How to Know When It Is Time to Replace Your Front Door

Front door damage happens. Whether it’s due to age, weathering or accidental damage, there are many reasons why you should totally replace your home’s front door. Sometimes, all a door needs is some careful repair to restore it to full function. However, many homeowners don’t know whether to paint or replace a front door.

If your front door isn’t opening and closing properly, has visible damage or it’s simply been a while since you replaced the door, it’s time to take a look at the following tips for understanding when to fully replace a front door

How to Know When It Is Time to Replace Your Front Door


Should I Replace My Front Door? 

Before we delve into the list of signs you need to completely replace your front door, let’s take a look at some reasons that it may only need a simple repainting:

  • The paint is chipping off
  • There are stains or other forms of discoloration on your door
  • The paint has been scratched or rubbed off in places
  • You need a color that better suits your home’s aesthetic.

Whenever you do repaint a front door, it’s important to apply a high-quality finish to protect and seal the paint and increase its longevity. However, repainting and applying a good finish only goes so far in maintaining your front door. Read on to learn when you should replace your front door entirely. 

Should I Paint My Front Door or Replace It? 

Many homeowners have faced the “Should I replace my front door?” question. Maintaining your front door will make it last for years, depending on the door’s construction, material and how it’s cared for. However, the following list of scenarios may indicate it’s time to replace your door. 

  • Compromised home security: If you’re having trouble locking your door, keeping it shut or retaining its structural integrity in any way, it’s time to replace it as soon as possible. Weak doors are easy for home invaders to kick down — especially if those doors are wooden. It’s now generally recommended that homeowners should forgo wooden doors for steel ones, which will increase their home’s security and the door’s longevity.
  • There’s a draft: As doors get older, their insulation begins to deteriorate. If you feel a draft whenever you go near your door, it’s likely time to upgrade to a new door or doorframe with better insulation. This problem is especially common in wooden doors — which is another reason to switch from a wooden door to a stronger alternative. Choosing a door with better insulation will also save you hundreds on your electric bills.
  • There’s visible damage: If there is a crack, hole, dent or other type of damage present in your door, you need a replacement. Not only does structural damage impair a door’s function and decrease energy efficiency, but it can also pose a security risk to a home. Not only does damage compromise your home’s security and energy usage, but it looks bad. In some neighborhoods, residents are required to fix damaged parts of their homes within a certain period.
  • It’s time for an upgrade: Whether you’re remodeling your home or simply need your door to better align with the style of your home, it’s sometimes necessary to do a complete front door overhaul to keep up your home’s curb appeal. 

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