How to Measure for Your Garage Door Replacement

When you start looking into a garage door replacement for your home or business, you need accurate measurements to give to the installation team. With the right garage door measurements, you can also find which door configurations fit your space. Here’s how you can get the numbers you need.

How to Measure for Your Garage Door Micrographic

1. Width

The basic width of your garage door is the distance between each side of the opening. The best way to get an accurate measurement is to measure this distance at a few points along the side. It’s also helpful to note any irregularities in the sides, like worn or unlevel areas. 

2. Height

The height of your door is the distance between the floor and the top of the opening. Again, make a note of irregularities and measure the distance from a few different points for accuracy.

3.Side Room Width

The side room is the area on either side of the garage door opening. This space is where the tracks for your door will be. While the track size is usually around the same for every door type, you want to make sure you have a few inches available. To measure this spot, stretch your measuring tape from the opening to the corner of the wall.

If you have a double garage door, you can measure the center column as one space. Keep in mind, though, that there will be two tracks in this spot — so you’ll need more than a few inches for a double door to work.

4. Headroom Height

The headroom is the space above your garage door. This area is critical when you’re choosing what type of garage door you want because of the nature of the track and how your door bends around this corner. To find the size of this space, you’ll measure from the top of the opening to the point where the wall meets the ceiling. 

Certain doors require a lot of headroom, like wooden doors — so if you have a small amount of headroom, you might be limited in your door selection. That said, there are modified overhead systems for adapting doors to garages with low headroom.

5. Ceiling Depth

The ceiling depth or backroom is how far back your ceiling goes. This area is also essential for your door’s track system. Older, smaller garages usually have less backroom than new ones. 

To measure this area, start from the point where your garage wall meets the ceiling and measure to the back of your garage. If you have a light fixture or something else on the ceiling that would get in a track’s way, measure to that point instead of to the rear of your space.

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