What Do the Sounds Coming From Your Garage Door Mean?

Like most mechanical objects, a garage door will make some noise whenever you open or close it. Over time, you’ll probably get used to these sounds and barely give them a second thought. However, there are some garage door noises you shouldn’t ignore. These “unusual” sounds often indicate signs of trouble that may require maintenance or repair work. Without service, it’s likely only a matter of time until your door ceases to function correctly — or stops opening or closing entirely.

Examples of Common Garage Door Noises

Some garage door noises that can be cause for concern include:

  • Clunking: If you hear a clunk or thump whenever you raise or lower your door, it could mean that the opener, that small motorized box resting above the opening, might be straining to do its job. If changing the batteries doesn’t resolve the issue, it could be time for a replacement. A broken torsion spring may also be the culprit, which typically requires service from a professional garage door technician.
  • Squeaking: A squeaky noise that occurs when raising or lowering the door may indicate that the weatherstripping on the exterior frame, located between each of the section of panels, has dried out. There may also be a problem with the rollers that allow the door to move along the tracks. Lubricating these parts can often correct the problem. If the sound lingers, you’ll probably need service for your door.
  • Grinding: A metallic “grinding” noise during operation may be related to a chain or belt on the door opener. You may also hear a grinding sound if you try to “force” the opener to function. Tightening or adjusting a loose chain or belt may rectify the issue. If it doesn’t, a replacement may be necessary. 
  • Clinking: Clinking is another of the more common garage door noises. It occurs when the door system’s springs and coils rub together. Another possibility is a defective roller, which can eventually cause the door to malfunction.

Generally, the older a garage door gets, the higher the likelihood that it will make more strange noises. As the system’s parts age and begin to exhibit signs of wear, they must work harder to produce the desired result. Upgrading worn-out parts may help for a while, but it’s only a matter of time until you’ll need a full garage door replacement.

Contact Quality Overhead Door If You Hear Unusual Garage Door Noises

If you live in the Toledo, OH area and are experiencing strange garage door noises, don’t try to diagnose the issue yourself. Quality Overhead Door can perform a comprehensive tune-up to detect and troubleshoot the source of the problem. During more than 35 years in business, we’ve heard all the common garage door noises — and we know what causes them. We’ll recommend the best course of action, whether it’s a simple adjustment, extensive repair or complete garage door replacement. Our skilled technicians will handle the job with speed and efficiency.

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