How to Choose a Patio Door

Your patio is one of your favorite aspects of your house. You and your family could sit there for hours enjoying the clean air, great conversation and cold drinks. It’s little wonder that you would want to make your patio feel more like a part of your home. 

You can do that by selecting the right style of patio door. An attractive patio door will add light to your home and invite visitors out to your little oasis. Use our tips on how to choose patio doors to find the ones that are right for you. 

How to Choose a Replacement Patio Door

There are three major variables you will need to consider when picking ou new patio doors: 

  • Material
  • Design 
  • Type

Patio Door Material

You can find a range of materials for your patio doors. Your decision should focus on what will provide the most exceptional durability while also looking appealing. The primary materials used to construct patio doors and the advantages associated with them are: 

  • Wood: Gorgeous finish, allows for glass windows in the door and can be easily customized
  • Vinyl: Lasts for a long time, requires little upkeep and provides energy efficiency
  • Steel: Sturdy, won’t rot and offers security
  • Aluminum: Stands up to the elements and works in any climate, with decorative glass windows available
  • Fiberglass: Won’t warp or peel, needs little maintenance and can be painted

Patio Door Design

The right design can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Weatherstripping is an essential consideration for patio doors. Sealing off the gaps around your door will keep energy inside, which is especially critical for an entryway to the outdoors. 

Frame and fit are other considerations. When you select the right patio door frame, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Look for a tight fit and make sure there are no gaps at the bottom or sides. 

Once you’ve chosen a door, you can find fantastic hardware in a range of materials to complement your design. Finally, don’t forget the security measures — adding a bolt or security bar will help keep your family safe. 

Patio Door Type

Patio doors generally come in two types: sliding or French. Your choice will depend on your taste and style, as well as practical considerations. A sliding door requires less space than French doors, while the latter is better suited to homes that will encounter a lot of wind because the seal gets tighter when it’s forced hard against the jamb. You can find beautiful designs for each type of door. 

How Long Do Patio Doors Last? 

There is no one answer for when to replace a patio door. They can last for as long as three decades when given the proper care, but most families buy new ones sooner. Patio doors offer a low-fuss way to add value to your home. They also let you show off your personal style, so many people get new patio doors when they move into a new house. 

Get started on your search for a new patio door today. Learn about the patio doors we offer at Quality Overhead Door and contact us for more information on our products and services. 



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