Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage doors come in unique shapes and sizes. Quality Overhead Door carries a wide array of designs with high-speed operations, spacious openings, fire-rated materials and insulative properties to serve your needs. After finding the right doors matching your industry-related requirements, you’ll need to protect your products with routine maintenance. Professional inspections and related services can keep your investments in excellent condition over time.

Gain peace of mind after hiring the knowledgeable and experienced technicians at Quality Overhead Door. With over 40 years of experience, we’re the full-service company you can trust for garage door solutions throughout Michigan and Ohio. 

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Whether you installed new commercial garage doors or you’ve had the same doors for years, you can protect your investments with maintenance. Hiring professionals to conduct a detailed inspection and service your doors offers many advantages, including: 

Enhanced Safety

Routine maintenance ensures your commercial doors work smoothly and seamlessly. Technicians mitigate risks, potentially preventing employee injuries and property damage. 

Improved Security

Regular upkeep involves a detailed inspection of your doors with necessary services. Professionals ensure your doors close securely, which can help prevent break-ins or theft. 

Better Pest Prevention

Maintenance involves checking whether your commercial doors are properly aligned, balanced and sealed. Experts may adjust the doors or weatherstripping to prevent gaps, keeping pests out of your business.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Routine checkups address your door’s insulation. Professionals can identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency, maintain consistency in temperature-controlled environments and reduce your energy expenses over time. 

Increased Convenience

Regular maintenance ensures your door works as it should, preventing downtime and frustration. Technicians may tighten bolts, lubricate parts and replace worn components so you can optimize performance and speed.  

Boosted Curb Appeal

Maintenance may also involve repairing minor signs of damage that make your business’s garage doors look old or worn. Fixing small dents, scratches or other marks can provide a clean and visually pleasing appearance that makes your property look professional and boosts its value. 

More Saving Opportunities

Routine checkups address potential issues early on. Professionals provide necessary services to prevent extensive damage or costly repairs in the future.

Our Garage Door Maintenance for Businesses

Have you noticed odd noises coming from your commercial garage doors or noticed an increase in your energy bills? Quality Overhead Doors offers proactive maintenance to prevent potential issues and keep your investments in ideal shape. We handle:

  • Hardware lubrication: We lubricate the hardware on all moving parts, including hinges, rollers and rollershafts.
  • Door balancing: Our professionals safely disconnect the operator and use a lift handle to raise and lower the door several times, ensuring the door system balances correctly at all opening intervals. 
  • Track alignment: We confirm that the track alignment measures the right distance from the edge of the door and check for secure, tight fastening on the back angle and sway braces for smooth door travel.
  • Weatherstrip cleaning: Our team uses gentle products and cleaning methods to keep exterior weatherstrips in excellent condition.
  • Torsion spring servicing: We adjust or lubricate the torsion springs as needed while looking for signs of wear or excessive stress. 
  • Part and system inspections: Our experts conduct a detailed inspection to check the pulleys and cables for weather and tear, identify any loose bolts that need tightening, look for any rust or damaged parts and address components needing repairs. 

Why Choose Quality Overhead Door?

At Quality Overhead Door, our dependable technicians have experience serving various sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, food service, hospitality and education. We’re proud to provide our clients with:

  • Detailed advice: Our technicians give you an overview of any part repairs or replacements you should consider.
  • Full-service solutions: We offer all the commercial garage door installation, maintenance and repair services you need.  
  • Trustworthy services: Our professionals prioritize quality, which has earned us many glowing reviews from clients. 
  • Quality parts and products: We offer the best commercial products from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Keep Your Doors in Top Shape

Whether you have standard sectional or high-speed doors, you can count on Quality Overhead Door to provide routine maintenance and exceed your expectations for valuable service. Our professionals have the expertise to service all garage door makes and models. Check out our photo gallery of past projects for clients throughout Michigan and Ohio to see our work in action.

Want to get started? To learn more or schedule a service, contact our team today. We look forward to keeping your business as secure and productive as possible.

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