½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

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½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Easily stay connected and elevate the performance and convenience of your home with the advanced 8355W garage door opener from LiftMaster. This innovative garage door opener model features the most advanced technology and powerful, improved mechanics for streamlined and lasting performance. This, along with optimized upgrades, lets you and your family get a glimpse at the future of garage door opener technology and operations.

With LiftMaster's 8355W garage door opener, you can rest easy whenever you're home or away — the 8355W has improved connectivity features providing users with constant smartphone control and monitoring for better safety and security, as well as:

  • Improved belt operations
  • A powerful 1/2 HP AC motor
  • An innovative motor vibration isolation system that provides quiet, smooth operations

The LiftMaster 8355W garage door opener comes fully equipped with Security+ 2.0® and MyQ® Technology.

When you're out and about, the last thing you want to worry about is home security — with LiftMaster's advanced 8355W, opener you can quickly and easily check the status of your home and garage door with just a click of a button on your smartphone. The 8355W garage door opener is fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities to seamlessly link to your home's internet connection. This allows you to monitor and control your garage door operations from anywhere in the world with just a touch of a button on your smartphone or mobile device.

With LiftMaster's 8355W's advanced connectivity upgrades, you can enjoy limitless control and accessibility:

  • Confidently know what’s going on at home. MyQ® Technology connects with your smartphone to monitor and control your garage door and turn on or off your home lighting (when paired with the LiftMaster Internet Gateway).
  • Receive email or text alerts so you always know the status of your garage door and home lighting.
  • Set a recurring garage door schedule to better manage door opening and closing or to turn garage lights on or off.
  • Download the MyQ® mobile app for free on popular smart devices and platforms. No annual activation fee required.
  • Compatible with HomeLink® and Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery. With Key by Amazon, your packages are no longer exposed and vulnerable until you get home from work. Simply set up in-garage delivery services to have packages securely delivered inside of your garage. Receive real-time delivery updates directly to your phone, too.

Garage doors are widely understood to be noisy machines, but with the 8355W, that's no longer the case. With advanced parts and mechanics, our LiftMaster 8355W garage door opener boasts virtually silent operations with a strong, durable belt drive system.

  • Specifically built for use in Garage Door Openers, our P3 Motors™ are reliable, durable and powerful.
  • Appreciate years of reliable, maintenance-free service from our powerful yet quiet ½ HP Belt Drive Motor.
  • Have peace of mind with our lifetime motor and belt, one-year parts warranty.

Garage doors are the largest entry point to your home, and you deserve improved safety and security solutions to keep you and your family safe. LiftMaster is committed to constantly improving their garage door opener products and has developed the most advanced safety and security features on the market today:

  • Safeguard your household with Security+ 2.0®—with every click, a new code is sent to the Garage Door Opener, so the door opens only for you.
  • Lock down your garage door and electronically monitor against a forced opening with PosiLock®.
  • Stay out of harms way with audio and visual warnings when the garage door is about to close.
  • Remain safe with the Protector System. It projects a light beam across the garage door opening, preventing it from closing if anything interrupts it.
893 LM garage door remote


3-Button Remote Control

This powerful multi-door control can operate 3 garage doors, gates or MyQ®-enabled lighting accessories. Plus, multi-frequency Security+ 2.0 technology virtually eliminates interference. *Included


882 LM multi-function garage door control panel


Multi-Function Control Panel

Our Multi-Function Control Panel operates the garage door opener and lights from inside the garage. It also allows for fast, easy programming of accessories with the new learn button. *Included

The LiftMaster 8355W garage door opener is backed by a comprehensive limited warranty that ensures customers always receive the highest quality products. You can also rest easy knowing that if a component wears out well before its normal lifespan, the opener will be restored to its like-new operational condition. Warranty information for the 8355W includes:

  • A one-year parts and accessories warranty.
  • A lifetime motor and belt warranty.