Do I Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

annual garage door maintenance

Homeowners typically have their heating systems, cars and many other household items inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Why not the garage door? It can be easy to forget that your garage door is the largest moving object in most homes and has many expensive moving parts that need proper maintenance. Most people open and close their garage door hundreds of times every single month, which leads to the natural wear and tear associated with heavy use.

While it can be easy to forget about your door, life would be extremely inconvenient without it. That’s why annual garage door maintenance services are beneficial to any homeowner with a garage.

Effects of an Improperly Maintained Garage Door

Annual garage door tune-ups can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. A few of the factors you need to consider when it comes to whether you want annual garage door maintenance are:

  1. Safety: Garage door injuries are common. The doors are extremely heavy no matter what size you have, and several components, if broken, can make the door come crashing down on you, your family or your pets. This hard blow can damage several expensive components within the door as well as any of your nearby equipment or the surrounding property. The door’s spring has a lot of tension and pressure keeping it in place. If it snaps, it can also injure anybody nearby.
  2. Finances: When you factor in all the different ways you can lose money from a broken garage door, finding a solid annual maintenance company becomes well worth the investment. If one part of your garage door is damaged or broken, it can put extra strain on the other parts, causing them to wear out faster. It’s also possible for your car to be in the garage with the door stuck down on days you need to get to work on time, which can ultimately lead to even more money lost.
  3. Convenience: This is one of the most important entrances in your home. The use of your car to get from place to place depends on the functionality of your garage door. Being stuck outside in the heat of summer or cold of winter because your door won’t go up is a situation you definitely want to avoid. Broken and damaged doors also tend to be loud, which can disturb neighbors and sleeping family members. You need to get where you’re going fast, so don’t sacrifice the convenience of a properly maintained garage door.

Keeping every part of your garage door running smoothly for as many years as possible will save you money in repair costs, but it does so much more. You can avoid injuries, hassles and costly property damage by doing your own visual inspections of the door once a month and calling in professionals to handle the more in-depth annual inspections.

Do I need Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

Annual garage door maintenance, from a reputable company, can ensure an increased longevity, continued proper function, and safety for those who use it. Just like getting maintenance on your car, annual garage door maintenance is a must.

Quality Overhead Doors as Your Annual Garage Door Maintenance Company

While we encourage you to check your garage door once a month for damage and broken parts, you shouldn’t complete any repairs or in-depth maintenance without the right training. At Quality Overhead Doors, we’ve been servicing Toledo since 1982. We can come to your Ohio or Michigan home on your schedule to perform your annual garage door maintenance services to the highest possible standards.

As an authorized dealer for Clopay®, Wayne Dalton, LiftMaster and CHI, we also offer a huge variety of products if you need a new garage door.

We employ experienced and long-term employees who we can train ourselves instead of subcontractors — that way, we know you’re getting trustworthy repairs and customer service. We service all door makes and models and other household products. If your door is damaged beyond repair, don’t worry — we provide free estimates for new installations so you can get what you want within a reasonable budget.

Contact us if you need replacements, repairs or a yearly maintenance service, and we’ll get your garage door operating at its best for another year.

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