How to Create Better Curb Appeal

how create better curb appeal

All homeowners want to love the way their houses look, but the idea of improving curb appeal can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where should you begin? The good news is this: There are plenty of outdoor design and exterior decorating tips that are affordable and easy to implement to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. When you’re wondering how to increase curb appeal, here are a few places you can start:

Garage Doors

A new garage is often one of the most overlooked outdoor design options for increasing curb appeal. The garage door is a huge portion of many homes’ exteriors. Choose a model that complements your existing architecture and works well in the confines of your street and neighborhood, and you’ll find it really ties the home together and enhances attractiveness. Explore all options until you find the best for your unique home, including different materials, decorative windows, hardware options, carriage house styles and more.

Entry Doors

An entry door is the focal point for anyone arriving at your home. It should feel warm and inviting, and its appearance should be one that helps your home stand out. Some homes overlook the entry door, going for something that’s inexpensive and unattractive. If that’s the current case at your home, you have a huge opportunity to completely transform the look and feel of your entryway with a new door.


Your yard says so much about your home and its owner. Make sure your landscaping is making the right statement. Many homeowners don’t feel they have the yard maintenance expertise to properly landscape, or the time to maintain the landscaping once it’s installed. Take advantage of your local nursery or hardware store to ask questions and learn about the types of flowers, plants and grass that work best in your area and with the amount of sunlight you get. Once you have the knowledge, it typically takes a weekend or two to get everything installed. After that, it’s just a matter of regular maintenance based on the season and conditions. If you can make a small and limited commitment to landscaping, your home’s curb appeal will shoot through the roof.

Clean Windows

Freshly cleaned windows can make a home sparkle. Handprints made by children, rain, snow, bugs and other elements can dirty up windows over time and, if they aren’t addressed, they can really detract from your home’s curb appeal. Use soap and water, or find a specific window-cleaning product at the store, and take the time to scrub and dry each exterior window. You’ll find clean windows deliver a subtle sparkle that revives the exterior look and feel of any home.

Power Washing

Your siding, driveway, sidewalks and other portions of your home grow dim over time from wear and tear, dust, dirt and grime. It happens so slowly that most homeowners don’t even notice it. You can typically rent a power washer inexpensively for a short period of time. Give all your driveways, sidewalks and pathways a once over, and then fully clean your siding. You’ll be amazed at what’s under all the grime that’s accumulated.


Paint Exterior

A paint color is so important to the outdoor design and curb appeal of a home. Is yours in need of an update? Choose a color that works well with the natural colors of your home’s outdoor features. You’ll typically need a primary color, a trim color and an accent color. The primary color is an important tool for creating the exterior look and feel of your home. Consult a local paint dealer for ideas about how to increase curb appeal at your home using a new color.


Is your fence sagging and starting to fall down? Perhaps it’s faded from a natural wood color to a worn and aging gray? A new fence is a great asset for a home, and the look of the fence along the sides of your home will help increase curb appeal.

Porch Lighting and Furniture

We’ve already addressed entry doors, but your entire entryway is an important part of your home’s outdoor style. Spruce up your entryway by adding outdoor decorations such as stylish new house numbers and porch furniture – a porch swing, Adirondack chairs and other products might make good fits. You can also switch out old and rusting porch light fixtures for something new and stylish. When you address your porch and entryway, you’ll find visitors are drawn to your home and its welcoming feel.

At Quality Overhead Door, we help homeowners like you increase their curb appeal and resale value. When you need a new garage door, entry door or other products that will enhance your home’s attractiveness and your ability to enjoy it, give us a call. We’ve been serving the Toledo area since 1982, and we would be proud to serve your needs at your home.

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