Garage Door Buying Guide for Craftsman Style Homes

Garage Door Buying Guide for Craftsman Style Homes

The Craftsman home is a prominent architectural style today because of its old-world charm and clean, modern lines. A custom garage door can enhance the curb appeal of any style of home, but with options that feature organic materials and simplistic design, you can find the perfect garage door style for your Craftsman-style home. 

With so many choices for the hardware, material and color, you’re in control of what your Craftsman-style garage door will look like. You can select one of our Clopay® residential garage doors to get the ideal appearance for your house’s exterior, or design your own door. Explore the garage doors for Craftsman-style homes that we offer at Quality Overhead Door.

Characteristics of a Craftsman Style Home

Characteristics of a Craftsman Style Home

A Craftsman-style home is an architectural beauty that blends traditional design with a modern twist. Consider these features of a Craftsman home to help you determine what kind of garage door to select:

  • Minimalist design: A Craftsman is known for its natural beauty without being too showy, with clean lines and modest colors. A spacious garage door can serve as a simple focal point for the house. Its decorative hardware can point to other features on the exterior of the home.
  • Symmetry and balance: Homeowners with Craftsman-style homes enjoy symmetrical curb appeal, complementing the garage door with the entry door or the siding. Consider the other decorative elements you have throughout the house, such as picture windows and hardware, to determine how you want to design your garage door.
  • Organic materials: Cozy Craftsman homes use organic siding and garage door components. The luxurious aesthetic of natural wood provides a warm, inviting atmosphere for your property. Besides natural wood doors, we also offer steel garage doors with a faux-wood finish to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Natural light: Windows add natural light to the house and provide visual interest throughout the exterior, giving your property an inviting, open feel. Think about adding windows with decorative designs to your garage door to have privacy while taking in sunlight.
  • Custom options: You can make a Craftsman home whatever you want it to be. These houses tend to fight against the traditional house style with attention to every detail, including the look and texture of the garage door. When you’re in control of the design, you know you can use materials that will last for years on your luxurious home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Craftsman-Style Garage Door

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Craftsman-Style Garage Door

A garage door makes up a considerable portion of your home’s exterior, so choosing the right one is a big decision that relies on various factors. If you need inspiration, you can browse our before and after gallery photos of home with new garage doors. You can also use Clopay’s Garage Door Imagination System to see how different designs would look on your property. As you create your ideal door, think about these features.

1. Material

The material of your garage door determines its durability, insulation and overall aesthetic. Our residential garage doors come with the following choices:

  • Wood: The natural beauty of wood complements the elegant style of a Craftsman home. A wooden garage door is a natural insulator that can reduce your energy costs and help manage your property’s noise levels. You can make a carriage house, traditional, contemporary or flush-panel door out of natural or reclaimed wood for a rustic appearance. Our residential garage doors also come in various wood species options to complement your home’s color and design scheme.
  • Wood composite: To get the aesthetic appeal of wood and the durability of steel, you can put a wood composite overlay over a steel garage door. Wood composite contains natural wood fibers mixed in with recycled plastic to give you a low-maintenance, durable product.
  • Steel: This garage door material is the most durable option for Craftsman houses. We can easily paint your product with various factory colors or faux-wood finishes to give it the appearance and texture you desire. You can also get a layer of insulation to enhance its energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable.
  • Glass: Garage doors made of glass tend to complement modern homes, so you may want to choose this door style if your Craftsman house is on the contemporary side. A glass door with an aluminum frame allows you to bring in more natural light while maintaining your privacy. We offer a variety of glass door options to complement your home’s aesthetic. 

2. Insulation

The insulation of your garage door matters because it can affect the energy-efficiency of your home. If you had an uninsulated door, your HVAC system may have to work harder to produce a comfortable temperature throughout the house, which raises your monthly utility costs. With a garage door with insulation, you can save money over time.

Garage door materials, like wood, tend to have natural insulation, but you can reinforce these properties with additional insulation. Our garage doors come with a layer of Clopay’s Intellicore® polyurethane or polystyrene, depending on your custom options.

3. Exposure to the Elements

Depending on your home’s climate, you may have to consider a garage door resistant to:

  • Sun exposure: The continuous light and heat from a sunny climate can cause discoloration in your garage door, so you’ll have to repaint it every few years. Some materials even turn brittle in the hot sunlight.
  • Shade exposure: In parts of the country that experience all four seasons, the shade may block the sun from melting and evaporating the snow and ice on your garage door. As a result, your garage door can suffer from mold and mildew damage, causing unpleasant odors and unsightly marks.
  • Moisture exposure: Water from floods and harsh storms can impact the integrity of your garage door. Natural wood panels can rot and steel can rust without the proper treatment.

If you know one of these concerns may be relevant to your property, you can choose the appropriate materials and protections to strengthen your door against them.

4. Panel Style

Choose from the following panel styles to find one that complements your Craftsman home:

  • Traditional: A traditional garage door features subtle, symmetrical panels that enhance the aesthetic of any home type. Keep in mind that it usually looks the nicest on historic homes, such as Cape Cods and Colonials.
  • Raised panel: Garage doors with raised panels are clean and symmetrical, and they’re usually steel. Since they’re easy to paint, you can make them any color you want to complement your traditional or contemporary home.
  • Carriage house: The traditional charm of carriage house garage doors feature a rustic, barn-door-like style. Unlike standard swing-out carriage house doors, these modern garage doors open overhead and include decorative handles as an aesthetic feature.
  • Contemporary: If you have a modern Craftsman house, you can design your property with a contemporary-style door. These doors feature clean, sophisticated panels and bold borders for an innovative twist on traditional elements.

5. Size

The width and height of your garage determine how many cars you can fit inside. Here are the garage doors sizes that are most common in Ohio and Michigan:

  • Single-car garage door: A single-car garage door is an appropriate size for a standard car or truck. You could either have one single-car entry or two equally sized single-car doors.
  • Double-car garage door: If you need space for more than one vehicle, a two-car garage can comfortably fit two sedans, SUVs or trucks.
  • Specialty garage door: We can also make a custom-sized garage door for your RV or other uniquely sized vehicles.

6. Color

The color of your garage door should enhance the look of your entire house. At Quality Overhead Door, we offer up to a dozen factory finish paint options, including several Ultra-Grain® wood finishes to make your steel garage doors look like wood. Here are some tips for choosing a garage door color:

  • The color should complement the current exterior of your house.
  • The material of the garage door will affect what color you should paint it.
  • The sunlight hitting your garage door at any point of the day will provide a particular tint of color.

7. Windows

Adding windows to your garage door will provide more natural light and enhance the visual appeal of your Craftsman home. Windows come in a variety of shape and style options, and you can choose the tint, transparency and texture of the windows. Consult the design brochure of your desired garage door product to find out what specific types of glass are available.

8. Decorative Hardware

For the finishing touch on your garage door, think about the decorative hardware that comes with it. The following hardware options are available to decorate your door:

  • Handles: Door handles enhance the appearance of a carriage-style garage door. Even though these handles used to be able to swing open the door, your garage door will function like a modern overhead door, and this hardware will be for decoration.
  • Ring pullers: These decorative components go in the same place as handles, but they feature a unique shape.
  • Clavos: These nails look like bolts, but they only serve as a decoration to add a subtle flair to a Craftsman garage door.
  • Hinges: Add hinges to the top and bottom sides of your garage door to provide rustic elegance to your home’s exterior.

What Style Garage Doors for Craftsman Homes?

What Style Garage Doors for Craftsman Homes?

Since the style of a Craftsman home is flexible and custom, you can design your door how you want it to look. Here are some garage door styles for Craftsman-style homes that feature traditional and modern elements:

1. COACHMAN® Collection

The COACHMAN® collection features a variety of steel carriage house garage doors with a wood composite overlay. With a long lifespan and excellent insulation, the steel skins have a hot-dipped layer of galvanized steel with a baked-on primer as the topcoat.

Other characteristics of the COACHMAN® collection carriage house garage doors include:

  • WindCode® reinforcement available in case you need extra protection against heavy winds.
  • Four-layer construction of steel for heavy-duty durability.
  • Insulation options including Intellicore® polyurethane and polystyrene with R-values ranging from 6.5 to 18.4.
  • A wide variety of decorative hardware, windows, panel colors and overlay colors available for your customization.

2. GALLERY® Collection

The GALLERY® collection features a modernized version of the carriage house garage door with steel grooved panel designs. The layered coating system with hot-dipped galvanized steel and a topcoat with primer give your entry the durability to withstand the elements. Instead of a simple raised panel garage door construction, you can also have your choice of wrought iron hardware and windows. Dress up a traditional-style home with a garage door from the GALLERY® collection, especially with these custom options:

  • One-, two- or three-layer construction of steel is available, depending on the desired lifespan and durability.
  • WindCode® reinforcement for homes in areas with heavy winds.
  • Insulation, including Intellicore® polyurethane, polystyrene or vinyl-backed polystyrene of various sizes for R-values ranging from 6.3 to 18.4.
  • A vast selection of panel shape, window grille, decorative hardware and paint color options.


The CANYON RIDGE® collection LIMITED EDITION series features faux-wood carriage house garage doors that combine practicality and aesthetic appeal. Even though it is energy efficient and noise reducing, it also offers a visually appealing design for your Craftsman home. Some of the customization characteristics include:

  • WindCode® reinforcement options for garage doors in high wind load applications.
  • Insulation with an R-value of 20.4, including a two-inch layer of Intellicore® insulation with a thermal break.
  • Realistic wood composite overlays with various options for color and design.
  • Factory finish panel colors, window grilles, cladding materials, glass options, overlay materials and decorative hardware.

4. CANYON RIDGE® Collection ULTRA-GRAIN® Series

The CANYON RIDGE® collection ULTRA-GRAIN® series features a variety of carriage house garage doors with exceptional insulation and wood composite overlays. This collection combines old-world charm and character with the functionality of a brand-new modern garage door. Design your door with the following features:

  • Four-layer construction of two layers of galvanized steel, insulation and a wood composite overlay.
  • Ultra-Grain® wood finish that gives a garage door the appearance of wood grain carriage house doors.
  • A sheet of 2-inch Intellicore® polyurethane with an R-value of 18.4 and a thermal break.
  • WindCode® reinforcement options for homes in need of high wind load capabilities.
  • Various factory finish color options, including Ultra-Grain® finish colors.
  • Design options for panel door, window and composite overlay.

5. Custom Garage Doors

We can customize any of the doors that we offer in our inventory, but if you want a unique garage door, you should consider making your own. We provide two series of custom garage doors in our RESERVE® WOOD collection that can complement the aesthetic of your Craftsman home:

  • SEMI-CUSTOM series: The RESERVE® WOOD collection SEMI-CUSTOM series allows you to choose the design of your door, window, material, factory staining and decorative hardware.
  • CUSTOM series: The RESERVE® WOOD collection CUSTOM series gives you a completely blank slate. You have unlimited options in terms of material and design, allowing you to use your imagination and create your brand-new, unique garage door.

Quality Overhead Doors in Ohio and Michigan

Quality Overhead Doors in Ohio and Michigan

At Quality Overhead Doors, we offer residential Craftsman-style garage door styles to enhance your home’s visual appeal in Ohio or Michigan. When you schedule an estimate with us, we’ll discuss your color and design options and help you create your ideal garage door. Contact us online or call 419-578-8700 for more information about our products and services.

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