Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is that relatively small, motorized box-like object that hangs above the door. When you hit the button on the remote control unit, it sends a signal to the opener that causes the door to go up or down. 

Garage door openers come in many versions. Chain drive, belt drive and direct drive are among the standard types. But they all have one thing in common — if they do not function properly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to operate your door.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Your garage opener will serve you well for 10 to 15 years with good care. Despite having a life expectancy estimate, when is it time to replace a garage door opener?

You should replace your garage opener if you’re experiencing technical issues like slow opening, loud noises or opening failure. An opener that doesn’t work needs repair or replacement. If your opener is near the end of its life span, upgrading to a new model will save you money on repairs and improve the use and safety of your garage. 

Garage openers should also be replaced when looking for improved security and convenience features. You’ll enjoy your garage more if it’s easier to use and better at opening and closing. 

Why Replace a Garage Door Opener? 

Like all mechanical devices, a garage opener will not last forever. Even a high-quality, carefully maintained model will wear out over time. 

As the opener ages, you will probably notice the telltale signs like erratic performance, unusual noises and, worst-case scenario, the inability to open or close the door. There are lots of reasons to upgrade your garage opener, such as increasing safety, enhancing security, taking advantage of the latest technology and experiencing a smoother, quieter operation. 

1. Added Safety

Your household’s safety is critical. You should always put safety first when considering replacing a malfunctioning or outdated door opener. A malfunctioning opener can cause the door to lower unexpectedly, which could harm pets, guests or family members. The latest openers include built-in safety features such as an auto-reverse mechanism that stops the door from closing and causes it to raise if it senses an object in its path. You might not have this vital safety benefit if you have an older opener.

2. Improved Security

Savvy burglars often try the garage first when looking to break into a house. They know how to defeat outdated door openers, typically in seconds. Also, if your opener isn’t functioning correctly, it will likely make it easier for an intruder to gain access to the garage and its contents. Therefore, upgrading your garage opener may be one of the most important home security measures you can take.

3. User-Friendly Technology

Today’s door openers include a host of technological innovations that simplify operation and improve safety and security. With advanced smart home and wireless features, garage use has become smoother than ever. Smart technology allows you to connect your smartphone or car to your garage door opener, giving you more control over your door. Apps can tell you when the door was used and what the temperature is, and they can even activate motion-control lighting. 

Additionally, you can have control built into your car, so you don’t need to take your phone out at all. Simply drive up, and the garage will recognize your car and open the door. These features help improve the safety and efficiency of your garage use. 

4. Better Noise Reduction

As garage door openers age, they start making more noise. Noisy openers can signal a deeper mechanical problem and they’re simply annoying to deal with. Any rattling, vibrating or creaking might be fixed with some minor repairs, but they could also be signs you need a replacement opener. A new opener will run quieter, keeping you from cringing every time you raise or lower the door. 

Additionally, older garage doors often have chain drive systems. These systems need regular lubrication, and even then, they still make more noise than newer openers. Modern openers use much quieter rubber belts instead of chain drives. 

5. It’s Time for a Replacement

It's Time for a Replacement. If you've begun noticing lots of unusual sounds, slow lifting or problems with your opener, these could be signs your garage opener is at the end of its life.

You’ll know when to replace your garage door opener if your opener stops working correctly or is too old. If you’ve begun noticing lots of unusual sounds, slow lifting or problems with your opener, these could be signs your garage opener is at the end of its life. Once your opener gets up in years, it will experience operational issues and need more frequent repairs. This is a significant inconvenience and compromises your garage safety. Get a new opener to enjoy all the upgraded features and improved operation. 

6. Backup Battery

For older garages, a power outage could mean serious trouble. Without power, you couldn’t open and close your garage door. New garage door openers come with battery backup systems to prevent this issue. With new models, you can still use your garage door opener to operate your garage door since the battery backup system provides power that the house can’t offer. 

7. Keypads 

Exterior keypads can be your saving grace if you get locked out of your garage. Modern technology has made keypads more advanced, allowing you easy access to your garage without compromising security. Consider adding on an exterior keypad when upgrading your garage door opener to improve your opener use and convenience. 

8. Rolling Codes

When you use a remote control to open your garage door, the remote sends radio signals with a code to your door opener. The opener reads this code and opens the door. Older garage door openers used the same code every time, which could compromise home security. Anyone with a radio frequency identifier device could get your code and use it to open your garage. 

Modern garage openers use a rolling code — the code is different every time, ensuring no one can take the code and use it to get into your garage without your remote. 

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