Why Retractable Awnings May Be the Perfect Option for Your Patio

Why Retractable Awnings May Be the Perfect Option for Your Patio

If you spend any amount of time outdoors enjoying your patio, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate an awning. Having an awning overhead significantly increases your enjoyment time, especially when exposure to the elements becomes uncomfortable or unbearable. An awning is a perfect solution to protect you, your family and your friends from nature’s extremes.


What Do the Sounds Coming From Your Garage Door Mean?

Like most mechanical objects, a garage door will make some noise whenever you open or close it. Over time, you’ll probably get used to these sounds and barely give them a second thought. However, there are some garage door noises you shouldn’t ignore. These “unusual” sounds often indicate signs of trouble that may require maintenance or repair work. Without service, it’s likely only a matter of time until your door ceases to function correctly — or stops opening or closing entirely.


Can I Add Windows to My Garage Door?

When you purchased your home or replaced its garage door in the past, you might have preferred a windowless door for reasons such as security and privacy. On the downside, you may have discovered that a garage without windows can be a dark and forbidding place. Additionally, if you want to start using the garage for a home office, workout room or workshop, the lack of natural lighting can pose a problem.


Lifespan of Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers

Your garage door is a focal point on your home and can add to its curb appeal. Besides contributing to your home’s value, your garage door is also a convenience to you and your family and adds a sense of security to your home.

Since your garage door is such an important part of your home, you want to make sure you take care of it so it stays in good condition for as long as possible. Inspecting your garage door monthly and testing the safety sensors will show you if any parts are not working properly. Doing maintenance and quickly addressing any repair needs will only make the life of your garage door and its opener longer.

Whether you are moving into a new build or own an older home, it’s important to know the lifespan of your garage and its opener.


Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door adds convenience to your home life, acts as a storage space and keeps your car safe from weather. But the garage door also poses a potential danger. Thousands of people are injured every year from garage doors. It’s important to know what risks they pose and how to avoid potential injuries.

Follow our garage door safety tips below to keep yourself, your family and your pets safe at home.


Important Safety Features of Garage Doors and Openers

Did you know that the average single garage door weighs 130 pounds or more? Double garage doors can even weigh as much as 400 pounds. With this much weight moving up and down over your garage entrance, you can’t afford to have your garage door or your garage door opener break down. In fact, a malfunctioning door or opener can result in significant material damage to your car — or worse, serious bodily harm to you or your family.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of your garage door’s safety features, what they are and how they work. That way, you’ll be able to recognize when something is amiss before anything unfortunate happens.


What Is the Strongest Garage Door?

What is the strongest garage door_

What is the strongest type of garage door?

It’s a question we hear a lot — and after servicing the greater Toledo area since 1982, it’s also a question we feel well qualified to answer.

Most homeowners don’t replace their garage doors that often, and it goes without saying that what made for strong garage doors 15 years ago is vastly different from what’s on the market today. Improved materials and construction methods have greatly increased your ability to choose a door that makes sense not only for strength but also for your taste, budget and lifestyle.


High Lift Garage Door Conversions

high lift garage door

Do you have a high garage ceiling — but a garage door that’s much lower? Does this limit how many or what type of vehicles you can park in your garage?

If you’ve answered, “Yes!” to either of these questions, then you might be frustrated by your inability to use all of that extra clearance in your garage. The good news is that using a high lift garage door conversion, you can start taking advantage of that extra head clearance!


How to Battle Bugs in Your Backyard

keep backyard patio bug free

It can be great to enjoy your backyard in the summer — sitting out on the patio with friends, enjoying a refreshing drink or two. In most parts of the country, though, it’s hard to hang out in the backyard without some unwanted pests spoiling the party.

Figuring out how to keep bugs out of a backyard can be a stressful challenge, but you don’t have to live with these insect invaders. People have figured out how to keep bugs off patio decks, and you can, too. Here’s how to make a patio bug-free.


Benefits of a Storm Door

benefits storm door

Have you considered the benefits of a storm door on the front door, or for that matter, on any door of your home? If you’re like a lot of people, you may have felt that since you don’t live in a hurricane zone, you don’t need a storm door. But there are actually many benefits of a storm door you may not realize until you install one. Before you discount the idea of having your very own storm door, here are some storm door benefits to consider.



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