Ways to Make Your Home Cozier

When you think of the word “home,” what do you picture? For many, the idea of home is captured in one word: cozy. Homeowners and guests want to feel cozy wherever they stay, and this is only heightened during the coldest months of the year.


How to up the Cozy Factor of Your Home

Here in Toledo and surrounding communities, cozy home ideas are prime for the taking. Here are several ideas for how to make your home cozy, or more cozy, than it already is:

  • Family photos: There’s always a sense of nostalgia that comes with coziness. Help reinforce that idea by placing vintage black-and-white family photographs on display.
    Take it a step further by putting these vintage family photographs in vintage frames. You can usually find inexpensive framing solutions at flea markets, antique shops and similar sellers.
  • Bedroom seating: There’s something comfortable about seating options in a bedroom. Place an oversized chair in guest rooms or choose an attractive love seat for the master bedroom. These seating areas help make your space be more livable throughout.
    These seating options don’t need to be new or expensive, though. You can even consider reclaiming and reupholstering older furniture that you can find on the cheap.
  • Throws: What could be more cozy than reaching for a throw blanket while watching TV on a cold winter day? The best part about throws is you can choose patterns that are attractive and that work well with your existing décor. This allows your blanket to serve both as decoration and as a functional piece of your living area.
  • Classic books: There’s also a sense of coziness that comes with reading a book while sitting under a throw blanket. Much like a throw blanket is an item that is both attractive and functional, attractive books can serve both as décor and as reading material — if you or a guest wants to curl up under a blanket with a good read.
  • Nooks: Do you have an interesting space that has felt unusable in your home? Perhaps it’s an opportunity to create a seating or reading nook. Add a cozy chair, the aforementioned blanket and books as well as a reading lamp. Let this new nook serve as the coziest spot in your house.
  • String lights: Incorporate string lighting into a den or guest room to heighten the comfort factor. String lights provide indirect lighting that makes guests feel warm and welcome, and string lights can immediately bring new life to a room that feels dull and lacking in energy. Make the drab room in your house come alive through the power of string lights.
  • Fires: Alas, nothing beats the coziness of a fire. Do you have a fireplace that’s not being used? Are you simply waiting on a gas log set or a gas connection? Do you need to install a fully new fireplace? Now’s the time to act if you want to immediately increase the coziness of your home, no matter the season.

Is a Fireplace in Order for Your Home?

Wood fireplace in livingroomAt Quality Overhead Door, we serve the Toledo area with a number of residential services, new fireplaces included. If you’re looking to update your home and increase its level of coziness with a new fireplace, we can provide a number of options, including gas-burning fireplaces, wood-burning or electric fireplaces. Choose from among several interesting designs, including portrait style, three-sided peninsula, see-through and two-sided corner fireplaces.

We help area homeowners like you achieve the look and feel they’ve always wanted. When you need a new fireplace, trust our team, our services and our experience in working with Toledo-area homeowners.

Contact us today about a new fireplace for your home.






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