How to Change the Battery in a Garage Door Opener Remote

You probably use your garage door more than any other appliance in your household. With this constant use, accessories such as your garage door opener battery may need a replacement. Changing this battery is easy and, depending on your remote, can be done without tools or other hardware. 

How to Change a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Remote Battery

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If your garage door doesn’t open when you use your remote or is inconsistent with opening and closing, it may be time to think about buying new batteries for your remote. Change your garage door remote’s battery with these three easy steps: 

1. Remove the Back Cover of Your Garage Door Remote

After flipping your garage door remote over to the backside, you may see a back cover you can remove without tools. This cover will quickly come off when you press or slide it. If a screw is holding the cover in place, you will need to find a screwdriver of the appropriate size. A good option for smaller screws is to use the extra-small screwdrivers found in glasses repair kits. 

2. Identify the Battery Size for Replacement

Generally, the battery in your remote will be flat with a circular coin-like shape. In other situations, it may be a cylindrical shape. Both battery shapes will pop or slide out very easily. 

You can find the type of battery you will need on the side of the battery. If you can’t find this information, take the battery with you when you go to the drug or auto parts store to replace it. Someone can assist you in finding the correct battery in both locations. 

3. Insert the Replacement and Reprogram Your Remote

To replace your battery, gently place or pop in the new one and slide the cover back onto the remote. After replacing the batteries, you may need to reprogram your remote with your garage door opener. With newer LiftMaster garage door models, you can do this with the “learn” button. To find the exact process and specifics, consult your manual for instructions and further information. 

Garage Door Remote Alternatives 

If your garage door remote continues to not work after you replace the battery, or you would like other options for opening your garage door, here are some alternatives:

  • Find a manual online: If you have misplaced your manual or need further help, you can likely find instructions and other visual aids online to follow. 
  • Use your cell phone as a garage door remote: Many of our LiftMaster garage door openers at Quality Overhead Door have Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can use your phone as a remote. Browse our selection today to upgrade your garage door opener.
  • Use keypad garage door entry: Even with a working remote, using a keypad is an excellent idea, as they are easy to install and allow immediate access to your garage. 

Get a New Garage Door Opener From Quality Overhead Door Today

After you replace the battery in your garage door remote, you may have other questions about garage door maintenance or possible replacement. At Quality Overhead Door, we’re more than happy to help you with all your garage door needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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