Front Door Window & Glass Styles

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful entry door with glass paneling or a breathtaking window? Installing a new entry door featuring attractive window styles can change the look of your house. The addition will boost your curb appeal and may even increase your home’s value. 

The latest front door styles with glass feature a mix of fresh and classic looks that can complement any style of the house. Browse these entry door options with decorative glass styles to find a look that inspires you. 

Front Door Window Styles

Does your house have more of a classic or traditional design? Or perhaps you have a modern home. No matter what your house looks like, you can find a style to suit it in our extensive collection. Consider these fantastic front door window types: 

  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass Collection: The gorgeous windows in this collection echo the pattern on the main door while fitting neatly into a smaller space on either side. The beautiful designs on the windows draw the eye, and the entire composition creates a striking frosted glass effect that will grab attention. 
  • Smooth Fiberglass Collection: Have you dreamed of bold, attention-grabbing windows that make a statement for your home? Then the Smooth Fiberglass Collection has what you desire. The contemporary look of these doors includes geometric patterns and a range of colors that carry over to the windows. If you want something unexpected, choose this style of window. 
  • Craftsman Collection: If you like windows that make a nice counterpart to the door but don’t draw attention away from it, you will appreciate the Craftsman Collection. The windows border the doors in four neat rectangles per side. The panes are clear, allowing you to see any visitors on your doorstep. You will appreciate the clean construction of the windows and the way they illuminate the inside of your home. The craftsman look is a classic and a great one for any style home. 

Glass Styles for Entry Doors

Would you prefer most of your front door to feature glass? Here are a few ideas you may love: 

  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass with Hayden™ Glass: With a mostly glass construction, this door displays a rustic pattern on the frosted glass that adds an interesting visual element to any home. Every time you glance at the door, you pick up more of the artistic detail.
  • Arbor Grove™ Fiberglass with Cimarron™ Glass: Created in an arts and crafts style, the door includes symmetrical shapes that provide the design with sophistication. This look is perfect for a craftsman or ranch home. 
  • Smooth Fiberglass with Trevian™ Glass: For those who want something more contemporary, you can’t go wrong with the Trevian™ glass style. The decorative glass also features a design full of shapes and edges. You enjoy a frosted glass finish that protects your privacy but allows some light to shine into your entryway.

Find Front Door Window Designs for Your Home

See a style you love? Browse our selection of Clopay® front and entry doors for purchase. You can schedule an installation estimate today or contact us to learn more about our options. 



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