How to Protect Your Patio from the Elements

Who doesn’t want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy? But making an outdoor space that you and your family can use over the long-term without worry or stress means taking some extra precautions to protect your patio from the elements. After all, the stuff that helps you enjoy your patio is the same stuff that will be sitting outside in the snow, rain and beating sun throughout the year.


Here are a few ways to help protect your patio from the elements.

Wood Seals

If you have a wood patio, you’ll enjoy the many hours of enjoyment it offers when the weather’s nice outside. But, it’s also vitally important to fully protect your wood and make sure it delivers the long-term value and use that you want.

You’ll discover two types of products when looking for something to help protect your wood patio. First, you’ll find wood preservatives. Wood preservatives are used to prevent discoloration or destruction that insects and fungi can cause to your deck or patio. True wood preservatives are classified as pesticides, so their use and disposal is regulated. Make sure you strictly follow the instructions on the label when using these on your own.

The second type of product you’ll find are water repellants. Water repellants do just what the name says — they prevent water from soaking and damaging your wood. Use a water repellant every one or two years to prevent water from soaking in and discoloring, warping or cracking your wood. Many people use a water-repellant wood preservative as a combo product, applying before the deck is installed and painted. This is a great solution, because it means you won’t have to reapply until after the paint fades away.

Furniture Covers

Patio furniture is meant to be outdoors and to withstand the many rainstorms and hot, sunny afternoons it will surely experience. But you can make the most of your investment in patio furniture and ensure it delivers the longest possible lifespan when you choose to invest in furniture covers.

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of taking the furniture covers on and off each time you want to use your patio furniture. But think in terms of using patio furniture covers only when there’s a threat of harsh weather or when you won’t be using the furniture for a while. For example, use the furniture covers when there’s a week of rain in the forecast, when you’re heading out on a long summer vacation or through the coldest months of the year when snow and frozen precipitation is likely — and when it’s just as unlikely that’ll you be sitting outside.

Taking care of your patio furniture in this manner will ensure you get the greatest amount of use out of it, and that you get the greatest return on your investment in the furniture.


Perhaps the biggest favor you can do for your family and its favorite patio space is installing an outdoor awning. When searching for patio awnings, you’ll find a range of options that let you customize your experience and get the type of performance you need. Some homeowners are most interested in UV protection and shade awnings that can provide it, while others want motorized awnings that can be raised and lowered easily when needed. You’ll also find a range of sizes, prices, and capabilities when searching for patio awnings, which means there’s a product out there for every budget, skill set and level of performance you want out of an outdoor awning.

At Quality Overhead Door, we offer a wide selection of patio awnings that can deliver shade and UV protection, motorized raising and lowering, and all the many other features and functions you want and need. Our outdoor awnings are part of an inventory of residential products that are meant to help you enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your home.

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