Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

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Different Types of Commercial Doors

There are many different types of commercial doors, and they vary based on an individual business’s needs. Take a look at some of the most common commercial doors below.

The Different Types of Commercial Doors

Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are a broad category of commercial doors characterized by their vertical open and close functions. Overhead doors are mounted on a structure’s vertical face and feature ceiling-hanging door tracks. You can pull most overhead doors up or down manually, but today, many perform these functions automatically via a remote or even through a mobile app over Wi-Fi. 

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors, or sectional overhead doors, are popular options for commercial loading docks and spaces with similar purposes. A sectional door features vertical mounting and ceiling-secured door tracks along with a space-saving construction. Most sectional doors feature advanced insulation and environmental control technology to keep a space’s interior pest- and airborne particle-free as well as temperature-regulated.

Grille Doors

Grille doors are typically used for security purposes. Stores inside malls often use vertical or gate grilles for an extra measure of security when closing down for the evening. However, many commercial buildings can also use grilles because of the door’s multi-panel structure, usually secured by aluminum or galvanized steel. Grille panels can either be glass or metal and run along vertical or horizontal tracks. Overhead grilles are locked at the floor, while gate grills have two grille sections joined in the center.

Freezer Doors

Freezer doors are another common type of commercial door. Supermarkets, grocers and other food production and storage areas are perhaps the most frequent installers of freezer-specific commercial doors. Like most sectional overhead doors, freezer doors feature advanced insulation technology — but their insulation and temperature control are even more powerful. Most designs also prevent excessive condensation and ice build-up, making freezer doors an indispensable choice for food industries.

Fabric and Plastic Barriers

Fabric and plastic overhead doors are popular interior solutions to seal off storage rooms and other areas from temperature changes, drafts, moisture and airborne impurities. Many commercial businesses choose these types of barriers as a secondary insulation solution, especially in spaces where exterior overhead doors are kept open for long periods or as a second barrier to cooler areas.

Types of Commercial Doors We Offer

Coiling Doors

Coiling and rolling steel doors are designed for economy of space and provide secure options for insulation. We offer the following high-quality coiling and rolling steel door solutions for multiple industries:

  • Our Rolling Grilles: Steel plates and curtain designed for interior use
  • Our Thermiser™ Insulated Doors: Doors with counter-balanced steel shaft with aluminum and stainless options

Overhead and Sectional Doors

We offer a wide selection of overhead and sectional doors for multiple industries, including public safety, industrial, manufacturing, food services and more. Our overhead and sectional door selection includes:

  • Our Industrial Series: Ribbed steel doors
  • Our Architectural Series: Full view aluminum doors
  • Our Energy Series With Intellicore®: Polyurethane insulated steel doors with R-values to 22.2
  • Our Energy Series: Polyurethane insulated steel doors with R-values to 12.15

Fire Doors

Our fire doors feature maximum energy efficiency and fast opening and closing speeds. These doors meet most public safety regulations and can be adjusted to fit a business’s safety needs. 

We currently offer state-of-the-art FireGard® commercial fire doors, which feature drop testing and resetting capabilities, compact storage, durability and many more benefits. We offer:

  • The M100 System
  • The EZ Test’n Set
  • The M60 System

High-Speed Doors

Many businesses see a growing need for high-speed doors as their own operations become more demanding. At Quality Overhead Door, we are fully prepared to meet those needs by providing an innovative selection of quality high-speed doors from trusted brands. Our team of expert technicians will properly install and test any high-speed door you purchase to align with any business’s operating standards.

Hollow Metal Doors

We offer high-quality hollow metal doors that can work for businesses within any industry. Hollow metal doors are typically used as stairwell entries and exits, emergency exits and exterior foot traffic entryways and exits. These doors provide excellent security and insulation and are easy for anyone to use.

Mega Doors

Mega doors are essential solutions for large-scale warehouses, supermarkets and other businesses that store large items or require exceptionally tall clearance for their loading docks. Our mega doors have overhead open and close features along with a wide selection of customization options. Our team of professionals will make sure that any mega door a customer purchases from us is installed to the customer’s specifications.

Fabric Doors

Fabric doors are excellent options for providing an extra barrier between larger main doors and an interior space that requires extra temperature or allergen control. Some heavy-duty fabric doors with advanced insulation capabilities are also suitable as exterior doors in more tranquil climates. As with any door selection, customers are encouraged to talk with one of our experts to see how a fabric door can best benefit their business.

Pole Barn Doors

We offer a selection of pole barn doors designed to accommodate the needs of our agricultural and industrial customers. Pole barn doors are a durable and highly customizable solution for barns and other farm storage units that protect interiors from weather and unwanted contaminants. 

Wash Bay Doors

Wash bay doors are made specifically for car washes and other large washing areas. They help keep water and other cleaning substances in and airborne particles and unwanted debris out. We offer an innovative selection of wash bay doors from high-quality vendors, and they also come with customizable features to suit any business’s needs.

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