Guide to Garage Door Window Options

Glass garage door window inserts add style and class to any type of residential garage door. Garage windows let in natural light and enhance a home’s curb appeal by increasing the garage door’s aesthetic value. But choosing the right design and type of glass inserts for your garage door can seem overwhelming given the countless options on the market. That’s why we’ve put together a brief guide for choosing garage door windows.

Garage Door Window Options


Why Add Garage Door Window Inserts?

Adding windows to your garage doors provides a variety of benefits for your home, such as: 

  • Natural light: Depending on how much light your garage door gets during the day, adding windows, such as Clopay® garage door window inserts, can increase the amount of natural light coming into your garage substantially. 
  • Potential savings on energy costs: With the natural light from the windows, you can eliminate the need to add and use multiple interior lights, which can save on energy costs.
  • Increased aesthetic appeal: Garage door windows also increase your home’s aesthetic value in two main ways. First, when they are tastefully chosen and properly installed, garage door windows objectively raise your home’s curb appeal. Second, adding garage door windows that reflect the style of other windows in your home provides visual balance and design coordination across your entire property. 
  • Increased home value: In addition to the above benefits, garage door windows can increase the overall value of your home as well. 

Choosing the Right Garage Door Window Style

How do you choose the right kind of window for your garage door? 

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of garage door you have. The shape and style of your garage door impact the types of windows that should — or even can — be installed. Here is a brief breakdown of garage door types and common corresponding windows:

  • If your garage door is arched: It’s best to pair arched garage doors with arched window panels. This style is characteristic of many carriage house-style garage doors and barn-style doors, and they make especially attractive additions to houses that already feature arched window panes in other parts.
  • If you have a rectangular, paneled garage door: This is by far the most common garage door style, and it’s one of the most versatile. Consider sprucing up this plain style by having a row of glass panels installed across the top or a couple longer, rectangular panels side by side. With these traditional-style garage doors, the options are endless.
  • If you have a contemporary house: If your house features sleek, modern features like bold angles or cubic designs, consider adding a contemporary twist to your garage door with geometric window accents, such as those featured in the Clopay Canyon Ridge garage door collection.
  • If your garage and house feature a historic style: Certain houses like Colonials, Victorians and Cape Cods contain unique design schemes that should be carried throughout the entirety of the property if possible. If your house falls into one of these historic style categories, consider consulting with an expert on garage door window styles that will help you maintain your house’s historic charm.

Garage Door Window Options

Garage door windows come in a variety of tints, textures and even materials. The type of glass you choose for your garage door windows depends entirely on your personal style preferences. Most garage door windows are available with the following options:

  • Tint: Tints can range from no tint (clear glass) to nearly opaque or even mirrored.
  • Transparency: Glass clarity can range from completely transparent to frosted.
  • Texture: Some glass panels feature unique texture options like “Obscure” and “Antique.”

Choose Quality Overhead Door

We offer an extensive selection of garage doors to complement your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for advice on garage door window options, contact us today for expert advice and a free estimate! 

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