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How to Pick an Entry Door That Will Look Best With Your Home

As the entrance to your home, the front door is one of the most important features on your property. Therefore, when the time comes to change out this feature, it's important to know how to choose an entry door that complements your home's façade. The following tips for choosing an entry door can help you find the right style, color, material and texture. <... Read more

How to Create Better Curb Appeal

how create better curb appeal All homeowners want to love the way their houses look, but the idea of improving curb appeal can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where should you begin? The good news is this: There are plenty of outdoor design and exterior decorating tips that are affordable and easy to implement to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. When you’re wondering how to increase curb appeal, here are a few places you can start: Read more

Backyard Party Planning Tips

backyard party planning tips Your backyard should be a usable space, a place to play and a place to relax. It should also be a space where you can entertain on days and nights when the weather is just right. However, you don’t want to throw just any old backyard party. When you want an outdoor party that’s truly memorable, you have to do something that’s distinct and that will help set the tone for a great time. To help get you started, here are a few tips on how to throw a backyard party that guests will remember: Read more

How to Keep Bugs and Pests out of Your Garage

keep bugs pets out garage A garage can be a great addition to your home. It protects your cars and provides needed storage. It may even double as a workspace. But one thing you don’t want or need in your garage is bugs and other pests. Unfortunately, these pests always seem to worm their way into garages. So, how do you keep bugs and other pests out of your garage? There are a number of methods. If you’re suffering with garage pest infestation, here are some steps to take. Read more

Steel vs. Wood Garage Doors

steel vs wood garage door When it’s time to choose a garage door, you have two major choices: steel or wood. It’s easy to tell the difference between steel and wood garage doors, but it’s not always easy to know which one is right for you and your home. Here’s a look at the difference between steel and wood garage doors to help you make the right choice. Read more

Garage Doors and Pet Safety

garage door pet safety We love our pets, and we want them to stay safe at all times. Garage doors, however, can pose a risk to pets, and pets, in turn, can pose a risk to garage doors.

How to Keep Pets Safe Around Garage Doors

To make sure pet safety is a priority at your home, follow these simple pet-related garage door safety tips: (more…) Read more

How to Keep Children Safe Around Garage Doors

  how to keep children safe around garage doors If you’re a parent, a grandparent or someone else who often has young people at your home, child safety is no doubt a priority in your life. You should know that garage doors, while wildly convenient, are also home appliances that are under massive amounts of tension. This tension helps garage doors operate properly, but it can also pose a threat to children if your garage door isn’t correctly maintainedRead more

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Know when it is time to replace your garage door's springs Your garage door is one of the hardest working components in your home. Think about how often you raise and lower your garage door. For many homeowners, it serves as a veritable front door. But all that heavy lifting can bring wear and tear to your garage door. Some of its many moving parts are bound to break down eventually, and there’s a good chance Read more

Small Home Improvements That Pack a Big Punch

Small Home Improvements that pack a big punch It’s the reality of being a homeowner: Your home is never looks exactly like you want it to. There’s always a project waiting to be undertaken or a major renovation you dream about when falling asleep at night — but, of course, you always have the additional realities of time and financial constraints. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve the look and feel of your home, though, making it more like that Read more

Everything You Need to Know About a Fire Door Drop Test

Fire doors exist to keep guests in commercial structures safe from danger. To ensure every commercial building lives up to the same set of standards, the National Fire Protection Association has outlined what are known as NFPA-80 section requirements, which provide a wide range of achievable stipulations.

These requirements are important to protect your building and the people who visit it. To maintain compliance with NFPA-80 section requirements, you must have your fire doors inspected and drop tested at least once a year. Additionally, you must have evidence that you’ve undertaken this inspection and test. Read more


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