Insulation and Wood Garage Doors

For over thirty years, Quality Overhead Door has been servicing and installing garage doors in Ohio and Michigan. During that time, one of the most popular topics we’re regularly asked about is wood garage doors with insulation. Since the beauty of insulated wooden garage doors adds significant curb appeal to just about any property, homeowners are often curious about their pros and cons versus other garage door materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass and faux wood.

To answer some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions, we’ve put together the following information regarding insulated wood garage doors. What’s important to remember, however, is that whether you’re looking for new garage doors for the house of your dreams or replacing the garage doors on a home you’re looking to sell, your taste, budget and design requirements should always inform your final decision.

In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Nevertheless, with the following details in mind, you’re much more likely to make a choice that you’ll be pleased with for years to come.

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Are Wood Garage Doors Insulated?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is whether wood garage doors are insulated.

As we’ll see below, people often assume steel garage doors are the better insulator due to their energy efficiency. The truth is that with today’s methods of manufacturing wood garage doors by means of multiple layering processes, wooden doors can be insulated quite effectively.

The technique of adding polystyrene insulation between layers of wood results in a high R-value. This feature means that the final product serves as a great thermal insulator. And at a molecular level, since wood is an organic material made up of a good amount of hollow space and air pockets, it serves as a natural form of insulation by itself.

Of course, if your garage is attached to your house or you spend a significant amount of time using your garage as a workshop, then you’ll want to look for a well-insulated garage door — regardless of the material you choose. And remember: It’s not just about keeping your garage’s temperature warm during the winter. It’s also about keeping it cool during the summer months.

Wood Insulated Doors vs. Steel Insulated Doors

Whatever material you choose will have pros and cons. For many of our clients, the choice comes down to balancing concerns about maintenance, durability and aesthetics.

When you choose wood for your garage doors, there’s no getting away from the fact that every few years, they’ll need sanding and repainting or staining. For some homeowners, this isn’t a big deal — for others, it’s a huge hassle and inconvenient cost.

Steel doors with a good protective coating don’t require as much maintenance. On the other hand, if their top coating gets scratched, they’re prone to rust.

Garage doors need to be tough since they spend most of their life facing whatever nature throws at them year after year. As mentioned already, wood doors with a fresh coat of paint are fairly durable. Of course, depending on where you live, issues such as termites and humidity can play a major factor in which material you eventually choose. Steel doors, however, are more likely to show damage due to scratches and dents than a natural wood grain that can withstand or hide the occasional ding.

The appearance and overall aesthetics of wood garage doors are hard to beat. As an authorized dealer for some of America’s leading garage door makers such as Clopay, CHI and Wayne Dalton, we know from experience how custom-made wood garage doors can match a beautiful home’s architecture while simultaneously increasing its property value. Of course, steel doors come in a variety of styles that can also complement your home.

Insulated Alternatives to Wood: Faux Wood

For those who want both low-maintenance and durability combined with the look of wood, there are insulated faux wood garage doors constructed from composite and steel cores with faux wood outer overlays. For many, this choice represents the best of both worlds: the natural look of wood without the risk of cracking or rotting.

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We hope this information about insulated wooden garage doors was helpful. To get further answers to your questions and learn more about your garage door options, contact us today.

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