How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

Let’s be honest: Most of us have no idea what exactly what we’re looking for in a new garage door opener. We want something that works reliably and something that delivers long-term value, but how do we make sense of our many options?


Here’s a quick guide to help you sort through the many options available on the garage door opener market:

  • Drive options: You need to know about the three different kinds of drives before you look for a new garage door opener: chain, screw and belt. A chain drive is the least expensive and most durable, but it’s also the noisiest. A screw drive is a middle of the road option that is less noisy than a chain drive, a little more expensive and much more likely to require maintenance. Finally, a belt drive is the most expensive option, but also the quietest of the three.
  • Horsepower options: You’ll also encounter a range of horsepower options. Very few garage doors need anything more than ½-horsepower. If you have lots of insulation or a garage door made of wood, you might need a ¾-horsepower model to ensure lift. If you encounter 1-horsepower options, know that these are almost exclusively for industrial doors, and the added power is rarely worth the added price when you have a standard residential garage door.
  • AC vs. DC power: AC motors will be less expensive and more likely to include a chain drive, while DC motors will be most expensive and more likely to feature a belt drive. DC motors tend to be more expensive, and they’re found more commonly on belt-driven garage door openers. DC motors include a soft start and stop feature that reduces noise, and garage door openers with backup battery options are almost exclusively DC-powered motors.
  • Backup Power: Speaking of backup power, you need to decide whether this feature is worth the extra cost. Backup power is typically included in high-end models, and it ensures you enjoy the safety and convenience of automatic operation even if power is out at your home. Almost all garage doors include a manual lift and lower option that will work whether you have power or not — at no extra cost.
  • Regulations: Don’t be fooled by garage door openers that advertise lowering 7 inches per second or that highlight automatic reverse mechanisms. These safety features are required by law — all garage door openers have them.
  • Rolling-Code Technology: If you are interested in added safety and security, consider rolling-code technology. In days past, it was possible for a neighbor to have the same exact garage door code as yours. Today, garage door openers with rolling-code technology create a new and secure code from among billions of options each time you use the garage door.
  • Reliability: You need to be able to depend on your garage door opener, both for convenience and safety. Check to see if your garage door options offer dual-frequency signals, which help minimize interference from other garage door openers — ensuring you always have the access you need. Your garage door opener should enhance the flow of your household and your overall lifestyle, and this feature can help reinforce that.
  • Size: Standard garage doors are 7-feet high. Because of this standard height, standard garage door openers are designed to fit 7-foot garage doors. If you have a non-standard size door, make sure you understand the costs related to modifying a particular garage door opener option before you make a final purchase.
  • Brand and Price: Only you know how much you can afford to spend on a new garage door opener. Know your budget going into the process, and stick to those parameters. Perhaps you have loyalty to a specific brand you’ve used before, which is great. Be sure to stick with a trusted brand name that’s proven to deliver the quality and durability you want in a garage door opener. You can find bargain basement garage door openers that promote many features at a low price, but, like with many appliances, you get what you pay for with a garage door opener.

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