What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Your home’s exterior makes a statement, and your front door is the focal point of that message. But what does your front door say about you? Is it making the statement you want it to? It’s possible you want to send a specific message about yourself and your home using your front door, but you’re unsure of what to do or where to begin.

What your front door says about you

That’s why we’ve created this post about what your front door says about you! Here’s a rundown of things to know as you consider making a change to your front door style.

Material That Matters

The material your front door is made of will influence the message you’re able to send. If you’re looking for the old-school charm and classic refinement of a wood entry door, it’s hard to beat anything other than premium hardwood — though you can find some paints that give you the look of real wood.

Or, perhaps you’re a transparent person who wants glass more than anything as part of a front door. Fiberglass or steel can indicate a desire for low maintenance and simple beauty, and these materials can be painted easily, too, which gives you the opportunity to further express your personality through the paint color of your choice (more on this later).

Just make sure you consider your front door material, and what you’ll be able to do with it, before making a final decision on a product.

Accessorize Your Entryway


There’s more to a front door than just a front door! You’ll find a range of options when exploring front doors, including different metals for hinges, handles, thresholds and more. You’ll also have the choice of including a knocker or mail slot. These options are important because they’re part of what a front door says about you. Loud metals and lots of accessories can look a little busy and draw attention, no matter what material and color you choose for the actual entry door.

But, if you use black or dark metals with no accessories, you exude a clean look of simplicity when others arrive at your home. Make sure your front door material and the accessories you choose for it work together to create the perfect front door style for you, and to share the right message.

Choose the Perfect Color

Yes, material and accessories matter, but the most important component when thinking about what a front door says about you is the color. What color are you interested in?

Here’s a look at what different colors may say about you, your home and your personality:

  • White: Nothing says organization quite like white. A neat and clean look shows that you like things to be pristine, but also that you’re willing to work hard to keep things that way. After all, white requires a great deal of maintenance and upkeep, as a bright white can wear down over time.
  • Gray: While some prefer bright colors, others choose gray to indicate their preference for subtlety and natural beauty. A gray front door also shows an interest in timeless styles, as even the most ambitious and trendiest of grays will never go out of fashion.
  • Black: Achieve a sense of decorum with a black front door. A black entry door shows off a chic worldliness that balances a reserved conservatism with a desire to visit, see and learn new things. Black suggests you know the right things to say and do, and that you know how to welcome visitors and make them feel at home.
  • Blue: What type of blue are you interested in? A royal blue sends a message of family and tradition, while dark blue is the hue of peace and calm. Looking for a nice light blue? This is a color with coastal influences and a laidback, go-with-the-flow vibe.
  • Green: A buttoned-up, prep-style choice for those who love all things fall. A green front door shows that the owner loves to entertain and welcome guests, but that autumn might be their most social time. Traditionally, green has meant growth, renewal, balance, peace and harmony, and the same goes for green entry doors today.
  • Red: The color for all times and all places, there’s something uniquely appealing about a red door and the door’s owner. Red is bright, but it’s also elegant, enchanting, polished and nostalgic. Through history, red doors have sent specific messages in certain places. Red doors in early American history meant weary travelers were welcome to spend the night. In Scotland, a red door is an indication the home’s mortgage has been paid off. Today, red is a bold choice that is loud and colorful without losing a sense of refinement.
  • Yellow: The color yellow holds so many meanings and says so many positive things about a homeowner: Humor, wisdom, curiosity, warmth. It’s the perfect color to let your personality shine through uniquely while also pleasing the crowd. A yellow front door is for the leaders — those who want something unique and different, but also something that is universally well-liked and that doesn’t make too loud a noise.

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