Tips for Preparing for Holiday Guests

Holidays were meant to spend time with guests, and no time means “holiday guests” quite like December. Are you ready to entertain and accommodate family and friends this winter?

Make Sure You’re Ready for Holiday Guests

While typical guest preparation — changing the sheets, laying out towels, etc. — is a great start, the holidays are a huge opportunity to go big and create a special experience for everyone involved. Here are a few ideas for how to prepare for guests at your home this holiday season:

  • Warmth: Here in Toledo, you can expect the holiday season to bring some cool temperatures. Make sure your home offers the warmth your guests will expect. Light the fire and keep it going. Make sure there are plenty of throw blankets around living spaces and ensure the comforters on guests’ beds are plenty thick enough to keep your guests warm. Be certain the thermostat is set for warmth, too — but without making your guests sweat. Everyone in your home should feel warm and comfortable this holiday season.
  • Décor: Not into holiday décor? You don’t have to go big, but you can certainly do small things that acknowledge the season the season and make your home feel celebratory. This could include a simple front door wreath and small tree if you’re celebrating Christmas, window sill menorahs if you’re celebrating Hanukkah or other seasonally appropriate décor for whatever makes this season special for you and your guests.
  • Food and drink: We all love to stuff our faces this time of year. It’s part of what the holidays are all about, right? So make sure your fridge and pantry are fully stocked and ready for your guests this holiday season. You can even set out small dishes of Andes mints or Hershey’s kisses in the living room and on nightstands in the bedroom, both as a sign of hospitality and a snack if your guests so choose. Having bottled water and other drinks available also goes a long way toward making your guests feel right at home in your house this holiday season.
  • Card displays: Bring a sense of socialization into your home by putting your Christmas cards on display. You can string them up along the mantle or in another area — and make your guests feel special by prominently displaying their own Christmas card. Nothing brings the holidays to life quite like smiling faces or jolly holiday scenes on display in your home.
  • Gifts: You may have gifts under your Christmas tree, but also consider token gifts to leave for your guests on their nightstands upon arrival. This doesn’t need to be anything big — just something that makes them feel welcome and special upon arrival in your home.
  • Music: The holidays also mean music — lots and lots of music. Make sure you have a device to play music ready to go. This could include a stereo, a television, a Bluetooth device or something else entirely. But having music playing in the background always provides a sense of warmth and hospitality.
  • Attractive, functional entryways: Make sure your guests always have easy access to your home. Make sure your garage door is properly functioning, as well as your entry door, any back or side doors, etc. This is something simple and easy that makes getting into and out of your home straightforward, and it also provides a sense of security in your home.

Let Us Help Get Your Entryway Holiday-Ready

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