Garage Cleaning/Organization Tips

It happens in almost every home: The garage becomes a dumping ground for everything that won’t fit into the house. That’s why garages tend to become a collection of stacked boxes, old furniture and appliances, toys, tools, yard equipment and more. In time, your garage becomes a mess, your cars are parked outside, and you’re left to wonder where it all went wrong. While garage decluttering can seem like an impossible task, breaking down the task into a few step can help get you started.

Here’s a look at some garage cleaning tips to get your home back in order.

Set a Goal

It’s not always enough to simply put garage spring cleaning on a list of things to do. Try setting a goal instead. Maybe that goal is to start parking one or two cars in your garage. Or perhaps the goal is to sell enough used stuff that you make a certain amount of money. Set a clear goal so that you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

Get Into the Right Mindset

Effective garage spring cleaning happens when you are decisive and ruthless in your decision making. It’s often hard to part with the things that are cluttering your garage, but give each and every item a fast and honest appraisal. Chances are, if you haven’t used something in six to 12 months, you won’t ever use it again — or at least not often enough to warrant a place in your garage.

Make a Plan

You know the size and shape of your garage. Make a map and decide where you want things to go. This space plan may change and evolve as you work, but it will help you envision a clear, organized garage while you’re decluttering.

Set Aside Time

Serious garage decluttering takes at least a day — and sometimes it takes an entire weekend. If you plan to only spend one hour on the project, you may end up feeling discouraged. Make sure you’ve dedicated enough time to garage spring cleaning, so you can wholly accomplish the task.

Keep, Trash, Donate, Sell

Set up four areas in your garage, and place items in piles marked keep, trash, donate, and sell. By donating, you can feel good about giving new life to items you haven’t used in a long time. By selling, you can have a yard sale at the end of your project and recoup money on goods you no longer need. Of course, you’re not getting rid of everything, which is why you need a keep pile. And some of your things simply are beyond their usable lifespans, which is why you need a trash pile.

Put Safety First

Before you get started getting rid of things you don’t want or need anymore, start by making your garage safer. If you store chemicals, paints, pesticides or propane in your garage, consider moving them. Chemicals, paints and pesticides should only be stored in approved containers that are fully closed and out of reach of children. Propane should ideally be in an open space like a patio. Your garage is prone to swings in temperature, hot in the summer and cold in the winter — and these swings can reduce the effectiveness and increase the volatility of these items.

Start With Paper and Food

Looking for a reason to get rid of something? How about reducing the number of insects and pests in your garage? Get rid of paper items, because paper is where roaches and other insects love to nestle. Get rid of pet food that’s in your garage, because this attracts rats, possums, ants and other critters.

Tackle Your Hidden Messes

You may have items already in boxes in your garage. Don’t decide to keep or trash boxes altogether. Go through each of them individually, and decide to keep or get rid of items one by one. You may find that two or three boxes can be combined into one box when you try this method — ultimately saving you major space.

Hang, Hang, Hang

Set a goal of keeping your garage floor completely clear. You can use ceiling hooks, pegboards, shelves and other tools to hang and stash your items high off the ground. Simply clearing your garage floor will give the space a sense of decluttering.


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