How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote

You’re turning into your driveway and about to click the button to open your garage when you realize you don’t see your remote anywhere. Once you’ve parked the car, you search the vehicle for the small device, but it’s hopeless. Either you lost your garage door remote, or someone has taken it. Whatever happened, you need a replacement, and you also have to secure your house in case someone else has the remote.

Before Replacing a Lost or Stolen Garage Door Opener Remote

First, you need to make sure your remote will not open the garage door if someone uses it. Your family could be vulnerable to intruders if you do not take action. Erase the remote from the garage door opener’s memory, then reset the code so you can continue to use other remotes if you have them. 

If you aren’t sure how to do this, consult your garage door opener guide. It should include instructions for erasing and resetting remotes. Can’t find the manual? Look online or call Quality Overhead Door, and we can walk you through the process. 

How to Replace a Lost Garage Door Opener Remote

First, find the make and model of your garage door opener. Visit a reliable garage door dealer, such as Quality Overhead Door, and look for a replacement remote that can work with your existing garage door opener. If you still have one remote that works, you’ll want to continue to use it. You should only need to purchase one remote to replace the one that is out of commission. 

Ask for assistance with finding the right remote to fit your needs. If you have to special order the new remote, it may take a few days or weeks for it to arrive depending on the manufacturer’s availability. In this case, you will need to start opening your garage door manually to store your car. While it is inconvenient to have to hop out of your vehicle every time you pull in to the driveway, it only takes a few seconds. 

Of course, using this method depends on your garage door being in good condition. When you open your garage door manually, you may find the door is unbalanced, in which case you will need to call in a professional. An unbalanced door can fall without warning, endangering the safety of your family members or vehicles.

Trust Quality Overhead Door for Assistance With a Lost Remote Replacement

If you want to get a new remote without waiting — and make sure it works for the long term — you can purchase a universal remote. One of these devices will work with the opening unit you have installed in your garage as well as with any garage door openers you use in the future. For instance, if you move to a new house, you can program the universal remote to activate the new garage door. 

Do you need a new garage door opener? You want to purchase one that will provide a long service life and excellent safety features. Browse our extensive selection and contact us to learn more about our options. 



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