Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage doors are becoming more popular as more homeowners are embracing the curb appeal of contemporary home designs, especially around urban areas. These modern, elegant alternatives to traditional or carriage style garage doors add a sophisticated touch to a home’s overall aesthetic and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Residential glass garage doors are also highly customizable and can fit just about any type of house. While some homeowners enjoy the transparent, top to bottom glass paneling on their garages, glass garage doors don’t necessarily mean giving up a percentage of a home’s privacy. Many glass garage door retailers provide the option of partial glass paneling, frosted glass paneling or a combination of both — so there’s something for every degree of privacy.

So, what are the typical options for a residential garage door with glass? 

Different Types of Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage door types are more customizable than most homeowners would think. Many factors go into choosing the right glass garage door for a property, including size, materials, opacity and more. Here are some of the ways glass garage doors can vary:


Glass panels typically replace regular garage door panels and have virtually identical functions. Some people prefer full view doors, which feature glass paneling from the ground up. This design allows for maximum natural light and is a common choice for more modern homes. Others prefer partial glass paneling or even accent paneling, which allows for more privacy and less natural light overall.

Garage door glass panel benefits include a secure and easy to maintain structure, but they are generally more fragile than their wood or aluminum counterparts. However, this shouldn’t be an issue unless homeowners have small children or live where there’s a risk of flying debris. 

Glass Coverage

Glass coverage depends on how much privacy you want in a garage door, and the desired amount of natural light may also factor in. Most glass garage door retailers carry an array of options that range from a horizontal line of glass at the top of the door to full view glass paneling. Typically, the more modern the home design, the more glass paneling you may want to implement. 

Glass Opacity

Glass garage doors typically feature three basic options for glass opacity — clear, obscure and frosted. Clear glass is completely transparent and an ideal option if you’re looking for an option that provides as much natural light as possible. For more privacy or a custom, unique effect, many homeowners opt for tinted glass, obscure or frosted panels, which offer the most privacy.

Mirrored panels are also chic, contemporary privacy options for those who would rather not let their neighborhood see the contents of their garage. You may want to choose between a glass vs. acrylic garage door panels as well since acrylic and polygal are popular options. Wherever glass panels fall on the spectrum from clear to frosted, any selection will add a touch of modern elegance to your property.

Frame Materials

Just like traditional garage doors, glass garage doors are available in different frame styles. Most glass garage doors feature an aluminum, natural wood or steel construction, but aluminum is typically the material of choice. Better yet, aluminum and glass garage doors, such as those of Clopay®, are rust and corrosion-resistant.

You can customize whichever frame you choose for a glass garage door to suit the color and finish requirements of most houses.

Browse Garage Door Glass Options

One stunning example of a glass garage door collection is Clopay’s AVANTE® Collection, sold by Quality Overhead Door. This exquisite modern collection features a variety of glass and aluminum garage doors that come with multiple panel tints and opacity levels. 

For more information about our Clopay glass garage door options, contact Quality Overhead Door today or request a free estimate!

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