Front Door Window & Glass Styles

Front Door Window & Glass Styles

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful entry door with glass paneling or a breathtaking window? Installing a new entry door featuring attractive window styles can change the look of your house. The addition will boost your curb appeal and may even increase your home’s value. 

The latest front door styles with glass feature a mix of fresh and classic looks that can complement any style of the house. Browse these entry door options with decorative glass styles to find a look that inspires you. 

Front Door Window Styles

Does your house have more of a classic or traditional design? Or perhaps you have a modern home. No matter what your house looks like, you can find a style to suit it in our extensive collection. Consider these fantastic front door window types: 

  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass Collection: The gorgeous windows in this collection echo the pattern on the main door while fitting neatly into a smaller space on either side. The beautiful designs on the windows draw the eye, and the entire composition creates a striking frosted glass effect that will grab attention. 
  • Smooth Fiberglass Collection: Have you dreamed of bold, attention-grabbing windows that make a statement for your home? Then the Smooth Fiberglass Collection has what you desire. The contemporary look of these doors includes geometric patterns and a range of colors that carry over to the windows. If you want something unexpected, choose this style of window. 
  • Craftsman Collection: If you like windows that make a nice counterpart to the door but don’t draw attention away from it, you will appreciate the Craftsman Collection. The windows border the doors in four neat rectangles per side. The panes are clear, allowing you to see any visitors on your doorstep. You will appreciate the clean construction of the windows and the way they illuminate the inside of your home. The craftsman look is a classic and a great one for any style home. 

Glass Styles for Entry Doors

Would you prefer most of your front door to feature glass? Here are a few ideas you may love: 

  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass with Hayden™ Glass: With a mostly glass construction, this door displays a rustic pattern on the frosted glass that adds an interesting visual element to any home. Every time you glance at the door, you pick up more of the artistic detail.
  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass with Cimarron™ Glass: Created in an arts and crafts style, the door includes symmetrical shapes that provide the design with sophistication. This look is perfect for a craftsman or ranch home. 
  • Smooth Fiberglass with Trevian™ Glass: For those who want something more contemporary, you can’t go wrong with the Trevian™ glass style. The decorative glass also features a design full of shapes and edges. You enjoy a frosted glass finish that protects your privacy but allows some light to shine into your entryway.

Find Front Door Window Designs for Your Home

See a style you love? Browse our selection of Clopay® front and entry doors for purchase. You can schedule an installation estimate today or contact us to learn more about our options. 

How to Make Your Front Door More Secure

You want your family to be safe, and that means keeping intruders out of your home. The best way to do that is to improve the security of your front door. Burglars most often try to enter through the front door because it’s the most natural target. You can make your front door more secure by implementing our tips. 


How Do Garage Door Sensors Work?

If you have an automatic garage door, you have garage door sensors. Still, most people don’t understand how garage door safety sensors work. You should have a thorough grasp of the process to ensure yours work correctly and don’t put anyone in your home in danger. If you haven’t checked these safety tools before, we compiled this overview of how to test garage door sensors to help make sure your door works correctly. 


How to Know When It Is Time to Replace Your Front Door

Front door damage happens. Whether it’s due to age, weathering or accidental damage, there are many reasons why you should totally replace your home’s front door. Sometimes, all a door needs is some careful repair to restore it to full function. However, many homeowners don’t know whether to paint or replace a front door.

If your front door isn’t opening and closing properly, has visible damage or it’s simply been a while since you replaced the door, it’s time to take a look at the following tips for understanding when to fully replace a front door


Decorative Hardware Options for Garage Doors

When it comes to curb appeal, sometimes it’s all about the details. Choosing the right garage door style in the perfect color can do wonders for a home’s exterior, but simple details are what ties an entire look together. The right accessories can take almost any garage door from boring to beautiful, but how do you determine which accessories are best for a garage door and where to place decorative garage door hardware?

Fortunately, there are some objective rules you can follow when choosing and placing decorative hardware for garage doors. Adding garage door handles and hinges can improve a home’s overall appearance and perceived value if done tastefully and appropriately.

Basic Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Traditional garage door hardware accessories usually come in the form of subtle, classic pieces that give garage doors a more polished, put-together aesthetic. Most garage door hardware suppliers provide the following decorative pieces:

  • Handles: Decorative garage door handles are popular options for carriage-style garage doors and any other style that opens from the center, such as a regular set of double doors. You should place handles no lower than shoulder height on garage doors and ensure they’re securely fastened. These decorative pieces not only add charm to garage doors but are also highly functional if installed properly.
  • Hinges: Adding hinges to the sides of a garage door — or set of doors — adds rustic elegance to a home’s exterior. You typically place decorative hinges on the sides of a garage door where the door’s normal hinges are — usually near the top and bottom of the door. Decorative hinges are popular additions to carriage house garage doors and barn-style garage doors due to their old-fashioned beauty.
  • Clavos: Clavos are essentially decorative nails. They look like bolts, also a popular decorative hardware option, except they’re designed specifically for decorative purposes. Clavos add subtle flair to any type of garage door and are especially popular in garage doors with arched tops, rustic styles and industrial designs. As with handles and hinges, clavos come in a variety of different shapes, materials and finishes.
  • Ring Pullers: Ring pullers are a popular alternative to decorative garage door handles that give a home’s exterior a unique twist on the traditional garage door. Usually fastened to the same place one would normally put handles, ring pullers make a garage door stand out and add charm to a home’s overall look. 

Garage door locks are another way homeowners can add decorative touches to their garage doors without overwhelming the doors with too much accessorizing. Depending on the style of garage door, decorative hinges, handles locks and other hardware can make an overwhelming difference in a home’s appearance.

Tips for Adding Decorative Hardware to Your Garage Door

A garage door’s design is entirely up to you — and there’s no “right answer” to where to put garage door handles. However, keeping the following design principles in mind will ensure that the end results will be as aesthetically appealing and style-appropriate as possible:

  • Decorate according to the style of the garage door and house, so no garage door handle hardware looks out of place.
  • Don’t overdo it — let decorative garage door hinges and handles enhance the look of the door instead of overwhelming it.
  • Use proper placement. Any hardware placed on a garage door should make sense from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. Talk to a garage door expert for more advice on how to outfit any style with garage door locks and handles. 

Quality Overhead Door is a leader in providing beautiful and durable garage door styles to customers in Ohio and Michigan. Browse our selection of residential garage doors today or contact us for more information!

Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage doors are becoming more popular as more homeowners are embracing the curb appeal of contemporary home designs, especially around urban areas. These modern, elegant alternatives to traditional or carriage style garage doors add a sophisticated touch to a home’s overall aesthetic and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Residential glass garage doors are also highly customizable and can fit just about any type of house. While some homeowners enjoy the transparent, top to bottom glass paneling on their garages, glass garage doors don’t necessarily mean giving up a percentage of a home’s privacy. Many glass garage door retailers provide the option of partial glass paneling, frosted glass paneling or a combination of both — so there’s something for every degree of privacy.

So, what are the typical options for a residential garage door with glass? 

Different Types of Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage door types are more customizable than most homeowners would think. Many factors go into choosing the right glass garage door for a property, including size, materials, opacity and more. Here are some of the ways glass garage doors can vary:


Glass panels typically replace regular garage door panels and have virtually identical functions. Some people prefer full view doors, which feature glass paneling from the ground up. This design allows for maximum natural light and is a common choice for more modern homes. Others prefer partial glass paneling or even accent paneling, which allows for more privacy and less natural light overall.

Garage door glass panel benefits include a secure and easy to maintain structure, but they are generally more fragile than their wood or aluminum counterparts. However, this shouldn’t be an issue unless homeowners have small children or live where there’s a risk of flying debris. 

Glass Coverage

Glass coverage depends on how much privacy you want in a garage door, and the desired amount of natural light may also factor in. Most glass garage door retailers carry an array of options that range from a horizontal line of glass at the top of the door to full view glass paneling. Typically, the more modern the home design, the more glass paneling you may want to implement. 

Glass Opacity

Glass garage doors typically feature three basic options for glass opacity — clear, obscure and frosted. Clear glass is completely transparent and an ideal option if you’re looking for an option that provides as much natural light as possible. For more privacy or a custom, unique effect, many homeowners opt for tinted glass, obscure or frosted panels, which offer the most privacy.

Mirrored panels are also chic, contemporary privacy options for those who would rather not let their neighborhood see the contents of their garage. You may want to choose between a glass vs. acrylic garage door panels as well since acrylic and polygal are popular options. Wherever glass panels fall on the spectrum from clear to frosted, any selection will add a touch of modern elegance to your property.

Frame Materials

Just like traditional garage doors, glass garage doors are available in different frame styles. Most glass garage doors feature an aluminum, natural wood or steel construction, but aluminum is typically the material of choice. Better yet, aluminum and glass garage doors, such as those of Clopay®, are rust and corrosion-resistant.

You can customize whichever frame you choose for a glass garage door to suit the color and finish requirements of most houses.

Browse Garage Door Glass Options

One stunning example of a glass garage door collection is Clopay’s AVANTE® Collection, sold by Quality Overhead Door. This exquisite modern collection features a variety of glass and aluminum garage doors that come with multiple panel tints and opacity levels. 

For more information about our Clopay glass garage door options, contact Quality Overhead Door today or request a free estimate!

Guide to Garage Door Styles

When building or remodeling a home, many homeowners view the garage door as an afterthought. But in reality, a garage door is not purely functional — it’s an important component of a home’s overall aesthetic. That’s why the professionals at Quality Overhead Door offer a wide selection of garage door styles and customization options. While it may not be the focal point of a home, we understand that the right garage door brings immense value and beauty to a home’s appearance.

Determining the right garage style depends on the home itself and your preferences. Today, there are hundreds of variations on garage door styles available, which can make it difficult for the indecisive homeowner to make the right selection. The best place to start is garage door style basics, which we discuss below.

What Are the Most Popular Garage Door Styles?

Although garage doors come in a myriad of shapes, styles and sizes, there are about four general style categories that most home builders and designers follow when choosing residential garage door styles for particular homes.

The Traditional Garage Door Style

The traditional style garage door is designed specifically for “traditional” homes such as Colonials, Cape Cods and other common styles that have been around for decades and even centuries. Traditional garage doors usually feature symmetrical panels that are classic and subtle and tend to be universally appealing for most house types.

Traditional garage doors typically feature raised panels with a clean, orderly look, but this broad category can cover styles that align with traditional architectures or “historic” homes — which comprise a massive percentage of today’s American homes.

The Raised Panel Garage Door Style

The raised panel garage door style is one of the most common options for both traditional and contemporary homes. Raised panel garage doors are characterized by a set of slightly raised panels that are symmetrical and clean-looking. Raised panel doors are usually made of fiberglass, steel or aluminum, and they are easy to paint. 

Since raised panel garage doors are stylistically versatile, they are popular options for both traditional and contemporary house styles.

The Carriage Garage Door Style

Carriage houses have been around for centuries, and their traditional charm still appeals to the masses today. Even if one doesn’t have a carriage house, carriage house garage doors are often the garage door of choice. The carriage garage door style’s beautiful features are easily transferrable to a handful of other home styles.

Carriage garage doors are characterized by their rustic, barn door-like appearance. They usually open manually like a regular double door and sometimes feature a row of small windows running across the tops of the doors. However, many modern carriage house style doors can be opened automatically.

The Contemporary Garage Door Style

Contemporary or modern garage door styles typically infuse some traditional elements with innovative twists. Most contemporary garage doors feature clean, sophisticated panels with bold borders and a combination of metal, glass and wood. There’s no “one” contemporary style, which is part of the beauty of choosing this type of garage door.

Contemporary styles are highly customizable and are extremely attractive on an already modern house.

Our Clopay Garage Door Styles

At Quality Overhead Door, we offer a wide variety of Clopay residential garage doors. Our collections feature diverse styles of garage doors inspired by traditional, contemporary and historic design schemes that you an customize to fit your home’s needs.

We offer the following garage door collections from Clopay:

  • Avante® Collection: A clean, modern selection of glass-paneled garage doors with various customization options.
  • Gallery® Collection: Carriage house doors with grooved steel panels and optional decorative windows.
  • Coachman® Collection: Composite carriage house doors with insulated steel and a woodgrain composite overlay.
  • Canyon Ridge® Collection Limited Edition Series — Carriage House Design: Lovely carriage house garage doors constructed with Intellicore® technology for energy efficiency.
  • Classic™ Collection: A durable and highly customizable option for any home.
  • Classic™ Wood Collection: Beautiful wooden garage doors handcrafted with natural wood that add warm tones to any traditional or contemporary home.
  • Grand Harbor® Collection: A low-maintenance, budget-friendly option for homeowners looking for charming carriage house garage doors.
  • Canyon Ridge® Collection Ultra-Grain® Series: An elegant and economical garage door with an Intellicore® steel base and an Ultra-Grain® woodgrain finish. 
  • Modern Steel™ Collection: A beautiful collection that features modern and mid-century styles with multiple paint and finish customization options.
  • Premium Series: Highly durable, economical and energy-efficient garage doors that come with a variety of customized options for any home aesthetic.
  • Value Series: A one-layer steel garage door that can be customized to fit any home design and comes with the option of glass windows.
  • Value Plus Series: A thick-layered, sturdy option that works well with most homes and features three panel designs with optional windows.

Choose Quality Overhead Door

For over 30 years, we’ve helped our customers choose between different garage door styles and install the door of their dreams. Browse our residential garage doors or request a free estimate on our website!

How to Choose a Garage Door Color

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

A house building or remodeling is only complete when you’ve decided what color to paint your garage. Choosing a garage door paint color matters as much as the rest of your home’s exterior. Your garage door takes up a significant amount of the home’s front space. It’s important to know which colors work for the front of your house.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

When deciding how to choose the right color garage door, there are many factors to keep in mind, such as:

  • Your house’s main color and pre-existing accent colors.
  • The materials that compose a garage door.
  • Where you live.

1. What Colors Am I Already Working With?

Your garage door’s color should complement your home’s exterior. White is a universal favorite that rarely, if ever, takes away from a home’s appearance. However, a stark white may not be the best option for every home.

The color you select depends on how much you want your garage door to stand out. If you want your garage door to make your house look bigger, pick the same color as the rest of the house. If you want your garage door to stand out, select a contrasting color to the rest of your house. For example, if your home is light blue, you can paint your garage door dark blue.

When choosing your garage door color, think about the theme of your exterior design aesthetic. Each of the following colors invokes certain feelings and thoughts about your house:

  • Red: Out of all the colors available, red is the color that will attract the most attention. You can make a red garage door the focal point of your home’s exterior.
  • Orange: When mixed with a softening color like yellow or brown, dark orange can bring your home a warm appearance. The color orange brings up images of crisp fall leaves and sitting by the fire.
  • Yellow: This color is also bold, but is more subtle than red. You can paint your garage door yellow to invoke happy feelings of warm sunshine.
  • Green: Representative of nature, green will enhance the natural beauty around your neighborhood. A dark green garage door stands out but isn’t distracting.
  • Blue: A relaxing color, blue can enhance your home’s curb appeal while keeping its subtlety. Dark blue paired with a white house will give your home a historic look.
  • Purple: You can use purple to complement a neutral-colored home. The color purple makes a bold statement. Be prepared to share your personality through this choice of garage door color.
  • Black: Black is bold, but it’s also sophisticated. You can use the color black to stand out against a light-colored house.
  • Gray: Gray is a calm yet neutral color. You can paint your garage door gray to complement the bright color of your house.
  • Brown: A warm color like brown is bold like black but is less intense. Natural wood garage doors have that same warm appearance as brown paint.

Stone and brick houses look best when the garage door and trim are two separate colors. Since brick and stone come in different, blended colors, you can choose from a wide selection of colors to enhance the beauty of your house. You could also design your historic home with colors like brown, dark blue and white.

2. What Is My Garage Door’s Material?

What Is My Garage Door's Material?: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl

The color of your garage door should enhance the appearance of your garage door’s material:

  • Wood: Wooden garage doors already have natural colors that you might not want to cover with paint. Instead, you can use a translucent or semi-transparent finish on your wooden door. A high-quality finish can enhance the appearance of your garage door. If you want a painted wooden door, you could opt for a wood composite door. A wood composite garage door is also easier to paint.
  • Steel: Use latex paint to add a new color to your steel garage door. Make sure you paint when the weather is sunny and dry. Excessive moisture could cause the paint to chip and crack over time. Standard steel doors come in a variety of colors from your door’s manufacturer.
  • Aluminum: When painting an aluminum door, you should prepare the metal with an oil-based primer. Like steel, you can only paint aluminum doors during clear weather and warm temperatures. Aluminum garage doors are available in several standard colors.
  • Vinyl: To paint a vinyl garage door, you need paint that will adhere to the door’s material. You may need to apply several coats of paint for the color to stick. You can also buy a vinyl garage door in any of the colors your door manufacturer provides.

3. How Is My Home Positioned and What Is My Neighborhood’s Aesthetic?

How Is My Home Positioned and What Is My Neighborhood's Aesthetic?

Consider a home’s neighborhood and position when choosing a paint color for your garage door. A home can stick out with bold colors. Think about whether you want your garage door to stand out or if you want your door to complement the rest of your home. You also want a garage door that complements the rest of the houses on your block while still showing your unique design style.

Assess your home’s climate before choosing garage door paint colors. Light colors, such as pastels, can get washed out by extreme sunlight. It’s best to choose a balance between light and dark tones if you live in a coastal area. Prolonged sun exposure can make a garage door hot, especially in warmer climates. Your garage door color can either absorb or deflect sunlight. The right garage door color can help regulate the temperature of the garage.

Choose Clopay® Color Blast® for Garage Door Color Ideas

Use Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system when choosing the right garage door color. With this system, you can paint your garage door any of the paint colors Sherwin-Williams® offers. Their two-part polyurethane-based paint will perform better on Clopay’s residential garage doors. Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system creates a more durable, professional-looking garage door.

Turn to Clopay’s garage door colors to find out which colors and finishes are best for your garage. Clopay’s Color Blast® paint system works with vinyl, steel and aluminum garage doors. Talk to your local garage door supplier to find out how to include Color Blast® on your garage door.

Quality Overhead Door Will Help You With Choosing Your Garage Door Color

As a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer in Ohio and Michigan, we know about choosing paint color for garage doors. We’ve been providing service to the Toledo area since 1982. To find a door that complements your home’s exterior, browse through our selection of residential garage doors. If you’re searching for the right color or finish, contact us for more information. You can also call us at 419-578-8700.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Quality Overhead Door is the Toledo area’s leader in providing high-quality commercial doors. We offer customer service second to none and are eager to help our customers find the right industrial door solutions for their unique industries.


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