Improve Your Exterior With Garage Door Trim

If you’re looking for how to finish a garage door opening, adding trim is your answer. Trims come in different styles, just like garage doors, and they’re an excellent way to revamp the exterior of your home without making significant changes. 

What Is Garage Door Trim?

Garage door trim is the frame surrounding your door. You might think of it like molding on a doorway. If you look at your windows or your front door, you’ll notice they have a frame, too. Trim isn’t a requirement for your garage door to work, but it can be an extra stylistic element for the exterior of your home. 

If you want to know how to replace your garage door trim, contact your local garage door provider. Some companies offer trim installations alongside their garage doors.

Garage Door Trim Ideas

Changing your trim can be an easy way to give your home’s exterior a boost. When you’re thinking about garage door trim details, you’ll want to consider your home’s style and the look of your door. These elements should all work together to create a cohesive design.

Trim comes in a wide variety of styles to reflect your garage door and house. Styles include:

  • Standard: A typical trim will be a simple square shape with a flat front. This versatile type of trim looks great with any door or house because it’s not overly stylistic.
  • Arched: An arched trim will have a rounded peak at the top of your door. These peaks might be shallow or high, and sometimes they have a keystone at the highest point. These styles complement classic and carriage doors because they’re reminiscent of a barn door. 
  • Thin: Modern garage doors often have slim trims that are barely visible from the street. These frames coordinate with modern homes for their clean lines and simplicity.
  • Half: When a door has half trim, the vertical pieces stop halfway down the door. These trims usually appear on garages with a decorative element on the bottom, like stone or contrasting siding. These frames complement any door style.
  • Fillet: A fillet is an added layer or piece that brings dimension to a standard frame. These more intricate trims coordinate well with carriage doors and traditional doors.
  • Brick: When you have a brick garage, a stone or brick trim adds beautiful detail to the perimeter of your garage door. If you’re planning on replacing your current frame with this option, you should opt for a contrasting stone instead of trying to match your existing brick.

On top of the different styles, you can also paint your trim to add extra contrast and visual appeal. For example, a black frame with a white door and siding offers a bold appearance.

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