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Your garage door must be in peak condition to work optimally. With daily use, it requires maintenance to combat wear and tear. Durable garage door parts are as susceptible to wearing out as any other moving components. Identifying early signs of maintenance and repair prevents further damage, saving you money.

We’ll discuss garage door maintenance frequency, provide a checklist to ensure you keep it pristine and provide signs your garage door needs maintenance. 

How Often to Schedule Garage Door Maintenance

Depending on how often you use your door, you should schedule a maintenance appointment at least once annually. The door’s age also impacts how often you must maintain it — older doors need more frequent attention.

Check whether you need repairs by doing a balance test at least once every three months. The test involves lifting the door manually and letting it drop. The door should rise smoothly and come to rest about three or four feet above the ground.

Once you’ve disengaged the automatic garage door opener, one of three things might happen that will require a technician’s immediate assistance:

  • You struggle to lift it.
  • It quickly drops to the ground.
  • It only comes down a short way.

The specialist will determine whether any parts need replacing and point out other areas of concern.


Garage Door Upkeep Tips

You can take precautionary steps to keep your garage door and its opener in good shape between professional tune-ups. Follow these garage door maintenance tips to get started.

Lubricate Everything

Lubrication is an excellent habit to preserve your garage door’s life and good functioning. At least twice a year, lubricate all the parts — rollers, hinges, tracks and pulleys or bearings — with petroleum-based grease. WD-40 can attract dirt and dust buildup, so avoid this product. Your garage door’s panel finish may also peel off when you apply WD-40. 

After wiping everything clean, apply three-in-one oil to the parts. The goal is to ensure quiet, smooth operation, but don’t overdo it by applying too much product or lubricating more often than every three months.

Remove Rust

Though most quality steel garage doors have a treatment that prevents rust, some might occur occasionally. Take care of it as soon as possible by removing any rust you see with steel wool, then wiping everything clean.

Lubricate the Garage Door Opener

The door is not the only part that needs lubrication. The door opener works equally hard to operate the door. Keep everything moving efficiently by lubricating the full length of the chain or drive screw, depending on what kind of garage door opener you have. 

Check Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping helps keep everything sealed, so it should retain its shape. If you notice it’s worn or if it’s missing altogether, replace it.

Inspect Torsion Springs

Test the torsion or extension springs for signs of damage or wear. Never attempt to replace the springs yourself, as you may sustain potentially fatal injuries. Instead, contact your garage door professional immediately for assistance. 

Reversal Test

With the door open, place a two-by-four flat on the threshold. When you activate the garage door opener to close the door, it should immediately reverse when it strikes the wood. If it does not, you need professional maintenance.

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Is Ready for Maintenance

A garage door is one of a home’s most used appliances, and constant raising and lowering can take a toll over time. Schedule proactive garage door maintenance to save yourself money and time. 

When you choose to regularly maintain your garage door, you avert emergencies and the skyrocketing price tags associated with them.

Here are five things to look for to determine whether you need garage door repair services.

  • Noise: A garage door has many moving parts that endure significant weight and pressure while in use. The garage door provides smooth and dependable operation when these parts work together. Loud noises as your garage door opens or closes may indicate that it needs maintenance. Multiple flaws can cause these unwanted sounds, including a lack of lubrication or misaligned tracks. No matter the reason, a loud garage door indicates it’s time to call a professional.
  • Leaks: Rainwater can enter your garage and cause damage. If you notice this problem, call for garage door repair or maintenance before it worsens. A trained technician will locate the source of the leak and advise you on the way forward.
  • Heat and cold: Extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations may require garage door repair service or maintenance. The excess heat or cold could signal misalignment or an issue with the threshold integrity. Either way, seeking proper garage door maintenance or repair is best. Rising utility bills are another sign of excess heat or cold. If your energy-related costs are more than the same month from the previous year, consider installing an insulated garage door. Insulation helps regulate your garage temperature internally, reducing energy bills and saving you money.
  • Erratic movement: Is your garage door opening and closing slowly or fast? It’s worth investigating. A garage door professional should tell you why this is happening — and what you can do to fix it.
  • Non-operation: If your garage door has stopped working, you need prompt, reliable repair service. An inoperable door doesn’t always mean an expensive problem. Sometimes a small part needs replacement. 


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Updated 12/22/23

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