Replacing the Front Door of Your Home

Many questions arise when you start to spot issues with your entry door. Do you need to install a new door? Can you replace a front door without replacing the frame? What are your most affordable options?

It’s difficult to secure your home or make good impressions with a shabby, declining entry door. Deciding whether to repair or replace a front door is an important step, and a professional door company can help in the process.

Why Replace Your Front Door?

Enduring years of use and changing seasons will inevitably take their toll on your front door’s condition. Luckily, you can take advantage of the latest innovations in entry door construction. You can consider a front door replacement as an exciting opportunity for:

5 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

Note these signs and symptoms of an aging front door:

  • Old appearance: Door slabs fade and accumulate scratches, scuffs and dents over time.
  • Rotting, fissures and breaks in the surface: These weaken the door’s structure and open gaps for your interior air to escape through.
  • Difficulty opening and closing: A door that sticks, scrapes or otherwise puts up a struggle is a nuisance.
  • The door sits slanted or is pulling off its hinges: This might mean you only need the hinges repaired or replaced. However, a warped or sagging slab will frustrate you regardless of the hardware’s condition.

Will You Need a New Door or New Frame?

The answer to front door repairs vs. replacements will differ for every home. Start with the age and condition of your entryway. When maintained, doors and fixtures from softer woods usually last 20 years, while hardwoods can exceed 60 years. Steel and fiberglass doors are expected to last a lifetime. You’ll likely have to repair or replace the hardware and weatherstripping seals at shorter intervals, but these are more affordable.

Door replacements usually happen when there are too many vulnerabilities in the slab for a patch or sealing job. In extreme cases, professionals will recommend a frame replacement when there’s significant wood rot to the surrounding jambs.

Replacing the frame along with the door can be a smart move for a consistent appearance. If you want similar colors, textures or decorative elements, consider remodeling the whole assembly.

It takes skilled workers slightly less time to replace a door compared to the whole frame. An experienced door company will give you an honest time and cost estimate in the early consulting stages.

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