How to Battle Bugs in Your Backyard

keep backyard patio bug free

It can be great to enjoy your backyard in the summer — sitting out on the patio with friends, enjoying a refreshing drink or two. In most parts of the country, though, it’s hard to hang out in the backyard without some unwanted pests spoiling the party.

Figuring out how to keep bugs out of a backyard can be a stressful challenge, but you don’t have to live with these insect invaders. People have figured out how to keep bugs off patio decks, and you can, too. Here’s how to make a patio bug-free.

How to Make a Patio Bug-Free

Sure, you could wear insect repellent. Or you could just tolerate a few mosquito bites or gnats buzzing in your face and call it part of the experience of nature. But why do all those things if you don’t have to? Having thousands of tiny guests on your patio isn’t an inevitability. If you’ve tried to get rid of your patio bugs before and failed, you may want to give up — but don’t give up just yet. There is still hope.

There are three tried and true methods of keeping bugs out of your backyard. One of them is almost sure to work for you:

  1. Scents

Your first line of defense should be scenting your patio. The right scent can deter unpleasant insects from bothering you on your patio. Citronella candles are very popular for this purpose, but many people find them to be less effective than advertised.

Alternative scents to try include rosemary, sage, vanilla and even catnip. If fortune is with you, you’ll find a smell you love but that the bugs hate — and you’ll be in patio heaven!

  1. Fans

Not many people are fans of mosquitos and other bugs, but you can use fans against them. Set up two or more fans along your patio, creating a cross breeze. The fans will literally blow your insects away.

Of course, you may not like fans blowing on you when you’re sitting on the patio. Go for oscillating fans, so they aren’t blowing directly on you all the time.

  1. Screening

This method is a bit labor intensive, but it will do the trick. Screen in your patio or a section of your patio. This is like surrounding your patio with screen doors. Light and air get in, but bugs don’t.

This is a little more cost and labor intensive than other methods, but once you’ve done it, it’s done, except for occasional maintenance and upkeep. Those annoying bugs won’t be able to get anywhere near you.

Patio Doors From Quality Overhead Door Help Keep You Bug-Free

Speaking of screen doors, it’s important to have a quality patio door to protect your home from unwanted intrusion by bugs or anyone or anything else through the patio. As bad as it is having bugs on the patio, it’s worse having them in the house.

If you’re in the northwest Ohio or southwest Michigan area, call Quality Overhead Door at 419-578-8700. We do more than just garage doors. We can also do patio door installation, so you can really enjoy your patio this summer. For more tips on protecting your home from bugs in the summer or to request a free estimate or service for your patio doors or garage doors, contact Quality Overhead Door today.

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