What Is the Strongest Garage Door?

What is the strongest garage door_

What is the strongest type of garage door?

It’s a question we hear a lot — and after servicing the greater Toledo area since 1982, it’s also a question we feel well qualified to answer.

Most homeowners don’t replace their garage doors that often, and it goes without saying that what made for strong garage doors 15 years ago is vastly different from what’s on the market today. Improved materials and construction methods have greatly increased your ability to choose a door that makes sense not only for strength but also for your taste, budget and lifestyle.

Why You Need a Strong Garage Door?

Anyone who lives in Ohio or Michigan already knows that the strongest garage door is also going to have to be one of the most durable garage doors. After all, it needs to withstand the harshest of elements, from the heat and humidity of summer to the cold and snowstorms of winter.

Ultimately, when it comes to strength, it’s important to ask yourself what your priorities are.

For some families with children, a durable garage door means one that can withstand the occasional dings and dents that can occur as a result of games of basketball and learning to ride a bicycle in the driveway. For others who have safety on their mind, a garage door needs to be a robust part of the home’s overall security system. For busy professionals, the strength of a garage door can be measured in how much it resists corrosion, warping and rot when exposed to season after season of changing weather conditions.

Material Types of Garage Doors

We think the best way to answer the strongest garage door question is to look at the some of the most popular types of doors in order to objectively discuss what different materials’ strengths are, as well as to point out any of their weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at the following types of garage doors:

  • Wood: A wood garage door is a warm, beautiful, customizable choice to accentuate the architecture of any home. Their strength, however, is dependent on how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to. If you choose wooden doors, you’ll have to sand and repaint or stain them every couple of years. If you get behind in their maintenance, the door could incur warping and rot that can lead to more serious trouble. On a positive note, wood is a great choice if you’re concerned about dents and scratches. Treated appropriately, the natural grain of wood is a fantastic material for hiding daily dings from driveway play.
  • Steel: Many would argue that galvanized steel doors are the strongest. And with a choice of 24-gauge steel or heavier, it would be hard to say their opinion is wrong. Steel doors also require much less maintenance, but they’re prone to both scratching and denting. And it’s important to note that once steel doors are dented or scratched, the next thing you need to look out for is rust. For this reason, it’s advisable if you go with steel doors to choose a style that has a good outer coating to it.
  • Fiberglass: The beauty of fiberglass is that it’s so flexible when used as a material for garage doors. It can also let in light and mimic the finishes of other materials — for example, faux wood. In coastal areas and other places close to large bodies of water, fiberglass is a highly popular choice. However, you should note that fiberglass, as it’s exposed to sunlight over the years, can become dull or yellow. In places with very cold temperatures, fiberglass can also become brittle and even break.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight but strong is the calling card of aluminum garage doors. And with more and more sturdy models appearing on the market, there’s even the option to order laminated aluminum doors so that they’re resistant to dents and scratches. Be aware, however, that if you chose a model that’s too lightweight, you run the risk of dents no matter what.

What is the Strongest Garage Door?

Most experts would agree that galvanized steel garage doors are the strongest types of garage doors.  These doors offer immense structure strength and minimal maintenance.  On top of strength with new design features like faux wood, door paint and other design features you can have the strength of a steel door will the look of a gallery or wood garage door.

Contact Quality About Garage Door Questions

With this information, you should be well on your way to choosing a garage door that possesses all the strengths you need. Naturally, we’re here to answer your questions about strong, durable garages and doors at Quality Overhead Door. Just contact us today.

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