Here are the most common questions about purchasing a garage door or a garage door opener from Quality Overhead Door:

Rain and other debris is coming through my garage door, what should I do?

Your garage door may not be sealed properly or may need new seals.

My garage door remote is not working, what can be wrong?

Your batteries may need to be changed or you may need to re-program your remotes.

My garage door closes about half way, stops and goes back up, the lights on the opener are flashing, what is wrong with my door?

Call us so we can perform an alignment and lubricate the door.

Why does my garage door opener motor run but will not open or close the door?

If you can open and close the door manually then your emergency release cord has been pulled. You need to engage the opener, follow the red cord up to the ceiling, push the clip back towards the back of the garage; you should hear it snap back into place. If this does not work, call 419.578.8700 for service.

Can I use my old tracks and springs when replacing my garage door?

No, we cannot warranty your old parts. Plus, tracks and springs are not interchangeable; springs are weighted based on the weight of the new garage door.

Why do I need regular service on my garage door and garage door opener?

Your garage door has so many parts that can wear out over time. It is recommended that you get your garage door tuned up yearly from a trained technician. It’s imperative that you do not attempt to fix or tune up your own garage door; you can be seriously hurt or even killed.

What does the warranty cover?

See documentation that came with your product or ask us for warranty info on your specific product. Labor is covered for 1 year and parts vary. Call to learn more about specific warranty programs.

Can I install the garage door myself?

Installing a garage door can be very dangerous; this is a complicated process that is why you need a trained technician to install the garage door.

Can I replace the garage door springs myself?

Never try to replace or fix any component on your garage door especially the garage door springs. Garage door springs are under high tension and can cause injury or death if you are inexperienced on installing garage doors.

Does my new garage door need to be insulated?

This is an optional feature for you to consider. Insulation does help with keeping your garage door warmer in the cooler months and cooler in the summer months. It is also recommended to get an insulated door if your garage is insulated.

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