How to Make Your Front Door More Secure

You want your family to be safe, and that means keeping intruders out of your home. The best way to do that is to improve the security of your front door. Burglars most often try to enter through the front door because it’s the most natural target. You can make your front door more secure by implementing our tips. 

How Can I Make My Front Door More Secure?

These uncomplicated upgrades will decrease the risk of a break-in. 

Install a Deadbolt

The best way to secure your front door is to add more protection. If you only have a lock on your doorknob, you should install a deadbolt right away. Choose a Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt for a door that can withstand the most significant amount of force. 

Examine your deadbolt strike plate as well. A subpar strike plate will compromise an excellent deadbolt. Even replacing the screws with longer ones can offer additional safety. 

Reinforce Other Parts of Your Door

Are your hinges attached with small screws? That makes it too easy for an intruder to wrench the hinges off the door and break into your home. Again, you want to use long screws, at least 2.5 inches, to provide the security you desire. Add hinge bolts above and below, too, for extra reinforcement. 

Buy a ready-to-use kit to reinforce the doorway. At the least, you want a metal jamb to add to the frame, as this will help it stand up to a forceful attack. 

Swap Your Door Chain for a Strike Plate Lock

Door chains may seem safe, but an attacker can break them with a swift kick to your door. Strike plates, on the other hand, will withstand dozens of kicks. They fit around your doorknob and offer impressive durability. Plus, strike plate locks are inexpensive and easy to install, even for a novice do-it-yourselfer. 

Install a Security Bar

Putting a horizontal security bar across your door helps make it kick-proof for reinforcement against burglars. Security bars also take little time and effort to install. Just make sure to measure beforehand, so you buy the right size for your door. You can activate the security bar after your family is inside for the night and you want to make the front door more secure. 

Purchase a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells carry a feed of what’s happening on the porch to your smartphone. You can see everyone who rings the bell. Intruders may be deterred from trying to enter if they know they are on camer. 

Buy a New Front Door

Of course, the best solution is sometimes the simplest one. If your home is old and so is the entry point, it doesn’t matter how many different ways you try to add extra security to your front door. Your best move would be to purchase a new front door that includes updated safety features to keep you and your family protected. 

Browse the entry doors available from Quality Overhead Door today to find an option that complements your home. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule an estimate to get your door installed by one of our experienced professionals. 

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