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Guide to Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Guide to Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. It plays a big role in curb appeal, and it can even influence the value of your home when you put it on the market. Many homeowners use their garage door as their house's main entry and exit point, opening and closing it nearly a thousand times per year.  It's clear your garage door deserves some attention based on how essential it is to your daily life. By mainta... Read more

Popular Home Styles in Ohio and Michigan

Popular Home Styles in Ohio and Michigan A drive through the neighborhoods of the Midwest will reveal a variety of common home styles. If you've ever wondered what type of houses you'd see throughout Ohio and Michigan, we've created this guide to help. From the classic to the contemporary, you'll find an array of popular architectural home styles in the area. Discover popular home styles in Ohio and Michigan below. Read more

How Your Front Door and Garage Door Can Increase Your Home’s Value

How Your Front Door and Garage Door Can Increase Your Home's Value Whether you're planning to sell your home soon or you simply want to enhance its curb appeal, you're likely looking into your renovation options. As you're deciding what to repair and replace, you may wonder — does a new front door add value? Or do garage doors add value to your home? Luckily, replacing either or both of these doors will transform your home and up the value. With that in mind, you'll want to know the resale value of a new garage door and what the front door a... Read more

Replacing the Front Door of Your Home

Many questions arise when you start to spot issues with your entry door. Do you need to install a new door? Can you replace a front door without replacing the frame? What are your most affordable options? It's difficult to secure your home or make good impressions with a shabby, declining entry door. Deciding whether to repair or replace a front door is an important step, and a professional door company can help in the process. (more…) Read more

Garage Doors for Modern-Style Homes

Garage Doors for Modern-Style Homes If you're an admirer of modern- or contemporary-style homes — and are lucky enough to live in one — you probably take pride in your home's geometric, sleek exterior. When it comes time to replace or update your garage door, you want your new addition to blend with your home's other design elements. With the many garage doors and hundreds of customization options, it can be an exciting challenge to find the right fit for your unique dwelling. To help you out, we broke down the architectural features of contemporary-style homes and laid out some tips so you can ... Read more

Garage Door Buying Guide for Craftsman Style Homes

Garage Door Buying Guide for Craftsman Style Homes The Craftsman home is a prominent architectural style today because of its old-world charm and clean, modern lines. A custom garage door can enhance the curb appeal of any style of home, but with options that feature organic materials and simplistic design, you can find the perfect garage door style for your Craftsman-style home.  With so many choices for the hardware, material and color, you're in control of what your Craftsman-sty... Read more

How to Choose a Patio Door

Your patio is one of your favorite aspects of your house. You and your family could sit there for hours enjoying the clean air, great conversation and cold drinks. It's little wonder that you would want to make your patio feel more like a part of your home.  You can do that by selecting the right style of patio door. An attractive patio door will add light to your home and invite visitors out to your little oasis. Use our tips on how to choose patio doors to find the ones that are right for you.  (more…) Read more



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