How to Properly Clean Your Exterior Doors

Why You Should Clean Your Exterior Doors

Looking for increased curb appeal at your home? Keeping the exterior of your home clean can help boost its attractiveness. Your garage and entry door are a big part of your home’s exterior, and they require regular cleaning if you want the curb appeal-enhancing look. Garage and entry doors are also a big investment in your home, and you don’t want to do anything that will damage them. To ensure you get that clean look without hurting any of your home’s assets, here are tips for how to clean glass, how to clean wood and how to clean steel:


  • Front Doors: Start by clearing away the visible dirt and grime that’s collected. One thorough and fast way to get started is to use the nozzle attachment of your vacuum to poke down into the patterned portion of your door and make sure you’re getting everything. Next, mix up the cleaning solution you’ll need. One simple solution that can be created with items in your kitchen is vinegar and water. Mix in a spray bottled for application. Use the spray to completely wipe down the door. Finally, use brass or steel polish to buff your front door hardware. The end result should be a front door that sparkles and serves as the warm, welcoming, attractive entryway you want it to be.
  • Garage Doors: A garage door should be fairly quick and easy to clean. Fill a bucket of warm water with dish soap, and dissolve into a soapy solution. Use a rag or large sponge to apply the solution to your door, making sure to thoroughly scrub each area for consistency. Once the entire door is scrubbed, use a hose to completely rinse away the soap and solution. Finally, use a towel to dry the door and leave it with a freshly cleaned glow.


  • Tips Specific to Wood Doors: If you have a wood entry or garage door, it will require more regular cleaning and maintenance than doors of other materials. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s just the tradeoff you get for having a door with the natural beauty of real wood. When cleaning a wood door, use furniture polish or something similar in order to achieve a subtle glow. If you have a painted wood door, dilute your cleaning product in water. If you use something like furniture polish directly on the door, you risk stripping away the paint.


  • Tips Specific to Steel Doors: Steel is among the most durable of door materials, and it also needs far less maintenance than what other materials require. Cleaning is fairly simple and straightforward. Find an all-purpose household cleaner and a sponge. Spray on the cleaner, and then wet the sponge to scrub the door. Make sure to wipe away all of the cleaning solution, and then buff the door dry with a paper towel. Your steel door should now look great, and it will go longer before needing its next cleaning than a door made of wood or glass.
  • Tips Specific to Glass Doors: When your doors include glass, it’s especially important to clean on a regular basis. Dirty glass can really bring down the look and feel of your home’s exterior. Start by cleaning away any visible dirt, then dust your glass to make sure it’s clear of debris. Use a water-and-soap solution to clean the glass – both sides, of course, as the cleanliness of the interior glass is vitally important to the look of the exterior side of the glass. Once the glass is fully cleaned, use a household glass solution to get the final, streak-free sparkle that will transform the way your door looks.

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