smart openers available at Quality Overhead Door. We offer a range of LiftMaster’s Premium and Elite belt, chain and jackshaft opener models featuring the latest operational improvements and technology features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and MyQ intelligence.

As a LiftMaster ProVantage Authorized Dealer, our team is dedicated to offering our Toledo, OH, area customers only the finest, most dependable products that meet specific needs and long-term expectations.

Contact Us Today for a Free Installation Estimate

At Quality Overhead Door, we understand the need for local Toledo homeowners to have safe, dependable and efficient garage door products. We’re a family owned and operated company with more than 35 years of experience. Our team of trained technicians believes in always offering our customers efficient, comprehensive and affordable garage door opener installation and repair services.

We invite all Toledo homeowners to visit our local showroom to explore our variety of residential smart garage door openers and understand the undeniable benefits they can offer your home. Learn more about our smart garage door openers today by calling 419-578-8700 to speak to a specialist, or complete our online form to request a free installation quote.

4 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is that relatively small, motorized box-like object that hangs above the door. When you hit the button on the remote control unit, it sends a signal to the opener that causes the door to go up or down. 

Garage door openers come in many versions. Chain drive, belt drive and direct drive are among the standard types. But they all have one thing in common — if they do not function properly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to operate your door.


What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Do you often find it difficult to locate your garage door remote in your car’s glove compartment when you get home after a long day at work? Are you tired of your teenager continually leaving the garage door open when he takes the car? When you’re not at home, do you find yourself worrying about keeping your family and possessions safe?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then chances are, you could benefit from installing a smart garage door opener.


How Much Horsepower Does My Garage Door Opener Need?

How Much Horsepower Does My Opener Need

Your garage door is one of the largest and heaviest pieces of moving equipment in your home. You use it every single day and usually several times — and that means you need it to run properly for convenient living. Having the right horsepower for your garage door opener is a crucial part of a properly functioning door. You need to consider several factors before deciding which opener, and which motor, is best for your garage door and your home.


Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

Many people throughout the Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan regions live in home units above or below others, which means lifting and closing their garage door can be a huge nuisance if it makes a lot of noise. If you tend to leave or come home early in the morning or late at night and someone in your household sleeps during that time, you don’t want to have to worry about waking them for every trip.

Luckily, at Quality Overhead Door, we offer a pleasing variety of products for your entire household, including several extremely quiet opener models.


The Ultimate Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

January LiftMaster Special

For the month of January, the LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door Opener is $359 INSTALLED, includes 2 remotes, keypad and battery back-up. Plus, this new state of the art garage door opener allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

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