Buyer Guide for Contemporary Garage Doors

Garage doors are a feature of your home that can significantly improve its curb appeal and even add to its value. Since garage doors occupy between 25 to 35 percent of your home’s exterior, it’s essential to choose one that makes a statement about your style while adding to your home’s beauty. Consider adding a contemporary garage door to give your home’s exterior a sleek and modern look. Since there are many different styles of garage doors available, from aluminum and glass to steel and wood, it may be difficult to know where to begin. Here are some helpful tips to consider when looking for a new contemporary garage door.

Styles of Contemporary Garage Doors

Regarding garage doors, the word “contemporary” refers to the sleek architectural style that features clean lines and a modern look and feel. Think interesting windows, metal accents and lots of horizontal and vertical lines. Contemporary garage doors are commonly made of aluminum, steel, wood or a combination of those materials. Each different style has distinctive characteristics and features to fit both your style and your needs.

Clopay contemporary garage door styles offer elegant, simple designs and modern functional details. Quality Overhead Door is an authorized Clopay dealer and carries the entire Clopay line of contemporary garage doors in materials that include:

1. Aluminum and Glass

Aluminum and glass garage doors give your home a truly modern look while providing natural light by day and a warm glow at night. Clopay’s Avante Collection features doors with a sturdy but lightweight 2 1/8-inch rustproof aluminum frame, and 12 different styles of window options allowing you to choose just the right amount of glass and aluminum.

A variety of door panel options give you the ability to choose the level of natural light and privacy that are right for you. Acrylic and tempered glass panels are available in clear, frosted, obscure and even tinted styles. Insulated glass panels are also available to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Choose solid aluminum panels for the maximum level of privacy with a modern look.

These sleek and low-maintenance doors are available in many different colors and finishes to complement your home. Choose from paint or powder-coated frame finishes in Clear Aluminum, Standard White, Chocolate, Black, Bronze Anodized, Bronze Painted or Dark Bronze. Both Ultra-Grain Light Cherry and Ultra-Grain Dark Cherry finishes feature a modern faux wood finish. Custom glass and panel color options are also available to ensure you can find a door that matches your home’s exterior.

2. Steel and Insulation

Clopay has two steel collections:

Modern Steel Collection

Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection gives your home a contemporary feel with the durability of steel which is made to stand up to the elements without rusting, cracking, warping or breaking apart. Available in one-, two- or three-layer construction, these garage doors are made from steel or a combination of steel and either polystyrene or Intellicore insulation, which offer R-values from 4.4 to 18.4. Insulation, sandwiched between two steel skins that are protected by Clopay’s Rust-Prevention System, increases your home’s energy efficiency and adds to the strength of the door.

The Modern Steel Collection offers both flush and grooved panel options and glass window panels that are available in a variety of design options to let in natural light while complementing your home’s exterior. Choose from insulated, frosted, obscured and other specialty glass options along with long and short windows in a variety of beautiful designs and styles. You can choose from 15 factory finishes, including painted and Ultra-Grain, that feature either a natural wood grain or stucco texture. These doors are durable and low-maintenance, with removable window grilles that allow for easy cleaning.

Classic Collection

Clopay’s Classic Collection offers traditional raised panel construction with a variety of color, window and steel panel options to match any style of home. Available in one, two or three-layer construction, these sturdy steel garage doors come with either Intellicore or polystyrene insulation and offer R-values between 6.3 to 18.4. The wide range of construction and design options allows you to customize your door to fit your home’s unique look.

The Classic Collection offers fourteen factory finishes, including painted and Ultra-Grain finishes. The raised panels are available in both long and short designs, with options for solid or glass top panels. Window panes are available in either glass or acrylic with removable window grilles for easy cleaning. Extensive window layouts for this collection include leaded, arched, decorative and plain designs, enabling homeowners to achieve a custom look.

3. Canyon Ridge Modern

Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Modern Collection features contemporary designs that include clean lines, aluminum accents and sleek window layouts. Featuring four-layer construction of durable composite, steel and insulation, they are incredibly durable and won’t rot, warp or crack. Intellicore insulation gives these beautiful and elegant doors R-values that range from 6.3 to 20.4. 

This collection features a faux-wood finish available with a sleek horizontal plank design, aluminum inlay panels or even a full-view option for maximum light and an open-concept feel. Choose from solid doors for maximum privacy or add windows, available in a variety of configurations. Tempered and insulated glass window panels are available in different options, from clear to frosted and even textured.

Choose from either Clear Cypress or Mahogany cladding along with six factory finishes, including a primed finish that is ready to be custom painted or stained. Composite garage doors are sturdy and provide a high level of sound and temperature insulation. They offer the natural look of wood with less maintenance and also highlight other natural textures on your home’s exterior, such as stone, brick or natural wood.

4. Wood

If you desire the look and feel of natural wood, Clopay offers several styles of wood garage doors. These beautiful doors feature the classic beauty of wood with unique window and panel designs and a variety of finish and stain color options to complement your home’s decor and add curb appeal. Clopay wood garage doors are also available in semi-custom options, which allow you to choose various design features, and fully-custom design options, which enable you to customize everything from the size to the hardware.

Classic Wood Collection

Clopay’s Classic Wood Collection can transform the look of any home, with beautiful doors available in hemlock, redwood or cedar. These handcrafted doors are available with raised, recessed and flush panel designs giving you the option to choose the model that best fits your home’s architectural style. Both raised and recessed panel doors are 1 3/8-inch thick, while flush panel doors are 1 5/8-inch thick and made with three-layer construction. All doors in this collection are crafted from sustainably harvested wood.

Long and short panel designs and window options are available with raised and recessed panel doors with Luan or Breckenridge panels available on both recessed and flush panel doors. Paint or stain-grade wood options are also available on several designs. All doors in this collection have the option of being either factory primed or finish painted white.

Custom Wood Garage Doors

When off the shelf won’t do for your new garage door, Clopay offers both semi-custom and fully-custom options to help you design the perfect door. Semi-custom options include your choice of door design, window and top section, material, factory staining and decorative hardware. Fully-customized options include the ability to design a garage door to your exact specifications. These doors include either four or five-layer construction, energy-efficient insulation and the choice of either stain or paint-grade wood. Fully-customized garage doors also offer limitless options for both design and wood species.

What to Look for in a Contemporary Garage Door

Since your new garage door will last for many years, you want to be sure it fits the style of your home as well as your needs. It’s worth it to take a little time to consider all the features you’d like, along with other essential factors that will help you make the best choice.

  • Style: When choosing a style of garage door, consider how you will use the space, along with the colors and finishes in which the door is available. You may want to choose a door that gives your home a completely different look or one that blends in with your home’s facade. If you have a workshop or craft area, you may want a door with windows to let in the natural light. Most garage doors come in a variety of design and layout options for windows and panels with features like decorative grilles, distinctive textures and metal accents. Also, consider whether you’d like your door to have an upward or swing-out operation. Check out Clopay’s Door Imagination System, where you can upload a photo of your home and experiment with the different styles of garage doors.
  • Cost: Your new garage door should fit your style and your budget. While the ultimate price of your garage door depends upon many factors, such as the number of windows and other custom features, steel and aluminum doors typically cost less than composite and wood doors. The average price for a single garage door installation ranges from between $800 to $1,500. When considering cost, keep in mind certain materials such as wood and steel are more durable and dent-resistant than others, such as aluminum, that balls and bicycles can easily dent. Spending money on a sturdier door will eliminate the need to have it replaced prematurely.
  • Insulation: Since the garage door is usually the biggest opening in your entire home, it’s also the area from where the most heated and cooled air escapes. Insulated garage doors can significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy bills and noise levels. Consider the climate where you live. In areas that experience extreme temperatures of hot and cold, an insulated garage door helps keep the elements out while increasing the comfort of rooms that are adjacent to or above the garage. If choosing a garage door with windows, be sure to get insulated glass panels to reduce energy loss. A garage door’s R-value refers to the level of insulation, with a higher number having greater insulating properties.
  • Safety: When choosing a garage door consider what safety features you may want or need. In homes with young children and pets, garage door safety is paramount. Look for features such as pinch-resistant panels that prevent fingers from getting crunched between the door panels. In areas that experience high-wind events, reinforced doors that feature additional bracing and reinforcement that can be activated just by locking the door. Safety brackets, such as the ones on all Clopay garage doors, prevent the cables from coming loose and the door from coming down suddenly.

Evaluating the Cost and Installation of a Contemporary Garage Door

While replacing your current garage door may seem like an expensive purchase, consider it may help you save and even gain money in the long run, since a garage door can add 1 to 4 percent to your home’s value. Insulated garage doors can also increase your home’s energy efficiency, which will help save money on heating and cooling bills. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the potential costs of having a new garage door installed.

  • Quality of materials: It’s definitely worth the money to purchase a sturdy and well-made door. Choosing a garage door made of quality materials ensures you won’t have to replace it for a very long time. Low-maintenance aluminum, composite and steel doors will save you time and energy and will stay beautiful. While garage doors with windows usually cost more, they may be worth the benefit of adding natural light and more unique design options. Although insulated garage doors also cost more, according to Clopay, upgrading your garage door insulation from polystyrene to Intellicore can raise your insulating value from R-9 to R-18.
  • Opener: Buying an opener for your new garage door is a separate cost, but you usually purchase it at the same time as your door. An experienced garage door company will suggest openers that are right for your type of door and the amount of use it gets. It may be worth it to pay a little extra for sturdier springs or a quieter opener for a door that sees frequent use. Modern garage door openers offer a variety of smart features that increase both safety and convenience. Buying the opener at the same time as the door may be more cost-effective if you can find a package deal.
  • Installation: While it is possible to replace your garage door yourself, it’s much safer and easier to have a professional do it. Correct garage door installation ensures safe operation and prevents your warranty from being voided. An experienced installer has all the necessary tools and equipment, will get the job done in a few hours and even take away your old door. Most garage door companies offer a free quote and will come out to evaluate your space and take correct measurements.
  • Warranty: Most garage doors come with a warranty in case anything goes wrong. While the length and terms of garage door warranties vary greatly, higher-quality doors usually have a longer and more extensive warranty than lower-quality ones. Be sure to read the warranty information for each brand and door style to find out what types of maintenance and repairs it covers. Clopay doors usually feature separate warranties for the paint system, hardware, windows and finish.
  • The final product: Seeing how beautiful your home looks with your new contemporary garage door makes the associated costs well worth the expense. You can rest assured you invested your money in a lovely and high-quality garage door you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. In addition to adding curb appeal, energy-efficiency and value to your home, a new garage door can even make your home a safer place, which is worth all the money in the world.

Quality Contemporary Garage Doors

Whichever style of contemporary garage door you choose, you want to be sure to have an experienced and reputable dealer provide professional installation. Family-owned and -operated, Quality Overhead Door has been serving the Toledo area for over 35 years and is an authorized dealer of Clopay, CHI, Dalton and LiftMaster products. Our experienced team will provide you with an obligation-free estimate for your new contemporary garage door. Visit our Garage Door page to learn how Quality Overhead Door can transform your garage door into a showpiece that makes a beautiful and bold statement.

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