Can I Add Windows to My Garage Door?

When you purchased your home or replaced its garage door in the past, you might have preferred a windowless door for reasons such as security and privacy. On the downside, you may have discovered that a garage without windows can be a dark and forbidding place. Additionally, if you want to start using the garage for a home office, workout room or workshop, the lack of natural lighting can pose a problem.

Can I Add Windows to an Existing Garage Door?

Fortunately, you likely won’t have to purchase a brand-new door to resolve your dilemma. In most cases, adding windows to a garage door can provide a practical, cost-effective alternative. If done correctly, adding windows to a garage door can even enhance the appearance of your home and dramatically improve its curb appeal, which can increase its value when the time comes to put it on the market.

Choosing the Right Window Design

If you’ve ever purchased a garage door, then you know there is no shortage of styles from which to choose. The same holds true with garage door windows. Take a quick drive or stroll around your neighborhood, and you’re bound to see windows in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs and a multitude of glass options (clear, frosted, acrylic, etc.). If you’re concerned about style and curb appeal, you’ll want to be sure the windows you choose complement the door, as well as the exterior facade of your home.

Where Should You Place the Windows?

You’ll also need to decide how high up on the door you want to install the windows. If you’re looking to maximize the amount of natural light, you’ll probably want to place them in the top section of panels. This will also help you maintain a degree of privacy since the windows will be high enough to prevent passersby from seeing inside. 

If you prefer to see outside when you’re in your garage, consider placing the windows at the panel level below the top section. If you like the windows low, but you aren’t worried about seeing out, choosing frosted or obscure glass can provide the ideal solution.

Potential Installation Issues to Think About When Adding Windows to Garage Doors

Unless you’re a professional garage door installer, you’re probably not aware of the impact that installing windows can have on the door’s spring system. Garage door springs are delicate mechanisms, and even a slight weight increase can create a potentially dangerous imbalance. Therefore, adding windows to your garage door may also require a spring system adjustment. Due to this concern and the difficulty involved with installing garage doors windows in general, it’s best to let an experienced garage door technician handle the task.

Contact Quality Overhead Door When Adding Windows to a Garage Door

If you live in the Toledo, OH area, Quality Overhead Door is the company to call for your garage door window project. We can assist you in choosing the best windows for your functional and aesthetic requirements, and we’ll also perform a fast, flawless installation. Contact us to learn more today.

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