How to Connect Your Garage Door Opener to Wi-Fi 

Investing in a new LiftMaster garage door opener with Wi-Fi capabilities has many benefits, such as controlling your garage door with your smartphone. However, after you purchase your new garage door opener, you may question how you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. This easy process can be done with your phone or preferred mobile device. 

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How to Test Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Before you connect your garage door opener to your Wi-Fi, you’ll want to make sure your home’s Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach your garage. To test the signal, stand in your garage underneath the garage door opener and browse the internet on your mobile device. If your device can easily connect to the Wi-Fi, then you have a strong enough connection for your garage door opener. 

Another way to test your Wi-Fi signal strength is to go within your phone’s settings, open your Wi-Fi networks and select the network beginning with “myQ-.” After connecting, you will see your Wi-Fi’s strength by the number of curved bars filled in on your phone’s Wi-Fi icon. If two or more curved bars are dark, you have a strong signal. If one or none of the bars darken, your signal isn’t strong enough.

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you have problems connecting your LiftMaster garage door opener to Wi-Fi, you may have low signal strength. Some tips to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal include:

  • – Purchasing a Wi-Fi extender for your garage.
  • – Moving your router to a room closer to the garage.
  • – Relocating your router to an open area.

How to Connect Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener to Wi-Fi With the myQ App

After checking your Wi-Fi signal, stay in your garage to connect your garage door opener to your network. After downloading and logging into the myQ app, follow these steps: 

  1. Add your device: Within the app, add a device to your account by selecting “Add garage door opener with Wi-Fi.” 
  2. Complete the checklist: The app will present you with a checklist of what you will need to do to connect your garage door opener to your network, such as enabling Bluetooth on your phone. Check off each item as you complete it and click “I’m ready”.
  3. Choose your wall switch: On the next screen, select the wall switch that most resembles yours. Flip the cover on your wall control switch and press the “learn” button. The garage door opener will make a beeping noise before you press “next” on the app. 
  4. Pick your device: Select your garage door opener on your Wi-Fi list. Then, indicate that you would like your opener to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. You can also name your garage door in the app. 

After completing these four steps, tap the garage door icon in your app. Your garage door will now open and close with your smartphone. 

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