Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Outside and Inside Your Home

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Outside and Inside Your Home

Looking for homemade Christmas decoration ideas? Quality Overhead Door has got you covered. From classic wreaths, card displays and hand-crafted ornaments to creative garage door displays, oversized lawn ornaments and custom light shows, there’s no shortage of fun ways to celebrate around your property.

Read on to learn about our favorite ideas for DIY Christmas decorations that are sure to make this holiday season more interesting for you and your family.

DIY Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

These easy-to-make DIY Christmas decoration ideas are perfect for an indoor setting, no matter your budget, style or the size of the space you’re working with.

Natural Centerpiece

Natural centerpieces are easy homemade Christmas decorations that bring the outdoors inside, creating the perfect festive focal point for your dinner table, coffee table or entry table. If you live in an urban area or apartment and don’t have access to a large outdoor space, you can find most items on a nature walk or at a craft store.

Anything will do for this project. You can make it as all-natural as you want, using a beautiful tree branch and decorating it with ornaments or other holiday decor. Use log slabs to act as your base, or opt for a clear glass vase or container and fill it with acorns, tree nuts and glass bulbs. Add battery-powered mini lights inside, and you’ve got all you need for the holiday table.

You can make it as all-natural as you want, using a beautiful tree branch and decorating it with ornaments or other holiday decor.

Christmas Cards on Display

What can you do with all those Christmas cards that begin to fill your mailbox after Thanksgiving? Put them to work as decor, so you can surround yourself with reminders of your friends and family. What’s better than smiling faces and festive holiday images on display in your living room, kitchen or in another area of your home?

Some ways to display your holiday cards include:

  • String them together and hang them along a wall or over the mantel. Attach them to a string of lights for more flair.
  • Tape them in a tree or snowman shape on your entry door — just be sure to use an easily removable adhesive.
  • Display them on a table, starting with the darkest-colored cards on one side and ending with the lightest for a faded effect.

Treats as Decor

Festive treats are good for more than snacking. Put some ribbon along staircase banisters or other areas and hang candy canes from it or place mugs filled with decoratively wrapped candy along the mantel and on tables. Additionally, fill a clear, sealable glass jar with holiday cookies and use it to create a very tasty centerpiece.

These treats make for easy decor — and they’re also available for eating if the holiday mood strikes you or a guest.

Photo Wreath

Make friends and family a centerpiece in your home by creating a photo wreath. Print photos you like and glue or tape them together, so they form a circle. Then hang it on an inside door, such as a bedroom door or the pantry door. Black-and-white photos can create a powerful, dramatic look, or you could use pictures from past years’ holiday celebrations or Christmas cards.

Use some festive ribbon to create a bow at the wreath’s top or bottom for an extra splash of holiday cheer.

Pine Cone Ornaments

Looking for affordable ornaments? Gather pine cones from your yard or the neighborhood. Consider painting them or covering them in glitter, then top them with a ribbon and holly for a special touch. You could even paint them to look like smaller versions of your Christmas tree and attach mini pompoms to look like ornaments. After they are fully dry, you can hang them from your tree or anywhere in your home that needs a dash of holiday cheer.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are a lot of fun for children and adults alike. The daily surprise is something to behold. Make your own by framing a piece of poster board, then taping or gluing tiny envelopes in a grid. Write the days 1 through 25 on each envelope, and then fill with small toys or treats.

Incorporate the advent calendar into your family’s holiday traditions by making opening each day an exciting event.

Mason Jar Trees

Create a faux Christmas tree by finding six or 10 mason jars of any size. Fill each one with ornaments, bottlebrush trees, small figurines or other holiday decor and then stack them in a pyramid. For more impact, drape battery-powered string lights, garland or strings of popcorn over them.

Christmas Snow Globe

Turn an empty glass jar into a magical snow globe. Find some small plastic or ceramic figures that will fit in your jar and glue them to the lid — just make sure you can still close the lid securely.

Fill the jar about 3/4 full of water and add some glitter. You can also put in a little less water and add some glycerin or baby oil to get the glitter to float down a little slower. Once that’s done, put the lid on and secure it tightly — your tiny object will create a picturesque Christmas scene.

DIY Front Yard Christmas Decorations

Bring your property to life with these attention-grabbing DIY Christmas decorations for your yard.

Giant Lawn Gifts

Holiday gifts aren’t just for under the tree! Make large wrapped presents and pile them up on your lawn to create a winter scene, or place them under your largest outdoor tree. 

Start with weather-resistant material, such as:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Plastic totes
  • Chicken wire and water-safe fabric
  • Shaped PVC pipes
  • Wooden frames

Once you’ve chosen your material and attached it in the shape of a gift, paint it in holiday colors and wrap with outdoor bows. Add plug-in or solar-powered lights for a special effect.

Outdoor Candy Canes

Construct outdoor candy canes out of PVC pipe and use them to line your sidewalk or driveway:

  1. Choose a well-ventilated area to work and wear a safety mask to protect yourself from debris or chemicals. 
  2. Start with clean, dry PVC pipes of any size and use a heat gun to soften and gently bend them into a candy cane shape. 
  3. Clean them once more and allow them to dry before decorating.
  4. Use paint, tape or a combination of both to make a traditional red and white candy cane design, or choose a color combination that complements your outdoor decor or siding.

Once the candy canes are complete, simply secure them in the ground and you’ve got your very own Candy Cane Lane.

Once the candy canes are complete, simply secure them in the ground and you've got your very own Candy Cane Lane.

Wood Slice Snowmen

Stack pre-sliced wood from a log — or use a chainsaw to cut your own — and decorate the slices with felt, paint, ribbon and twigs to create an outdoor snowman display. You can secure heavy pieces of wood with a drill and wooden dowels, or you can lean the stacked wood slices against your siding, a tree or beside your front door.

Make the most out of your supplies and decorate the opposite side as colorful holiday ornaments or even autumn pumpkins for a multi-purpose piece.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Entry Door

There are so many ways to help your home feel warm and inviting from the outside — and a brand new entry door enhances each one. A new entry door is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value while getting a terrific return on investment. Complement your entryway with these ideas for DIY Christmas decorations.

Homemade Wreath

Spice up your Christmas with a homemade wreath for your new entry door. Homemade wreaths are one of the most creative DIY outdoor Christmas decoration ideas because you can take them in any direction you’d like. Your homemade wreath can be anything from a traditional green ring with bows or something more out-of-the-box. 

For example, you could:

  • Use flexible foam, like a pool noodle or craft foam, and stick different shapes, ornaments or decorations around it.
  • Make the entire wreath out of large, twisted ribbons.
  • Choose an eye-catching color scheme, like all-white or silver and gold.
  • Incorporate natural pieces from around your yard, like pine cones, grapevine, twigs, herbs or acorns.

Outdoor Trees

Christmas trees make for lovely indoor decor, but what about outside? This year, decorate a tree that’s outside, too. Use traditional ornaments and other decor — weather resistant, of course — and frame your entry door or porch entrance. You’ll be able to admire the decor, as will your neighbors and passersby. Some homeowners keep outdoor trees up throughout the year, swapping decorations depending on the season or holiday.

Custom Doormats

Use outdoor acrylic paint to stencil your favorite Christmas greeting, a lyric from a holiday song or a simple "Happy Holidays" in whatever color and font best complements your home.

Stores are full of holiday-themed doormats, but wouldn’t it be fun to design your own? All you need is a blank doormat made from a durable material, like coconut coir, and a few craft supplies.

Use outdoor acrylic paint to stencil your favorite Christmas greeting, a lyric from a holiday song or a simple “Happy Holidays” in whatever color and font best complements your home. Or, choose several paint colors and make a colorful holiday scene.

Holiday Hanging Baskets

Instead of tossing or storing your summer and fall hanging baskets, repurpose them into hanging Christmas decorations to place along your porch, near your entryway or next to the garage door. 

Before you start filling them with new greenery, be sure to clear out any remaining dirt or debris. Rinse the basket and let it air dry completely. Then, fill it with soil and your choice of cut fir or pine, branches, ribbons, battery-powered lights, ornament bulbs, pine cones or whatever else you need to create your custom display. Choose earth tones for a nature-inspired look, or select red and gold pieces for that classic Christmas style.

DIY Christmas Decorations for Garage Doors

On its own, a stylish garage door can transform your property and accentuate your home. Add even more visual interest with these easy garage door Christmas decoration ideas.

Homemade Garland

Line your garage door in a straight line, or create an elegantly draped frame with homemade garland. Use fresh pine and cedar bundles, or head to the craft store and choose a few pre-made strands to get started. When decorating around your garage door, the thicker the garland, the more dramatic the effect. 

Homemade Garland Add-Ins

Weave in different add-ins, such as:

  • Colorful ornaments
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Ribbon or burlap
  • Grapevines
  • Candy canes
  • Outdoor stockings
  • Stringed popcorn and cranberries
  • Pine cones
  • Wooden cut-outs
  • Artificial spray-on snow
  • Rope or twine
  • Strands of metallic beads
  • Seasonal leaves

Add the same style of garland around your entry door or porch for a beautifully cohesive look.

Sticker Scenes

Many retailers sell garage-safe vinyl decals or peel-and-place sticker sheets that you can use to create custom designs on your door. Since stickers adhere to the door’s surface, you don’t have to worry about losing them when you open or close your garage — just be sure to choose weather-safe and fade-resistant materials to keep colors vivid throughout the season. You can also use special craft adhesive, stencils and a craft knife to shape and cut your own stickers and design any scene you want.

A few holiday-inspired ideas include:

  • Turn white garage doors into snowmen with orange and black stickers.
  • Use cut-out letters to spell a holiday greeting in bold colors or fonts.
  • Apply pre-made decals of holiday characters to create a fun scene.
  • Line the bottom of the garage door with gift-shaped stickers.
  • Stick shimmering snowflakes all over the surface to complement the surrounding snow.
  • Choose red and white decals to create DIY candy cane stripes along the door.

Window Snow

If your garage or entry door has windows, consider removable window snow from a can to paint custom frost or snow drifts onto each window for a subtle winter touch. Clean and dry each window before applying, and don’t forget to wipe them clean as soon as the holidays are over.

A Light Show

Not all holiday lights come on strings. Use a light projector to cast dots of colorful light on each garage door, keeping the device at a safe distance from the driveway. Choose a system with integrated musical options and set your custom light show to the beat of your favorite holiday music.

Take it up a level by projecting clips from classic Christmas films onto your closed garage doors for a truly memorable experience that is sure to attract and impress neighbors and passersby alike.

Holiday Bow Wrap

Holiday bow wraps are one of the easiest DIY garage door Christmas decorations if you’re short on time. Visit a craft or holiday supply store and choose the largest, widest ribbon fabric available to wrap your garage door in an oversized holiday bow. This is an easy, cost-efficient way to add a touch of holiday appeal to your home’s exterior, and it’s simple to remove and store when the season is over.

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