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10 Great Garage Conversion Ideas to Consider

For some people, when they look at their garage, they see the potential for an extension of their home. It could replace an attic or basement in terms of style and functionality. However, if you've been using your garage for storage or have an outdoor-ready refrigerator, you may not realize that the climate should be changed before you spend time in it. If you want to turn your garage into another living space, it's important to find a way to regulate the temperature so it won't be just as hot or as cold as outside. Getting the interior to a comfortable temperature is only the beginning. There's money to shell... Read more

How to Protect Your Patio from the Elements

Who doesn’t want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy? But making an outdoor space that you and your family can use over the long-term without worry or stress means taking some extra precautions to protect your patio from the elements. After all, the stuff that helps you enjoy your patio is the same stuff that will be sitting outside in the snow, rain and beating sun throughout the year. awings Here are a few ways to help protect your patio from the elements.

Wood Seals

If you have a wood patio, you’ll enjoy the many hou... Read more

What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Your home’s exterior makes a statement, and your front door is the focal point of that message. But what does your front door say about you? Is it making the statement you want it to? It’s possible you want to send a specific message about yourself and your home using your front door, but you’re unsure of what to do or where to begin. What your front door says about you That’s why we’ve created this post about what your front door says about you! Here’s a rundown of things to know as you consider making a change ... Read more

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

Let’s be honest: Most of us have no idea what exactly what we’re looking for in a new garage door opener. We want something that works reliably and something that delivers long-term value, but how do we make sense of our many options? rustic-header Here’s a quick guide to help you sort through the many options available on the garage door opener market:
  • Drive options: You need to know about the three different kinds of drives before you look for a new garage door opener: chain, screw and belt. A ch... Read more

How to Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

Your garage, in essence, is just another room in your home — an extremely inefficient room. That inefficiency is bad news for your heating and cooling bill, and it’s not great for the long-term health of the vehicles and other items you store in your garage. Luckily, there are ways to make your garage more efficient than it is now, saving you money and keeping your assets in better condition. It’s time to go green with your garage by using these energy savings tips. fire-doors


Here are the big three: doors, walls, attic. When you insulate your garage’s doors, walls and attic, you’re ensuring that more of... Read more

Garage Cleaning/Organization Tips

It happens in almost every home: The garage becomes a dumping ground for everything that won’t fit into the house. That’s why garages tend to become a collection of stacked boxes, old furniture and appliances, toys, tools, yard equipment and more. In time, your garage becomes a mess, your cars are parked outside, and you’re left to wonder where it all went wrong. While garage decluttering can seem like an impossible task, breaking down the task into a few step can help get you started. Here’s a look at some garage cleaning tips to get your home back in order.

Set a Goal

It’s not always enough t... Read more

Avoiding a Garage Door Repair Scam: 4 Tips to Help You Avoid a Scam

For years, there have been investigative reports on TV that go to great lengths to expose scams in the contractor and repair services industry. At Quality Overhead Door, we want to make sure we do our part to educate our customers of the past, present and future on how to avoid a garage door scam with their next maintenance or service repair. Below are four tips for helping you avoid getting scammed on your next garage door repair, plus insights on our policies for making sure you don’t get taken advantage of. You’ll also find helpful ideas and online resources to make the process of avoiding a scam as easy as possi... Read more

Don’t Remodel Your Kitchen; Buy a New Garage Door!

According to a recent survey by Echo Research, 72% of American homeowners have at least one major home improvement project on their to-do-list. On average, these projects will cost about $4,000. Of this group, more than 30 million homeowners plan to sell their homes in the coming year. So, the strategy behind home improvements is to enhance the resale value of their homes. What’s interesting, however, is that the projects that get the most attention (and cost the most money) do not necessarily return the greatest resale value. The web-site Remodeling.HW, recently released an extensive study on the cost/value relationship of major home improvement projects. Here’s something you may not have... Read more

January LiftMaster Special

For the month of January, the LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door Opener is $359 INSTALLED, includes 2 remotes, keypad and battery back-up. Plus, this new state of the art garage door opener allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Call Quality today at 419.578.8700. Read more

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