Garage Door Lighting Ideas

Maybe you recently replaced your garage doors and you want to showcase the beautiful new style to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Perhaps you are searching for ways to add value to your home without spending a lot of money. Or maybe you just want the outside of your home to look a little more beautiful when you come up the drive after a long day. 

Adding garage door lighting to your home can accomplish all those things. Try these ideas for exterior garage door lights that are easy to install and look great all year long.

Why Add Garage Door Exterior Lighting? 

Before we explore the lighting possibilities, you may wonder why you should add this type of lighting. First, it will improve your safety — would-be intruders tend to avoid well-lit areas. 

Second, it will accent your garage doors. If you have a distinctive style or beautiful finish on the doors, that’s worth showing off. Finally, lighting will improve your safety as a driver. You can navigate well-lit spaces better than dark ones, so if you leave the house in the very early morning or late at night, lights let you see where you’re going. 

Garage Door Lighting Styles

Popular Garage Door Lighting Aesthetics

Beautiful Garage Door Lighting Ideas

Try any of these ideas to bring new shine to your driveway and garage area:

  • Two-car garage door lighting ideas: When it comes to adding lighting to a two-car garage, you should pay attention to the size of the fixture in addition to its wattage and positioning. Smaller is often better so the fixtures don’t draw attention away from what the light illuminates. Make sure you space them evenly across the top of the two-car garage door, as it’s easy to tell when one side has too much light and the other not enough. 
  • Garage door sidelight ideas: The lights don’t have to be centered right on top of the door. You can also put up lights to the side, brightening the driveway. Active families who enjoy a good game of driveway basketball will love this idea, as it’s much easier to see when the driveway is illuminated. This lighting style also highlights your approach as you drive up to your home. 
  • Outside lighting ideas for above the garage door: You can put the lights well above the garage door, too. Play around with distancing and see how the lights look when they focus in different directions. Some people like using colored light bulbs to give the driveway a bold and modern hue. 

Whatever lights you choose, buy energy-efficient bulbs to save you money and time. Most outdoor bulbs stay on for a long time each day, so selecting energy-efficient versions will help keep your electric bill manageable. Plus, they’re better for the environment!

Make the Most of Your Garage Door Lights

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